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Asientos (1996)
, 52minutes
Directed by François L. Woukoache
Origin Cameroun
Genres Drama, Documentary

« Asientos » signifie « chose acquise, décidée ». C’est sous cette forme de « Asientos », ou licences, que l’Espagne du XVI siècle confiait aux négriers européens l’organisation de la traite des esclaves. Cent ans se sont écoulés depuis qu’a pris fin la déportation d’Africains vers le Nouveau monde. Le film raconte l’histoire d’un jeune Africain traumatisé par la violence qu’il voit encore aujourd’hui. Pour y échapper, il se réfugie dans l’imaginaire et se rend à l’île de Gorée. Ce voyage au cœur de la douleur et de la souffrance, à travers des lieux vides mais pourtant chargés de mémoire, est une suite de questionnements.
Brief Illness, 1h30
Directed by Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa
Origin Cameroun
Genres Drama

Badiaga follows the rules of a classical tragedy: a three-year-old girl abandoned in a food market is sheltered and raised by a deaf and dumb vagrant. They develop a very strong bond. Badiaga dreams of becoming a famous singer and listens in total fascination to the artists who sing in the different cafes where she wanders.
Histoires drôles et drôles de gens, 1h23
Directed by Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa
Origin Cameroun
Genres Comedy

An African storyteller humorously and kindly talks about how some of his fellow countrymen are emulating the habits of white people and “Their stuff”. He thus presents several cases to prove his point. In one of them a supposed to be planter and businessman who underpays an employee gets framed by his own folks. A young boy jumps from a high tree with an open umbrella to copy the way the parachutists do in the city. A few other examples are as pathetic or comical. At the epilogue our storyteller finds himself being laughed at, at a bistro in Paris. The way he deals with the situation is kind and again humorous.
The Price of Freedom, 1h23
Directed by Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa
Origin Cameroun
Genres Drama, Thriller

After refusing the sexual advances of her village chief and her father’s authority, a young woman runs away from home and goes to town. There she meets several members of her family and tries to start her life from scratches. She enrolls at a high school and makes new friends.
The Child of Another, 1h29
Directed by Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa
Origin Cameroun
Genres Drama, Romance

Ngando and Ndomé are in love. Ngando wishes to marry Ndomé but her family reminds him that the traditional dowry must be settled. Unfortunately, Ngando is poor and unable to fulfil the tradition. Ndomé is pregnant and bears his child. According to the village tradition, she must take a husband, at least one who can afford to pay the dowry. The villagers decide that Ndomé should marry Ngando’s uncle, who has already three sterile wives. In despair, the young man kidnaps his daughter upon the day of the traditional feast. An African Romeo and Juliet story.