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María Valverde is a Actor Espagnol born on 24 march 1987 at Madrid (Espagne)

María Valverde

María Valverde
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Birth name María Valverde Rodríguez
Nationality Espagne
Birth 24 march 1987 (32 years) at Madrid (Espagne)

María Valverde Rodríguez (born March 24, 1987) is a Spanish actress. She won a Goya Award for her film debut, La Flaqueza del Bolchevique.


Elle a débuté à seize ans, en 2003, sous la direction de Manuel Martín Cuenca, dans le film Sortie de route (La Flaqueza del bolchevique), avec Luis Tosar. Cette même année, elle a obtenu le prix Goya de la meilleure actrice débutante pour son rôle dans ce film.

Depuis, elle a tourné d'autres films tels que Fuera del cuerpo (2004) et Vorvik (2005). Elle interprète ensuite le rôle-titre de Melissa P., un film tiré du roman autobiographique Cent coups de brosse avant d'aller dormir de Melissa Panarello écrit quand elle était adolescente.

María Valverde a obtenu le prix Max Factor du plus beau visage du cinéma espagnol au festival de San Sebastián en 2005.

En 2014, elle fait son grand retour sur le petit écran espagnol avec Hermanos sur Telecinco.

Vie personnelle
En 2009, María Valverde a commencé à fréquenter l'acteur Mario Casas, avec qui elle a tourné Twilight Love (2010), Tengo ganas de ti (2012) et La Mule (2013). Depuis 2016, elle fréquente Gustavo Dudamel, avec qui elle s'est mariée en février 2017.

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Filmography of María Valverde (24 films)

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Back to Burgundy, 1h53
Directed by Cédric Klapisch
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about families
Actors Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot, François Civil, Jean-Marc Roulot, María Valverde, Karidja Touré
Roles Alicia, la femme de Jean, australienne
Rating69% 3.4512853.4512853.4512853.4512853.451285
Jean, Juliette et Jérémie se réunissent en Bourgogne à l'approche de la mort de leur père. Après son décès, ils vivent une année au rythme de la vigne et du vin...
Diving (2017)
, 1h42
Directed by Mélanie Laurent
Origin France
Genres Drama
Actors Gilles Lellouche, María Valverde, Marie Denarnaud, Noémie Merlant, Albert Delpy, Thomas Solivéres
Roles Paz Aguilera
Rating57% 2.882522.882522.882522.882522.88252
Une photographe espagnole quitte sa famille pour « se retrouver » et prend une plongée en haute mer, laissant son bébé à son homme, ex-reporter de guerre.
Ali and Nino
Directed by Asif Kapadia
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors María Valverde, Mandy Patinkin, Riccardo Scamarcio, Connie Nielsen, Homayoun Ershadi, Halit Ergenç
Roles Nino Kipiani
Rating69% 3.498793.498793.498793.498793.49879
1914, Azerbaijan. L'histoire d'amour entre Ali, un musulman dont les ancêtres sont passionnés par le désert, et Nino, une jeune géorgienne chrétienne aux manières européennes sophistiquées.
The Limehouse Golem, 1h45
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Olivia Cooke, Douglas Booth, Bill Nighy, Eddie Marsan, Adam Brown, María Valverde
Roles Aveline Ortega
Rating62% 3.146243.146243.146243.146243.14624
A series of murders has shaken the community to the point where people believe that only a legendary creature from dark times – the mythical so-called Golem – must be responsible.
Gernika (2016)

Directed by Koldo Serra
Origin USA
Genres War
Actors James D'Arcy, María Valverde, Jack Davenport, Hugo Silva, Irene Escolar, Bárbara Goenaga
Roles Teresa

Bilbao en avril 1937, 9 mois après le début de la Guerre d'Espagne. Henry Howell, est un correspondant américain célèbre pour son talent et sa passion de la vérité. Cependant, depuis quelques années, il est devenu cynique et opportuniste et ne se préoccupe plus que de son image et de son prestige. Tout en couvrant les affrontements du côté des républicains, il rencontre une jeune idéaliste du nom de Teresa qui connaît bien son travail et l'accuse de s'être laissé embarquer et d'avoir perdu la passion.
Broken Horses, 1h40
Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Vincent d’Onofrio, Anton Yelchin, Thomas Jane, Sean Patrick Flanery, María Valverde, Chris Marquette
Roles Vittoria
Rating56% 2.8020452.8020452.8020452.8020452.802045
Firmly in the tradition of American Westerns, it follows the lives of the two orphaned brothers. The older one, Buddy, sees his father being shot. Vulnerable and described as “slow”, Buddy gets co-opted by gangster Julius Hench (Vincent D’Onofrio) and turns into his key assassin. While Buddy grows up in a lawless environment, younger brother Jakey is a violinist auditioning for the New York Philharmonic and on the verge of marrying his Italian girlfriend. But first Jakey must return to his dusty home town near the U.S.-Mexican border to receive his wedding present from his older brother. Returning to that one-horse town opens up unhealed wounds and forces Jakey and Buddy to confront some ugly truths.
It's Now or Never, 1h31
Origin Espagne
Genres Comedy
Actors María Valverde, Clara Lago, Yolanda Ramos, Carlos Cuevas
Roles Eva
Rating52% 2.6112252.6112252.6112252.6112252.611225
Le film raconte les préparatifs d'un mariage pour un couple espagnol où tout va aller de travers.
Exodus: Gods and Kings, 2h30
Directed by Ridley Scott
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Historical, Peplum
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about slavery, Films about religion, Films based on the Bible, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, John Turturro, Indira Varma
Roles Séfora
Rating59% 2.998052.998052.998052.998052.99805
In 1300 BC, Moses, a general and member of the royal family, prepares to attack the Hittite army with Prince Ramesses. A High Priestess of Sekhmet (the war goddess) divines a prophecy from animal intestines, which she relates to Ramesses' father, Seti I. He tells the two men of the prophecy, in which one (of Moses and Ramesses) will save the other and become a leader. During the attack on the Hittites, Moses saves Ramesses' life, leaving both men troubled. Later, Moses is sent to the city of Pithom to meet with the Viceroy Hegep, who oversees the Hebrew slaves. Upon his arrival, he encounters the slave Joshua, who is the descendant of Joseph, and Moses is appalled by the horrific conditions of the slaves. Shortly afterwards, Moses meets Nun, who informs him of his true lineage; he is the child of Hebrew parents who was sent by his sister Miriam to be raised by Pharaoh's daughter. Moses is stunned at the revelation and leaves angrily. However, two Hebrews also overhear Nun's story and report their discovery to Hegep.
400 Boys
400 Boys (2013)
, 1h50
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Action
Themes Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films
Actors Jodelle Ferland, Li Bingbing (李冰冰), María Valverde, Elliot Knight, Charlie Rowe, Aiysha Hart
Roles Paiva.

