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The Harder They Come, 2h
Directed by Perry Henzell
Origin Jamaique
Genres Drama, Action, Musical, Crime
Themes Seafaring films, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Musical films
Actors Carl Bradshaw, Franco Nero

Ivanhoe "Ivan" Martin is a poor Jamaican man in search of a job. He leaves his rural home, after his grandmother dies, to live with his impoverished mother in Kingston. He meets Jose, who takes him to see a Spaghetti Western. Excited by urban life, he tries to get work but fails. He finally gets a job after taking a broken bicycle frame and rebuilding it into a working bicycle, and uses it to run errands for a record producer. When the frame's original owner insists that it is still "his" bicycle, the two fight, and Ivan slashes him with a knife for which crime he is sentenced to a whipping.