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Neptune's Daughter is a american film of genre Fantasy directed by Herbert Brenon released in USA on 25 april 1914 with Annette Kellerman

Neptune's Daughter (1914)

Neptune's Daughter
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Released in USA 25 april 1914
Directed by ,    
Genres Fantasy
Rating60% 3.011443.011443.011443.011443.01144

Neptune's Daughter is a 1914 American silent fantasy film featuring the first collaboration between actress Annette Kellerman and director Herbert Brenon. It was filmed by Universal on Bermuda, cost US$35,000 to make, and grossed one million dollars at the box office. Original film footage is currently held in two archives, Screensound Australia and Gosfilmofond of Russia.

Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) is based on the life of Annette Kellerman, played by Esther Williams, and the production of this movie. Williams also played the lead role in Neptune's Daughter (1949).


La fille du roi Neptune prend une forme humaine pour venger la mort de sa jeune sœur qui a été capturée dans un filet de pêche. Cependant, elle tombe amoureuse du roi, celui qu'elle considère comme responsable...


Annette Kellerman

(Annette, Neptune's daughter)
William Welsh

(King Neptune (as William Welch))
Leah Baird

(Princess Olga)
Herbert Brenon

(Roador le loup)
Edmund Mortimer

(Duke Boris)
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