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Chris Haywood is a Actor and Unit Manager British born on 24 july 1948 at Billericay (United-kingdom)

Chris Haywood

Chris Haywood
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Birth name Chris Haywood
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 24 july 1948 (75 years) at Billericay (United-kingdom)

Chris Haywood (born 24 July 1948) is an English Australian-based film and television actor/producer.

Usually with

Paul Cox
Paul Cox
(14 films)
Norman Kaye
Norman Kaye
(10 films)
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett
(3 films)
Bill Hunter
Bill Hunter
(8 films)
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Filmography of Chris Haywood (81 films)

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Mountain of Gold
Directed by U-Wei Haji Saari
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Peter O'Brien, Diana Danielle, Patrick Teoh, Chris Haywood
Roles Capt. Ford
Rating72% 3.632583.632583.632583.632583.63258
Almayer is a lone Dutch trader grubbing to survive in colonial Malaysia. He sends his 10-year-old daughter Nina to Singapore to be educated as a Westerner, much to the distress of her mother, Mem, a local woman of Betawi origin. The couple stop speaking to each other as a result.
Return to Nim's Island, 1h30
Genres Adventure
Actors Bindi Irwin, Matthew Lillard, John Waters, Chris Haywood, Sebastian Gregory
Roles Grant
Rating52% 2.6472752.6472752.6472752.6472752.647275
Three years after the events in Nim's Island, the island faces yet a new challenge. The operators of the ship Buccaneer have gotten permission to develop a pirate resort on the island, and Nim (Bindi Irwin) and her father pursue separate plans to stop them. Meanwhile, a city boy (Toby Wallace, Edmund in the film), has run away from home to the island, inadvertently bringing poachers with him. With her father, Jack Rusoe (Matthew Lillard) away on the mainland, Nim and Edmund must learn to work together in order to save the island from the poachers.
Swerve (2012)
, 1h27
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Emma Booth, Jason Clarke, David Lyons, Vince Colosimo, Antonio Lyons, Roy Billing
Roles Armstrong
Rating54% 2.701392.701392.701392.701392.70139
In rural Australia, two men meet for a drug deal and exchange suitcases wordlessly. When the buyer checks the drugs, he discovers that he has been cheated, but an explosive hidden in the suitcase kills him before he can retaliate. The seller puts a suitcase full of cash in his car and speeds down the highway to Neverest to meet a contact. As he recklessly attempts to pass another car, he swerves off the road to avoid a collision and dies. A man involved in the crash, Colin, discovers the suitcase and gives the driver of the oncoming car a ride back to Neverest. There, he meets Frank, a local cop, and Colin discovers that the other driver is Frank's wife, Jina. Colin hands the money over to Frank, who invites Colin to stay overnight while Colin waits for his car to be repaired. When Frank leaves to secure the cash, Jina unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Colin. When Colin notices a bruise on Jina, she claims that Frank beats her, but Colin becomes suspicious when he hears Frank and Jina have rough sex, which she seems to enjoy.
Sleeping Beauty, 1h42
Directed by Julia Leigh
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Erotic thriller films
Actors Emily Browning, Rachael Blake, Ewen Leslie, Michael Dorman, Mirrah Foulkes, Hugh Keays-Byrne
Roles Man 2
Rating53% 2.650222.650222.650222.650222.65022
Lucy (Emily Browning) is a university student who holds a number of odd jobs: she volunteers as a test subject at the university medical research lab, works at a coffee shop, and makes photocopies at an office. She also attends a high-class bar, offering herself as a sex partner. Her landlord dislikes her, and she spends her time visiting an aloof man, Birdmann (Ewen Leslie), who is attracted to her. Although she does not return his affection, she appears to be happier when with him than at any other time.
The Boys Are Back, 1h44
Directed by Scott Hicks
Origin Australie
Genres Drama
Themes Films about families, Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Clive Owen, Laura Fraser, Emma Lung, Nicholas McAnulty, George MacKay, Julia Blake
Roles Tom
