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Carmen Soo is a Actor Malaisienne born on 14 october 1977 at Ipoh (Malaisie)

Carmen Soo

Carmen Soo
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Birth name Carmen Soo (Soo Wai Ming)
Nationality Malaisie
Birth 14 october 1977 (46 years) at Ipoh (Malaisie)

Carmen Soo (Soo Wai Ming) (simplified Chinese: 苏慧敏; traditional Chinese: 蘇慧敏; pinyin: Su Huimin) (born 14 October 1977) is a Malaysian Chinese model and actress.


Born and raised in Malaysia of Chinese descent, she currently resides in Petaling Jaya, Selangor with her family. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management and can speak fluent Malay, Cantonese and English while also learning Tagalog to help her television acting career in the Philippines. She was part owner of a boutique named 'Kushi' located in Bangsar.

Soo began modelling at age 17 and moved to Hong Kong at age 20 to further her modelling career, which has brought her all over Asia, including Singapore. At 156 cm (just under 5'1") tall, her petite size is not conducive to catwalk modeling, hence most of her shoots tend to be print and television commercials. However, she has graced local magazines' covers such as New Man, V Mag, New Tide GLAM and Nu You. She is a spokesperson for international watch brand Longines along with Malaysian theatre personality Paula Malai Ali, and for Celcom with Singaporean singer JJ Lin.
Soo is the Brand Ambassador of Uniqlo Malaysia. She managed by Model
One in Hong Kong.

Soo was an extra in the 1999 Jackie Chan movie entitled Gorgeous alongside Shu Qi, and later was in Aaron Kwok's musical special.

In September 2008, Carmen starred in an ABS-CBN (in collaboration with Malaysia's Double Vision) soap opera with Filipino actors Jericho Rosales, Cristine Reyes and Christopher de Leon in the teleserye Kahit Isang Saglit that was aired in Philippines and Malaysia, and worldwide by TFC. Kahit Isang Saglit later earned an International Emmy Award nomination.

In September 2010, she performed opposite Christian Bautista in a 4 part series of Your Song (TV series) entitled Beautiful Girl which was shot through Mid July and August between Malaysia and the Philippines. The next year, Soo returned to the Philippines for a month-long series of TV5 (Philippines) short lived Sunday Afternoon Anthology. Soo is the first and only Malaysian actress to star in a Filipino TV show.

Soo was the lead actor in South East Asia's First 3D Film, The Hunter 3D, written and Directed by Bjarne Wong. Soo then went on to perform in HBO Asia Dead Mine as Su-Ling based on the legend of Yamashita's Gold lures a treasure hunter and his group deep into the Indonesian jungle.

Soo can next be seen as Na in Ghost Child. Starring actor Chen Han Wei will play Choon, a widower who experiences strange happenings in his household after he brings home Na, a mysterious woman from Indonesia, and announces that he intends to marry her. With a production budget of S$1 million and directed by Gilbert Chan 23:59, Ghost Child is due to be released in March 2013.

In April 2010, Soo became a co-host on Wowowee along with Kelly Misa, Jed Montero, Isabelle Abiera, RR Enriquez, Valerie Concepcion, Mariel Rodriguez and Pokwang.

