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My Son Sazali is a Singapourien film of genre Drama directed by Phani Majumdar with P. Ramlee

My Son Sazali (1956)

My Son Sazali
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Length 2h17
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Musical
Rating83% 4.1550654.1550654.1550654.1550654.155065

Anak-ku Sazali which means Sazali My Son is a 1956 Malay-language film directed and written by Phani Majumdar. The movie is about love between a man and a woman, dreams that can come true and a father's extreme love for his son. The talented Tan Sri P. Ramlee plays the adult father character, Hassan as well as the spoilt son, Sazali Hassan.


Hassan is an orphan who works with a rich family. The rich man has two children, Mansor (a boy)) and Mahani (a girl). Hassan developed an interest in music to the point that he is willing to spend whatever money he has earned to buy a violin. Once Hassan purchases the violin, he starts studying music from a violin teacher.


P. Ramlee

(Hassan Dan Sazali)
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