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Awie is a Actor Malaisien born on 25 november 1968


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Birth name Ahmad Azhar Bin Othman
Nationality Malaisie
Birth 25 november 1968 (55 years)

Awie (born Ahmad Azhar bin Othman on 24 November 1968) is a Malaysian rock singer and actor.


Awie was engaged to Erra Fazira, his co-star in Sembilu. Due to reported infidelity, the engagement was called off.

Months later, he was caught by several Islamic law enforcers in a hotel room with Arni Nazira, his co-star in Nafas Cinta. Their obligated marriage produced two daughters. In October 2006, his ex-wife Arni Nazira filed for divorce after 8 years of marriage. The reason for the divorce is claimed to be due to Awie's marriage to Rozana Misbun in a secret ceremony in southern Thailand.

In early 2012 Awie claimed that he was the victim of black magic, which caused him to vomit needles and feathers.

Usually with

Erra Fazira
Erra Fazira
(3 films)
Ziana Zain
Ziana Zain
(2 films)
Rosyam Noor
Rosyam Noor
(2 films)
Awal Ashaari
Awal Ashaari
(1 films)
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Filmography of Awie (9 films)

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Ribbit (2014)

Origin Malaisie
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Actors Sean Astin, Tim Curry, Elfira Loy, Russell Peters, Cherami Leigh, Awie
Roles Kulup(Bahasa Malaysia Dub)
Rating41% 2.0796152.0796152.0796152.0796152.079615
All his life, Ribbit has felt different from all the other frogs. To find purpose in his life, Ribbit embarks on an incredible journey through the Amazon Rainforest. During this journey, Ribbit is accidentally hypnotised into believing he is a human prince trapped in a frog’s body. Convinced that he now understands why he is different, Ribbit heads out in his search for the Princess whose kiss will solve all his problems. Joined by his best friend, a female squirrel named Sandy, Ribbit encounters an amazingly zany cast of unique and colourful characters.
Cuci (2009)

Genres Comedy
Actors Awie, Afdlin Shauki Bin Aksan, Erra Fazira
Roles Jojo
Rating68% 3.42863.42863.42863.42863.4286
The story is about four brothers who are window washers from Kuala Selangor who strive for something more in their lives. They find out the existence of a Window Washing Olympics with the Grand Prize a contract of washing the KLCC Building (the tallest building in Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur. As they fight through the Olympics along with other more organised and professional teams, they realise that nothing is more important than their brotherhood and friendship.
Duyung (2008)
, 1h31
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Fantasy
Actors Maya Karin, Mohd Saifulazam b. Mohammad Yusoff, Awie
Roles Kordi
Rating51% 2.5581952.5581952.5581952.5581952.558195
The story is set on the east coast of Sabah. Jimmy (Saiful Apek) is a young man who spends his days cleaning the rubbish in the sea village that he lives. He refuses to do any work other than caring for the environment, which makes him an outcast and laughingstock among the villagers. His only friend is Orix (Yassin Yahya).
Sumolah (2007)

Directed by Afdlin Shauki Bin Aksan
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Afdlin Shauki Bin Aksan, Intira Jaroenpura, Gurmit Singh, Awie, Patrick Teoh, Natasha Hudson
Roles Haris
Rating73% 3.688853.688853.688853.688853.68885
Ramlee (Afdlin Shauki) is a down and out Malay boy who cannot seem to hold down a job, much to his mother’s (Kartina Aziz) disappointment. Out of a job and out of money, he stumbles across a challenge by sushi restaurant owner Honda (Patrick Teoh) to “eat all you can for free food – within a time limit”. Hungry and desperate, Ramlee attempts the challenge, and fails. In compensation, Honda (Patrick Teoh) lets Ramlee take a job at the restaurant to pay off his due.
Zombies in Banana Village
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Comedy horror films, Disaster films
Actors Awie
Roles Hussein
Rating49% 2.491752.491752.491752.491752.49175
The story starts when Husin is asked by few village boys on his way home to hang out with them during their guitar playing sessions. Husin decides to join them. Eventually they get spotted and is given a scolding by an elder named Pak Abu, who was on his way back home from the mosque after the Isyak prayers.
Iskandar (2003)

Directed by V.Nagaraj
Genres Action, Crime, Romance
Actors Awie, Hetty Sarlene, Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan
Roles Karl Iskandar
Rating59% 2.9980952.9980952.9980952.9980952.998095
Karl Iskandar (Awie), son of Tan Sri Hisham Al-Bakri (Jalaluddin Hassan), returns to Malaysia to take over his father's company. Soon after, the head of another company, Vincent Cheah, is killed; Iskandar discovers that the two companies had a shady business dealings. Meanwhile, Iskandar begins falling in love with Amira (Jeslina Hashim), a waitress at a bar run by the gangster Ringgo (Bob Khairul); this upsets his father, who intends for Iskandar to marry Alissa (Hetty Sarlene), who is of the same social standing.
Maria Mariana II, 1h50
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain, Awie, Rosyam Noor, Aaron Aziz
Roles Sazali
Rating54% 2.717492.717492.717492.717492.71749
Maria is rushed to the hospital and is saved by Dr. Faris who successfully extracts the bullet from her body. Maria is assigned to the Special Unit of the Royal Malaysian Police force. She falls in love with Dr. Faris. Her unit has been directed to smash a syndicate which is trafficking ecstasy pills and drugs in the city. Meanwhile, Mariana is visited by Remy, a colleague who is attracted to her. Roy, her ex-boyfriend reappears causing turmoil in her life and Mariana reverts to her old wild ways. The relationship between the two sisters, Maria and Mariana becomes strained again.
Sembilu (1994)
, 1h49
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Awie, Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain
Roles Awie
Rating60% 3.002833.002833.002833.002833.00283
Wati, a lovely undergraduate was courting Awie, the famous rock star. They were childhood sweethearts with their parents' blessings. Their relationship was well accepted, except for one person, Azman who is Wati's brother. Azman, with a history of his wife, Maria leaving him for a singer, was against all artistes. Maria later died in a tragic accident and Azman was outraged. Ziana, a nightclub singer had fallen for Awie and tried to lure him. However, the relationship between Wati and Awie remained strong when Awie sang 'Di Ambang Wati' as a symbol of their love. On the other hand, Azman was still trying to break up the pair. When Awie was in misery, Ziana took advantage of seducing Awie. Awie finally fell for Ziana's lust. Knowing this, Wati felt that she was cheated and wanted to call it quits. Nevertheless, the fling between Awie and Ziana did not go far when he realised that his heart was still with Wati.