400 Boys is a futuristic, dystopian drama where life expectancy has been radically altered. The government is corrupt and ruthless, and the characters are pitched in an ongoing battle for survival.
La Mule
La Mule (2013)

Directed by Michael Radford
Actors Mario Casas, María Valverde
Roles Conchi

Durant la Guerre civile espagnole, Juan Castro, un soldat, protège une mule.
The Liberator, 1h59
Directed by Alberto Arvelo
Origin Venezuela
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Actors Édgar Ramírez, María Valverde, Danny Huston, Imanol Arias, Gary Lewis, Juana Acosta
Roles María Teresa Bolívar
Rating68% 3.446653.446653.446653.446653.44665
L'histoire de Simón Bolívar et ses batailles militaires et politiques pour l'indépendance de l'Amérique du Sud.
I Want You
I Want You (2012)
, 2h10
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Mario Casas, Clara Lago, María Valverde, Nerea Camacho, Jordi Bosch, Luis Fernandez
Roles Babi
Rating68% 3.4446453.4446453.4446453.4446453.444645
Hache Mario Casas flies back to Barcelona after spending two years in London, away from friends and family, and trying to forget his first love and Pollo's Alvaro Cervantes death, his best friend. His brother picks him up from the airport and lets him stay with him. After he settles himself in, he sees his bike covered with a sheet. While looking at it, he reminisces on the past. Hache takes his bike for a spin and lands in the port where he used to race illegally. As soon as he gets there he receives a call, turns out Katina Marina Salas found out through Alex (Hache's brother) that he just got back; they both agree to meet at a park. When he arrives at the park, Hache sees Chino Lucho Fernandez who tells him that things have changed. Chino invites him to a get-together in a restaurant with their other friends, Hache tells him he'll go in a while. While waiting sitting on a bench, Katina surprises him and they both sit down for some catch up. Katina asks Hache if he has missed Babi and tells him that she's seen her, but that she has changed. Hache invites her to the get-together, but Katina declines the invitation and they part ways promising to keep in touch. Hache gets on his motorcycle and is seen been followed by Gin Clara Lago a photographer.
Madrid, 1987, 1h45
Directed by David Trueba
Genres Drama
Themes Films about writers, Films about journalists
Actors José Sacristán, María Valverde
Roles Ángela
Rating63% 3.1999253.1999253.1999253.1999253.199925
In 1987, Miguel, an old and bitter journalist, agrees to meet with Ángela, an idealistic young journalism student, for an interview at a local restaurant. Ángela has missed many of her lectures and needs to write an essay; she has chosen to use Miguel as her subject. Throughout the interview, Miguel expresses his contempt for idealism and style. When he reads a sample of Ángela's writing, Miguel dismisses much of it, though he says that she is talented. He asks to keep the sample and invites Ángela to his friend Luis' house. Miguel explains that Luis will be gone until Monday, and they will have the place to themselves. She agrees, and they continue their discussions there over whiskey. Miguel walks over Luis' paintings, and, when Ángela objects, he says that Luis would prefer them to be marred by life and experience. Miguel alternates between cynical advice and derisively ridiculing romantic notions of journalism. Soon, he enters the bedroom and point blank asks Ángela to strip naked. When she balks, he tells her that he has been true to his nature and never hidden his motives. When she turns to leave, Miguel stops her and says that he hopes she will one day respect him for his boldness.
Three Steps Above Heaven, 2h
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Mario Casas, María Valverde, Andrea Duro, Luis Fernandez, Nerea Camacho, Jordi Bosch
Roles Babi
Rating70% 3.5086853.5086853.5086853.5086853.508685
The film starts with Hugo 'H' Olivera voicing his thoughts about the ongoing trial where he's being prosecuted for assault on his mother's boyfriend. Let off with a fine of six thousand euros and a warning that further offenses would land him in prison, he walks out of the courtroom, switching his formal coat to a leather jacket and rides off on a Triumph Thruxton 07. He sees Babi Alcázar for the first time at a traffic intersection, on her way to school. He is immediately attracted to her as she sticks her face out for air and whistles before calling her a 'Dog-Face'. He rides up to her car window and takes her hand. A stunned Babi manages to give him the finger before driving off.