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The Prey is a french film of genre Thriller directed by Éric Valette released in USA on 7 june 2013 with Albert Dupontel

The Prey (2011)

La Proie

The Prey
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Released in USA 7 june 2013
Length 1h42
Directed by
Genres Thriller,    Action,    Crime
Rating65% 3.2957553.2957553.2957553.2957553.295755

The Prey (French: La Proie) is a 2011 French action thriller directed by Éric Valette, written by Laurent Turner and Luc Bossi, and starring Albert Dupontel as an escaped criminal who must outwit a dogged cop (Alice Taglioni) while he attempts to rescue his daughter (Jaïa Caltagirone) from a serial killer (Stéphane Debac).


After a successful heist, Franck Adrien and his partner are convicted and sent to prison. Adrien is the only one who knows the location of the stash, and he refuses to tell both his wife and his partner. However, despite his initially aloof relationship with Jean-Louis Maurel, Adrien comes to trust his cellmate and saves him from a savage beating by Russian mobsters. When Adrien's former partner puts him in the prison hospital, Maurel visits Adrien. Although Adrien does not trust Maurel enough to reveal the location of his stash, Adrien gives Maurel a hint to pass along to Anna, Adrien's wife, as Maurel is being released early due to his alleged victim recanting her charges of rape.


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