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Amos Yee is a Actor born on 31 october 1998

Amos Yee

Amos Yee
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Birth name Amos Yee Pang Sang
Birth 31 october 1998 (25 years)

Amos Yee Pang Sang (Chinese: 余澎杉; pinyin: Yú Péngshān; Wade–Giles: Yü2 P'eng2 Shan1, born 31 October 1998) is a Singaporean YouTube personality, blogger and former child actor.

In late March 2015, shortly after the death of Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore, and later Senior Minister and Minister Mentor, Yee uploaded a video on YouTube criticising Lee. In the video Yee compared Lee to Jesus, and cast both in an unfavorable light. Yee also uploaded to his blog an image depicting Lee and Margaret Thatcher engaged in anal sex. Yee was arrested and charged with "intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians", obscenity, and "threatening, abusive or insulting communication." The first two charges fall under the Singapore Penal Code. The third charge, later stood down, was a response to the video's criticism of Lee and falls under the Protection from Harassment Act.

Yee's trial, which took place on 7 to 8 May 2015, attracted much public interest. The court found Yee guilty on 12 May 2015, and sentenced him to four weeks in jail. Sentencing was backdated to include 53 days served in remand, and so Yee was freed immediately following the trial. Yee filed an appeal against both the court conviction and sentence on 9 July 2015.

Yee's imprisonment drew criticism from human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, which considered Yee to be a prisoner of conscience.

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Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee
(1 films)
Xiang Yun
Xiang Yun
(1 films)
Joshua Ang
Joshua Ang
(1 films)
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We Not Naughty, 2h17
Origin Singapore
Genres Comedy
Actors Shawn Lee, Xiang Yun, Joshua Ang, Amos Yee
Roles Amos
Rating55% 2.761812.761812.761812.761812.76181
Liu Jianren and Chen Weijie are two ITP (International Technical Polytechnic, ostensibly a reference to the Institute of Technical Education) students who are constantly put down for being "dumb" despite the fact that they display a talent for designing and creating gadgets. Jianren comes from a wealthy single-parent home and is estranged from his mother and younger brother Amos, a fluent English speaker. He joins the gang of a local loanshark and becomes a runner. Weijie's father is a compulsive gambler who frequently swings from loving husband and father to crazed gambler running from loansharks. To complicate matters, his younger sister Nicole is academically gifted and pampered by their mother, thus causing frequent quarrels and misunderstanding amongst them. Unknown to the rest of them, Nicole becomes involved in a serious cyberbullying case and later becomes a victim of bullying herself.