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Marguerite Clark is a Actor and Producer American born on 22 february 1883 at Avondale, Cincinnati (USA)

Marguerite Clark

Marguerite Clark
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Birth name Helen Marguerite Clark
Nationality USA
Birth 22 february 1883 at Avondale, Cincinnati (USA)
Death 25 september 1940 (at 57 years) at New York City (USA)

Marguerite Clark (February 22, 1883 – September 25, 1940) was an American stage and silent film actress.


On August 15, 1918, Clark married New Orleans, Louisiana plantation owner and millionaire businessman Harry Palmerston Williams, a marriage that ended with the death of Williams' on May 19, 1936 in an airplane crash. After his death, Clark was the owner of the Wedell-Williams Air Service Corporation, which had built and flown air racers, along with other aviation enterprises until sold in 1937.

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Adolph Zukor
Adolph Zukor
(17 films)
Jesse L. Lasky
Jesse L. Lasky
(10 films)
Hugh Ford
Hugh Ford
(7 films)
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Filmography of Marguerite Clark (39 films)

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Scrambled Wives, 1h10
Origin USA
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Marguerite Clark, Pierre Gendron
Roles Miss Mary Lucille Smith

Based on a description in a film publication, Mary Smith (Clark) gives a party in her college room when John Chiverick (Bunker) is found in attendance. Because he has "compromised" her, John feels obligated to marry Mary. Immediately after the ceremony, Mary's father (Washburn) has the marriage annulled and sends Mary abroad. After two years she returns and sees her former husband at a Long Island house party. There is much concern about the disgrace that would be caused if her marriage annulment were to become public knowledge. Larry McCleod (Gendron) is at the party and is in love with Mary, although he believes that she is a widow. She accepts his proposal after confessing her situation.
Easy to Get, 50minutes
Directed by Walter Edwards
Origin USA
Actors Marguerite Clark, Harrison Ford, Rod La Rocque, Julia R. Hurley
Roles Molly Morehouse

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, 50minutes
Directed by Hugh Ford
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Marguerite Clark, Mary Carr, May McAvoy, Gareth Hughes
Roles Lovey Mary
Rating66% 3.3041453.3041453.3041453.3041453.304145
As described in a film magazine, Lovey Mary (Clark) is an inmate of an orphanage who runs away a little boy with whom she has become strongly attached. She finds refuge on a rainy night with Mrs. Wiggs (Carr), a mother of five who lives in a wretched settlement known as the Cabbage Patch. Mrs. Wiggs feeds and shelters them, and lies to a sheriff looking to return them to the orphanage. There are a series of interactions with the amusing characters that live in the Cabbage Patch with brings about the growth and improvement in Mary. It is through Mary that the child she has been mothering becomes legitimate and the whole family obtains prosperity.
Come Out of the Kitchen
Directed by John S. Robertson
Origin USA
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Marguerite Clark, Albert Hackett, Bradley Barker, Eugene O'Brien, Crauford Kent, Fred Esmelton
Roles Claudia Daingerfield

