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Roll, Freddy, Roll! is a american film of genre Comedy directed by Bill Persky released in USA on 17 december 1974 with Tim Conway

Roll, Freddy, Roll! (1974)

Roll, Freddy, Roll!
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Released in USA 17 december 1974
Length 1h13
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Rating71% 3.581113.581113.581113.581113.58111

Roll, Freddy, Roll! is a 1974 American TV film directed by Bill Persky.


A man tries to impress his son by breaking the world record for staying on roller skates.


Tim Conway

(Freddy Danton)
Jan Murray

(Big Sid)
Moosie Drier

(Tommy Danton)
Barra Grant

(Sidni Kane)
Scott Brady

(Admiral Norton)
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