Rating67% 3.3954953.3954953.3954953.3954953.395495
Joe Warr (Clive Owen) is a British sports writer who lives in Australia with his second wife, Katy (Laura Fraser) and his young son Artie (Nicholas McAnulty). Katy is diagnosed with cancer and dies, forcing Joe to cope with the responsibilities of being a single parent.
Beneath Hill 60, 2h2
Directed by Jeremy Sims
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films
Actors Brendan Cowell, Gyton Grantley, Harrison Gilbertson, Aden Young, Harrison Gilbertson, Bella Heathcote
Roles Colonel Wilson Rutledge
Rating69% 3.498243.498243.498243.498243.49824
As seen in flashbacks that occur throughout the film, Oliver Woodward is an Australian miner supplying copper for the war effort. He falls in love with Marjorie Waddell, a young woman ten years his junior. However, he is under constant pressure to enlist, especially from Waddell's father. He has the opportunity to do so when the British Army forms the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company to supplement the Royal Engineers; Woodward is commissioned to lead the unit.
Jindabyne (2006)
, 2h3
Directed by Ray Lawrence
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, Deborra-Lee Furness, John Howard, Chris Haywood, Leah Purcell
Roles Gregory
Rating62% 3.146493.146493.146493.146493.14649
On an annual fishing trip, in isolated high country, Stewart (Gabriel Byrne), Carl (John Howard), Rocco (Stelios Yiakmis) and Billy (Simon Stone) find a girl's body in the river; she has been brutally murdered by Gregory (Chris Haywood), a local electrician. The girl (Tatea Reilly) turns out subsequently to be Aboriginal. The men initially suggest hiking back the following morning as it is too late in the day to safely navigate their way to their trucks. They secure the girl's body by the ankle to the riverbank, so she will not drift downstream and get lost in the rapids. However, Stewart the next day goes fishing and, after catching an especially large fish, the men decide to spend the rest of the afternoon continuing their trip before informing the police in the morning.
Human Touch
Directed by Paul Cox
Genres Drama
Actors Jacqueline McKenzie, Chris Haywood
Roles Edward
Rating58% 2.9052152.9052152.9052152.9052152.905215
Jewboy (2005)
, 52minutes
Genres Drama
Themes Films about religion, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Ewen Leslie, Saskia Burmeister, Nicholas Eadie, Chris Haywood
Rating63% 3.1899853.1899853.1899853.1899853.189985
Un jeune juif orthodoxe cherche à trouver sa place dans sa famille et dans le monde.
Paradise Found, 1h33
Directed by Mario Andreacchio
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Seafaring films, Peinture, Transport films
Actors Kiefer Sutherland, Nastassja Kinski, Alun Armstrong, Chris Haywood, Nicholas Hope
Roles Charles Arnaud
Rating57% 2.8661252.8661252.8661252.8661252.866125
The film covers a later part of Gauguin's life (from 1880 to 1897) when he resigned his job as a stockbroker to paint full-time and journey to Polynesia. It documents how Gaugin befriended Pissarro, felt compelled to paint, abandoned his family and then chronicled his love of Tahitian life.
Subterano (2003)

Directed by Esben Storm
Genres Science fiction
Actors Alex Dimitriades, Tasma Walton, Chris Haywood, Anne Tenney, Verónica Segura, Shane Briant
Roles Cleary
Rating39% 1.9699151.9699151.9699151.9699151.969915
Conrad, tueur en série, s'échappe de prison grâce à l'aide de sa petite amie. Dans sa cavale, il se retrouve piégé dans un parking en compagnie de junkies, d'un comptable alcoolique et d'un agent de sécurité atteint de graves troubles psychologiques. Ainsi réunis, ils devront se plier aux exigences d'un dangereux psychopathe, bien décidé à leur faire jouer une partie de son jeu vidéo préféré “Subterano”, mais dans la réalité...
One Way Ticket, 1h37
Directed by Richard Franklin
Genres Drama, Action
Actors Peter Phelps, Rachel Blakely, Chris Haywood, Jane Hall, Samuel Johnson, Russell Fletcher
Roles Bertie
Rating60% 3.043373.043373.043373.043373.04337
A criminal languishing in jail embarks on a torrid affair with a female guard. However, events take a sinister turn as she becomes increasingly besotted, and news of their romance becomes public - leading to the collapse of her marriage. Desperate, she agrees to help the crook escape, only to start doubting his commitment.