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San Andreas is a american film of genre Drama directed by Brad Peyton released in USA on 29 may 2015 with Dwayne Johnson

San Andreas (2015)

San Andreas
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Ray Gaines

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [after parachuting with Emma into AT&T Park] It's been a while since I got you to second base.


Facebook Share this quote on facebook [after Ray returns to the LAFD base with a damaged helicopter]
Elgin: Damn, Godzilla, what the hell'd you do to her this time?
Ray: Played a little tug of war with a car. How soon before you get her fixed?
Elgin: I'll call Martinez today, get a new one sent over to maintenance.
Ray: Elgin, you move any faster, you're gonna break that hip.

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Hayes: Come on, I need everybody! [runs with Serena, Alexi and Phoebe]
Serena: What are we doing?
Hayes: Getting you on the air. We need to warn people.
Serena: How? There's no way to upload a signal!
Hayes: [chuckles] You're at Caltech.
[they reach the university's media room]
Hayes: Okay, who wants an "A" in Independent Study? I'm starting a new class: "How to Save Lives by Hacking Media Outlets".
Student #2: Hell, yeah, man, I'm in.
Hayes: Sweet, bro. Get your laptop, let's go.

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [last lines]
Emma: So, what now?
[Several more rescue helicopters descend on the bay, while an American flag unfolds on the remains of the Golden Gate Bridge]
Ray: Now we rebuild.