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Vincent Kok
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Ghost Child, 1h28
Origin Singapore
Genres Horror
Actors Carmen Soo
Roles Na
Rating49% 2.49472.49472.49472.49472.4947
Having saved her from a band of Indonesian bandits, widower Choon (Chen Hanwei) announces his plans to marry Indonesian-Chinese Na (Carmen Soo). Na is mysterious in nature and says little about her background. Amongst the items she brings with her is an urn, which contains the eponymous "Ghost Child", otherwise known as a toyol. The toyol causes much distress to Choon and his estranged teenage daughter, Kim (Jayley Woo). Among other strange happenings, family photographs get torn apart and Kim's grandmother gets injured for no apparent reason. At first suspecting her dead mother's ghost for causing these, Kim soon learns about the toyol and attempts to get rid of it, but her efforts are to no avail.
Dead Mine
Dead Mine (2012)
, 1h27
Genres Action, Horror
Actors Joe Taslim, Ario Bayu, Miki Mizuno, Samuel Hazeldine, Carmen Soo, Jimmy T
Roles Su-Ling
Rating45% 2.2558752.2558752.2558752.2558752.255875
Warren Price (Les Loveday), the son of a millionaire, is on a mission to explore a former Japanese military bunker on the island of Una-Una, Gulf of Tomini, Sulawesi, together with Japanese scientist Rie (Miki Mizuno), and Price's girlfriend Su-Ling (Carmen Soo). They are escorted by a team of mercenaries, consisting of Captain Tino Prawa (Ario Bayu), Djoko (Joe Taslim), Richard (Mike Lewis), and Sergeant Papa Snake (Jaitov Tigor). After being ambushed by pirates, the group are forced inside an abandoned Japanese military bunker where they become trapped. Wounded and desperate, they descend into the mine in search of a way out. It is revealed that Price actually wants to search for Yamashita's gold in the mine. Their search leads to some surprising findings; it transpires the bunker is a chemical and biological weapons research facility where the Japanese used prisoners of war as subjects for experiments. Worse yet, these monstrous test subjects still inhabit the mine. The treasure quest turned into a mission of life and death, the team must face these mysterious and deadly enemies.
Breakaway (2012)
, 1h28
Origin Philippines
Genres Drama
Actors Jericho Rosales, Bugoy Cariño, Leo Martinez, John Manalo, Carmen Soo
Rating72% 3.6250653.6250653.6250653.6250653.625065
An impoverished single parent, Robert Lim (Jericho Rosales) spends his free time with his young son Brian (Bugoy Cariño), whom he was mad for being responsible of the death of his wife during childbirth. One day Robert went to a mall with Brian for some father and son bonding time, Brian goes to the bathroom then mysteriously disappears. Robert, worried about his son's disappearance, informs the police chief (Leo Martinez) that his son was abducted. Using evidence shown on camera disc recorded under surveillance, it shows a teenage kid talking to his son Brian. Enraged by this, Robert goes to a park in Quezon Avenue in search of the suspect and later witnesses him getting off a taxi. Robert enrages at the boy but he escapes. The next day, police recover a dead boy's body with Robert thinking it was his son, but this turns out to be his son's kidnapper's body. Robert, becoming more furious, attempts to hunt down the man down responsible for his son's disappearance. He then encounters a vigilante, and with his knowledge about the suspects of Brian's kidnapping, pretends to help him by telling him that his son is now being transported to Hong-Kong. Robert soon discovers that Brian's kidnapping is the result of human-trafficking. That night, Robert receives a call from the vigilante again telling him that he should meet him under an overpass, but soon gets ambushed by police with the vigilante dying on the scene. Several years passed, Robert has a new family and with his new son (John Manalo), travels to Hong Kong with him. On the streets, his son suddenly goes missing. Robert goes to search for him, feeling worried that the previous incident would occur to his new family. Robert searches for him in a subway and finds a homeless man playing a harmonica. Robert suddenly recognises the homeless man's harmonica, realising that Brian had exactly the same harmonica from his childhood. Robert also remembers Brian teaching him a secret handshake. Robert attempts to do the secret handshake with the homeless man, who knows the secret handshake as well. Realising that his long-lost son was finally found, Robert tearfully embraces him and the story concludes with his other son witnessing the scene.
Tenement 2
Tenement 2 (2009)
, 1h40
Directed by Chito S. Roño
Origin Philippines
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Actors Maricel Soriano, Mika de la Cruz, Derek Ramsay, Eric Fructuoso, Tetchie Agbayani, Camille Prats
Roles Isabel
Rating60% 3.0021253.0021253.0021253.0021253.002125
The movie begins with Claire (Maricel Soriano) with Elias (Eric Fructuoso) picking up a child as an assignment. Her mission is to give her to her adoptive family. After picking up the child Angeli (Mika dela Cruz); strange things starts to occur. When they arrived at the Tenement 2, where Angeli's new parents are staying, they only find Tess (Camille Pratts), Melissa (K-Brosas) and Domeng (Mon Confiado). Angeli pleads Claire to not leave her no matter what happens, and writes a letter to her which is not to be read until it is supposed to be read.
Gorgeous (1999)
, 2h1
Directed by Vincent Kok
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Shu Qi, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Jackie Chan, Richie Ren, Elaine Jin, Brad Allan
Roles Gloria
Rating60% 3.003643.003643.003643.003643.00364
Bu (Shu Qi) is a beautiful young girl from a small Taiwanese fishing village who discovers a romantic message in a bottle. She heads for Hong Kong to find its writer, only to learn that it was in fact written by Albert (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), a lonely gay man. She, however, meets the wealthy recycling company owner, C.N. (Jackie Chan) who falls in love with her; but the plot is soon thickened by rival businessmen, hired goons, and Bu's confused would be boyfriend.