As described in a film magazine, Claudia Daingerfield (Clark) is the resourceful daughter of an old and invalid Southern aristocrat Mr. Daingerfield (Stevens). All that remains of his property is a fine old Virginian country house, barely maintained by Claudia, her sister Elizabeth (Kaye), her brothers Paul (Barker) and Charles (Hackett), and their African-American cook Mammy Jackson (Miller), who is still loyal to the household. When father goes North to consult a great physician, there is no money left when news comes that a costly operation must be performed. There is only one way this expense can be met, and that is by accepting an offer by Northerner Burton Crane (O'Brien) for temporary lease and occupation of the fine house for $3,000, though he insists on having only white servants. As a result, the members of the former high-born Southern family take the servant positions, with Claudia as cook, her sister Elizabeth as maid, and her brothers as a butler and general worker. Then ensues a comedy with the family performing domestic service to people less kind and appreciative, with Claudia struggling in an attempt to cook for the entire family until she is forced to call upon the services of Mammy Jackson and keep her out of sight with ingenious and amusing devices. Claudia bravely steers through this sea of trouble while fascinating the Northerners staying at the house. Burton Crane slowly falls in love with her and seriously thinks of taking her out of the kitchen, thinking she is a wonderful cook. He comes across a miniature of her, but when it disappears he accuses the older brother of stealing it and has him discharged. One by one the members of the family who took positions as servants are discharged until only Claudia remains. After a telegram arrives stating that her father has survived the dangerous operation causes Claudia to falter, and Burton discovers what has been going on. Recognizing her superb plunk, Burton asks her to become his wife.
Three Men and a Girl, 50minutes
Directed by Marshall Neilan
Origin USA
Actors Richard Barthelmess, Percy Marmont, Marguerite Clark, Ida Darling, Sidney D'Albrook
Roles Sylvia Weston

As described in a film magazine, Sylvia Weston (Clark) is a capricious young woman who says "I do NOT" when she leaves a rich groom at the alter. She runs away in her bridal gown to a bungalow she owns at Loon Lake, only to find it occupied by three men with grudges against women. They expel her and her old nurse to a nearby cabin and stake out a line over which the women are not to cross. One by one the three men come to love Sylvia. The two older men, thinking that she is unhappily married, propose to adopt her and provide her with some clothes other than her bridal gown and swimming suit, which is all she has at the cabin. The younger one, however, is wiser and wins her in the end.
Let's Elope
Directed by John S. Robertson
Origin USA
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Marguerite Clark, Gaston Glass
Roles Eloise Farrington

Little Miss Hoover, 50minutes
Directed by John S. Robertson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Marguerite Clark, Eugene O'Brien, Alfred Hickman, Hal Reid, John Tansey
Roles Nancy Craddock
Rating62% 3.127133.127133.127133.127133.12713
Uncle Tom's Cabin, 50minutes
Directed by J. Searle Dawley
Origin USA
Themes Films about slavery, Films about racism, Films based on plays
Actors Marguerite Clark, Sam Hardy, Augusta Anderson, Frank Losee, Walter P. Lewis, Walter P. Lewis
Roles Little Eva St. Clair/Topsy

L'Oncle Tom et Eliza sont tous deux esclaves de la même maison dans le Kentucky.
Prunella (1918)
, 50minutes
Directed by Maurice Tourneur
Origin USA
Genres Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Romance
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Marguerite Clark, Marcia Harris, Nora Cecil, John Arthur Kennedy
Roles Prunella

Gardée avec attention par ses trois tantes, Prunella ne voit rien du monde à l'extérieur des murs du jardin jusqu'à ce qu'une troupe de comédiens ambulants passe près de sa demeure. Alors qu'elle les épie par-dessus la palissade, elle attire l'attention du fringant Pierrot, qui captivé par sa beauté, se glisse dans le jardin et lui fait la cour. Cette même nuit, Prunella s'échappe avec Pierrot, et elle devient bientôt une vedette de la scène parisienne. Ils sont heureux pendant quelques années, mais le volage Pierrot finit par l'abandonner pour une nouvelle conquête. Bientôt, cependant, il réalise qu'il aime vraiment Prunella, et, apprenant qu'elle a quitté le théâtre, il retourne dans le jardin pour le rechercher et achète le petit cottage à la seule tante survivante. Lors d'une soirée, il se promène dans le jardin et y croise ce qu'il croit être le fantôme de Prunella. En l'embrassant, il découvre avec joie qu'elle en est vivante.
Out of a Clear Sky, 50minutes
Directed by Marshall Neilan
Origin USA
Genres Romance
Actors Marguerite Clark, Thomas Meighan, Edward J. Ratcliffe, Bobby Connelly, Raymond Bloomer, Robert Dudley
Roles Countess Celeste de Bersek et Krymm