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3688 is a Singapourien film of genre Comedy directed by Royston Tan

3688 (2015)

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Length 1h40
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Musical
Rating59% 2.989822.989822.989822.989822.98982

3688 (simplified Chinese: 想入飞飞; traditional Chinese: 想入飛飛; pinyin: Xiǎngrù Fēifēi, literally "Dreaming of Fei Fei"), is a 2015 Singaporean musical/comedy film directed by Royston Tan, and his first feature film after an absence of 7 years. It stars Joi Chua, Michael Tan, Rahimah Rahim, Liu Lingling and Shigga Shay as the main cast.


Xia Fei Fei is a 38-year-old parking attendant, locally known as "summon auntie", or "Feng Fei Fei", who has often dreamed of becoming a singer like her idol, Feng Fei-fei since during her school days, and had won many contests singing Feng’s songs during her school days. She is good-natured, and would often give each driver a chance before issuing a ticket. She is well-loved by the drivers, but detested by her colleagues, especially the veteran Jenny and her group of minions who often scheme and plot against her. With her mother long gone, Fei Fei and her father, a retired Rediffusion sales representative, nicknamed "Uncle Radio", live a codependent life together.

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