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Girl with the Golden Panties, 1h41
Directed by Vicente Aranda
Origin Venezuela
Genres Thriller
Actors Lautaro Murúa, Victoria Abril, Isabel Mestres

Luis Forest, an aging Falangist writer, has retired to Sitges to devote himself to review his past, write his memoirs and ruminate over his failed marriage. Due to a sense of guilt for his political past, aligned with the Francoist regime, he lives in virtual isolation in a large house accompanied only by his dog and Tesla, the housekeeper.
The Liberator, 1h59
Directed by Alberto Arvelo
Origin Venezuela
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Actors Édgar Ramírez, María Valverde, Danny Huston, Imanol Arias, Gary Lewis, Juana Acosta

L'histoire de Simón Bolívar et ses batailles militaires et politiques pour l'indépendance de l'Amérique du Sud.
Corpus Christi, 1h40
Origin Venezuela
Actors Carlos Cruz

Shortly before the celebration of the Festival, the leader of the brotherhood of Devils dancing appears dead. Milton Ventura, police and brother of the deceased, returns to the village, after 30 years of absence, to clarify the case. Confronting the interests that oppose him and the demons of their past, Milton discovers that his brother's death involves a painful expose truth.
High Noon
High Noon (2012)
, 14minutes
Origin Venezuela

In a school playground, a small and lonely child, is walking by the group of popular kids of his class when someone pushes him accidentally against the biggest boy of the group, making him drop a pack of gum in the wet and dirty floor. The boys around them decide they should fight, so it’s decreed the two of them must face each other outside the school, when the noon bell rings. When the classes end, the small kid will try to escape the situation by lingering in the empty building and trying to go unnoticed. However, the ticking clock will become Figueroa’s worst enemy, while he has to face his fears and insecurities in order to confront his enemy just outside the school at high noon.
Km 72
Km 72 (2015)
, 1h35
Origin Venezuela
Genres Thriller, Crime

The millionaire Diego Verastegui has been murdered at his house, and somebody has taken a valuable briefcase from the safe-deposit box. Dimas -Verastegui's bodyguard- comes back to the house and finds three suspects: Carlos, the millionaire's son, Anna Karina, a sweet girl, and Andres, a bohemian magician. They retell the scenes of the murder from contradictory points of view, each claiming a different version of who committed the crime.