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Rose McIver is a Actor Néo-Zélandaise born on 10 october 1988 at Auckland (Nouvelle zelande)

Rose McIver

Rose McIver
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Birth name Frances Rose McIver
Nationality Nouvelle zelande
Birth 10 october 1988 (35 years) at Auckland (Nouvelle zelande)

Frances Rose McIver (born 10 October 1988) is a New Zealand actress. Her mainstream feature film debut came in 2009's The Lovely Bones; other works include the films Predicament, and Blinder; as well as guest appearances in New Zealand-based shows Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Legend of the Seeker. McIver was a series regular on Power Rangers RPM, and she has recurring roles in both Showtime's Masters of Sex and on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

As of 2015, she stars in The CW's iZombie as medical examiner Olivia "Liv" Moore.


McIver was born on 10 October 1988. She was raised in Titirangi with her father, John George Whitfield "Mac" McIver (b. 1951), a photographer, and her mother, Ann "Annie" (née Coney), an artist. Her parents still reside in the house she grew up in. She has an older brother, Paul McIver, who is a musician and former actor. She studied ballet and jazz dance until she was thirteen, and enjoys running. McIver also enjoys writing, and is inspired by the works of John Steinbeck, Wally Lamb and Franz Kafka. She also enjoys crossword puzzles and Sudoku. She attended Avondale College and was a prefect in her final year. She graduated in 2006. She previously studied at the University of Auckland, and majored in Psychology and Linguistics, but did not complete her degree. Between acting jobs, she baby-sits and works part-time importing bananas with Fair Trade. She recently took part in their "All Good Bananas" promotion, as the voice of the listener's conscience. In August 2011, McIver moved from the home she shared in Wellington with her long-term boyfriend, architect Benjamin Hoeksema to Los Angeles,
where she lived in the neighborhood of Silver Lake for a year.

