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Men Prefer Fat Girls is a film of genre Comedy directed by Jean-Marie Poiré with Josiane Balasko

Men Prefer Fat Girls (1981)

Men Prefer Fat Girls
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Length 1h26
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Rating48% 2.4277452.4277452.4277452.4277452.427745

Men Prefer Fat Girls (Les hommes préfèrent les grosses) is a French comedy film directed by Jean-Marie Poiré. It was released in 1981, adapted from a script by Josiane Balasko.


Lydie has just paid a considerable rent deposit for a new flat when her boyfriend breaks up with her. Now she is alone in a flat she cannot afford. So she starts looking for a flatmate and finally chooses Eva, a model. Eventually Lydie gets to know Eva's friends and that changes her life.


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