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Maikol Yordan de Viaje Perdido
Origin Costa-rica
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Adal Ramones

Maikol Yordan Soto Sibaja (Mario Chacón) est un humble paysan qui migre en ville sans succès à la recherche d'un emploi.
Imprisoned (2015)
, 1h37
Origin Costa-rica
Genres Drama

The Red Sky, 1h25
Origin Costa-rica
Genres Drama, Comedy

Bernie, Manuel, and Nestor just graduated from high school, and have no plans for the future. Unsatisfied with the opportunities Costa Rica presents, the boys decide to concentrate on mundane activities. However, over the course of a few days, key events in the boys' personal lives conspire to make a disinterested lifestyle difficult.
Odyssey 2050
Origin Costa-rica
Themes Environmental films, Disaster films

The year is 2050 and alien space travelers look down on Planet Earth and witness the terrible devastation that it has suffered from climate change and environmental destruction at the hands of its most dominant species—humans. Incomprehension sweeps throughout the alien ship and into their alien thoughts, as they ask 'how can such an intelligent and creative species treat their own planet like this?' They return to the present day to warn young people about the society that awaits them if positive action is not taken. Time is running out—it's not too late.
El Fin
El Fin (2012)
, 1h20
Origin Costa-rica

Depressed by the recent death of his parents and losing his job, Nico; an ordinary 26-year-old, decides to take refuge in his house for six months. Until that feared day when the media announces the end of the world is soon coming, caused by a gigantic meteorite crash, Nico is convinced by his close friend Carlos to come with him to Nosara, a beautiful beach on the Pacific coast, the only place where they were ever happy. So this is where their journey begins, where they will find a meaning to their lives, along with other interesting characters on the way.