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Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson
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Ian Mune
Ian Mune
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Petals on the Wind, 1h25
Directed by Karen Moncrieff
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality
Actors Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn, Rose McIver, Wyatt Nash, Bailey De Young, Dylan Bruce
Roles Catherine 'Cathy' Dollanganger
Rating61% 3.0581353.0581353.0581353.0581353.058135
En 1970, dix ans après la fuite de Cathy, Christopher et Carrie du grenier des Foxworth, ils enterrent Paul Sheffield, l'homme qui les a adoptés. Les enfants tracent chacun leur chemin et réalisent leurs rêves : Cathy est danseuse de ballet ; Christopher est en faculté de médecine ; et Carrie étudie dans une école d'Elite. Cathy rencontre Julian, le fils de sa professeur qui l'emmène dans une école de ballet à New York, elle se retrouvera dans une relation abusive. Christopher, pour oublier son amour pour sa sœur, s’éprend de Sarah Reeves, la fille de son professeur à la faculté. Carrie subit les moqueries de ses camarades qui la traitent d'anormale. Quant à leur mère, Corrine, elle a complètement oublié ses enfants et s'est mariée à Bart Winslow. Elle renouvelle le manoir Foxworth et possède une grande place dans la haute société.
Blinder (2013)
, 1h49
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Sports films
Actors Oliver Ackland, Rose McIver, Anna Hutchison, Jack Thompson, Angus Sampson, Bob Morley
Roles Sammy Walton
Rating45% 2.2735652.2735652.2735652.2735652.273565
The Torquay Tigers are a successful team playing in the Bellarine Football league. Their coach Charlie "Chang" Hyde has guided the team into their first Grand Final in seven years. There is talk that the team's best three players, Dunn, Mortimer and Regan, may get drafted by one or more AFL clubs. On the eve of the match the coach drops star player Tom Dunn for poor attitude. The club is successful and wins the flag. Dunn feels left out of the celebrations and strikes up a friendship with Rose Walton. Rose's younger sister Sammy, (McIver) is part of the teams support staff by carrying water for the players.
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Crime
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Comedy horror films
Actors Jemaine Clement, Hayden Frost, Rose McIver, Brooke Williams, Peter Mochrie
Roles Maybelle
Rating53% 2.6723552.6723552.6723552.6723552.672355
Predicament is a powerful and disturbing account of the psychological fantasy world of adolescence with the familiar small-town setting of Morrieson's writing, so is a coming-of-age novel and a crime comedy. Naïve teenager Cedric Williamson is involved with two older criminally inclined misfits in photographing and blackmailing amorous couples, and ends up an accomplice to murder. It is set in a 1930s Taranaki town similar to Morrieson's Hawera.
The Lovely Bones, 2h15
Directed by Peter Jackson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy
Themes Films about children, Films about religion, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Films about pedophilia, Ghost films, Serial killer films
Actors Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Michael Imperioli, Saoirse Ronan
Roles Lindsey Salmon
Rating66% 3.3056953.3056953.3056953.3056953.305695
In 1973, 14-year-old Susie Salmon dreams about becoming a photographer. One day, Ray, a boy she has a crush on, approaches her at school and asks her out. As Susie walks home through a cornfield, she runs into her neighbor, George Harvey, who coaxes her into his underground den. Inside, Susie becomes uncomfortable and attempts to leave; when he grabs her, the scene fades until she is seen rushing past classmate Ruth Connors, apparently fleeing Harvey's den.
Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board
Directed by Eric Bross
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Children's films
Actors Brandon Baker, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Robyn Lively, Yuji Okumoto, Mary Page Keller, Jonathan McDaniel
Roles Valerie
Rating55% 2.7590952.7590952.7590952.7590952.759095
Johnny "Pono" Kapahala, a teen snowboarding champion from Vermont, returns to Oahu, Hawaii, for the wedding of his grandfather, local surf legend Johnny Tsunami. Johnny is excited for the marriage as he anticipates having an uncle to hang out with, but eventually realizes his "Uncle Chris" is a 12-year-old brat.
Eddie's Million Dollar Cook Off, 1h25
Directed by Paul Hoen
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films, Baseball films, Children's films
Actors Mark L. Taylor, Taylor Ball, Nancy Lenehan, Rose McIver, Orlando Brown, Reiley McClendon
Roles Hannah
Rating59% 2.9995352.9995352.9995352.9995352.999535
Eddie Ogden is a 14-year-old at Cedar Valley High School, playing baseball for the Groundhogs, coached by his father. His father wants Eddie to win a scholarship for his baseball skills. Eddie likes baseball, but in his spare time, he watches The Food Network (specifically Bobby Flay). Eddie enjoys cooking for him and his friends.
Toy Love
Toy Love (2002)
, 1h28
Directed by Harry Sinclair
Actors Dean O'Gorman, Kate Elliott, Marissa Stott, Miriama Smith, Rose McIver
Roles Lucy
Rating59% 2.955682.955682.955682.955682.95568
Love is a game for Ben who lies and cheats on his girlfriend Emily, with the greatest of ease. But when he meets the sexy and unpredictable Chlo, the tables are turned. Ben falls head over heels in love, and is astonished to find someone even more immoral than he is.
Murder in Greenwich, 1h28
Directed by Tom McLoughlin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Documentary, Crime
Actors Christopher Meloni, Robert Forster, Maggie Grace, Jon Foster, Liddy Holloway, Andrew Robertt
Roles Sheila McGuire
Rating61% 3.0966653.0966653.0966653.0966653.096665
The film is narrated by Martha Moxley (Maggie Grace), whose brutal murder sometime between 10 p.m. on October 30 and the early morning hours of October 31, 1975 remains unsolved in 1997. Mark Fuhrman, a former Los Angeles Police Department detective who gained notoriety during O.J. Simpson's murder trial, is intrigued by the case and travels to Greenwich, Connecticut to conduct an investigation of his own. Local authorities resent an outsider, especially one with a reputation as tarnished as Fuhrman's, invading their turf. They do everything they can to block Fuhrman's access to official reports. The film alternates between flashbacks of the events leading up to the murder and scenes set in the present day, which chronicle Fuhrman's frustration and interactions with Steve Carroll, the original investigator who grudgingly assists him. Their efforts ultimately bring Kennedy relative and former Moxley neighbor Michael Skakel to justice.
The Piano
The Piano (1993)
, 2h1
Directed by Jane Campion
Origin Nouvelle zelande
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Feminist films, Medical-themed films, Seafaring films, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Films about classical music and musicians, Musical films, Piano, Films about disabilities, Political films, Personne sourde ou muette, Sign-language films, Films about language and translation
Actors Harvey Keitel, Holly Hunter, Anna Paquin, Sam Neill, Kerry Walker, Ian Mune
Roles Angel
Rating74% 3.7491153.7491153.7491153.7491153.749115
A mute Scotswoman named Ada McGrath is sold by her father into marriage to a New Zealand frontiersman named Alisdair Stewart, bringing her young daughter Flora with her. The voice that the audience hears in the opening narration is "not her speaking voice, but her mind's voice". Ada has not spoken a word since she was six years old and no one, including herself, knows why. She expresses herself through her piano playing and through sign language, for which her daughter has served as the interpreter. Flora later dramatically tells two women in New Zealand that her mother has not spoken since the death of her husband who died as a result of being struck by lightning. Ada cares little for the mundane world, occupying herself for hours every day with the piano. Flora, it is later learned, is the product of a relationship with a teacher with whom Ada believed she could communicate through her mind, but who "became frightened and stopped listening," and thus left her.