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Volker Marek is a Actor Allemand born on 20 may 1944

Volker Marek

Volker Marek
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Nationality German
Birth 20 may 1944 (75 years)

Volker Marek est un comédien allemand (Bonn 20 mai 1944 - ) vivant en France. Il est également traducteur.
Volker Marek a joué dans de nombreux téléfilms, films et courts-métrages depuis 1986.

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Filmography of Volker Marek (2 films)

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Ghost River, 1h33
Directed by Olivier Dahan
Origin France
Genres Drama
Actors Isabelle Huppert, Pascal Greggory, Maud Forget, André Marcon, Fabienne Babe, Volker Marek
Roles Père de Piotr
Rating61% 3.051333.051333.051333.051333.05133
Sylvia, a not-so-young woman, is working as a prostitute in Nice. She has a painful relationship with her daughter, Laurence. When two pimps attack Sylvia in her apartment, Laurence stabs one of them, perhaps fatally, to defend her mother. Sylvia and Laurence go on the run. They begin a journey as hitchhikers, first trying to track down Sylvia’s first husband, Piotr, who had a son with her, eight years ago. Sylvia desperately hopes to resume her marriage with Piotr. Sylvia and Laurence cross paths with Joshua, a man out on bail who decides not to return to prison and is trying to avoid the police. Joshua drives off with Sylvia's handbag by mistake. Sylvia and Laurence also separate. Sylvia continues her search for Piotr, occasionally trading sex in exchange for rides, and sometimes on foot to the point of collapse. Sylvia eventually discovers that Piotr has moved from the village where they used to live. After long, painful wanderings, Sylvia, Joshua and Laurence eventually reunite. Sylvia still wants to track down Piotr. A visit to Sylvia's grandparents leads them to the burned-out house where Sylvia once lived with Piotr. Sylvia eventually finds Piotr and her son, but Piotr has found a new, young wife, who is expecting a daughter. Sylvia leaves them to their lives together. She returns to Laurence and Joshua, who has indicated a desire to go his separate way. He does, but returns. Sylvia, Laurence and Joshua leave France together.
Max & Jeremie, 1h55
Directed by Claire Devers
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Actors Philippe Noiret, Christopher Lambert, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Christophe Odent, Feodor Chaliapin, Jr., Thierry Gimenez
Roles l'Allemand
Rating61% 3.0979953.0979953.0979953.0979953.097995
Un vieux tueur à la retraite sympathise avec un petit voyou chargé de l'éliminer.