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Bogusław Linda is a Actor Polonais born on 27 june 1952 at Toruń (Pologne)

Bogusław Linda

Bogusław Linda
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Nationality Pologne
Birth 27 june 1952 (71 years) at Toruń (Pologne)

Bogusław Linda ([bɔˈɡuswaf ˈlinda]; born 1952) is a Polish actor known from films such as Psy and Tato. He appeared in Andrzej Wajda's Man of Iron and Danton and in Krzysztof Kieslowski's Blind Chance and the seventh episode of Kieslowski's Dekalog.

He is married to the Polish model and photographer Lidia Popiel. He and his friend Maciej Slesicki founded the Warsaw Film School, one of the first privately owned school for actors in Poland.

He graduated from the Secondary School in Toruń. A graduate of the Krakow Academy of Dramatic Arts, co-founder and lecturer at Warsaw Film School.

As a student made contact with Krakow's Stary Teatr, his debut was a Mikolka in crimes and punishment Dostojowskiego (directed by Maciej Prus, 1977). In the years 1978-1981 he played at the Contemporary Theatre in Wroclaw such plays as The Magic Mountain Mann and Kafka's America (1980). In the early 80s Twentieth century was an actor in Warsaw's Teatr Studio.

His first major role was in Fever, directed by Agnieszka Holland, where he portrayed an anarchist Gryziaka (1980). Then he played, among others, Woman in a single (1981), the same director, in The Man with the Iron Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieslowski in Case (1981 ) and Mother of Kings Janusz Zaorski (1982), playing characters marked by existential anxiety, forced to hopeless struggle against a hostile reality .

Theatrical emploi sensitive tried to break through in the film Jack Bromski Kill me cop (1987 ), where he played a dangerous criminal George Malik . In 1992, he starred as Franz Maurer, UBEK with the rules, in Psy ( cops ) by director of Wladyslaw Pasikowski . This role shaped the image of Linda as a cynical " tough " . Strengthened his roles in the films Cops II, Sara, Trap, Demons War by Goya. In the film, actor Sara performed a cover of Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man .

In the 90s Twentieth century brought him critical acclaim roles juggler Greater Stigma skills in Jańciu Aquarius Jan Jakub Kolski (1993 ), Michael Sulecki - father fighting for the right to educate their daughters in Dad Maciej Ślesicki (1995 ), Father Robak in Pan Tadeusz Andrzej Wajda (1999 ) . In 1996, during the Festival of Stars in Międzyzdroje has left hand on the Promenade of Stars.

In 2001 Polish cinema screens Reich entered the picture, directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski . In the film, he played a gangster Alexa Boguslaw alongside Miroslaw Baka and Aleksandra Nieśpielak . It was the seventh production, in which the actor has worked with director Pasikowski . After the role of the artist began trying to escape from the image of a tough guy with a gun in his hand.

In the same year, he also starred in the role of arbiter . The role of the Roman governor appointed him to George Kawalerowicz . On the Polish cinema screens also entered his second season on the bream . The actor played the role of a cop whose wife left . It was also a road movie about a young offenders who attacked the bank . Main Roles played with him Anna Przybylska, Gabriel Fleszar, Edith Olszówka and Marian Dziędziel.

In 2005, he starred in the Polish - American production of Summer Love . In the same year he recorded with the band Fireflies album titled Las putas melancólicas . He played the role of comedy in the film Time surfers and starred in sitcoms and Wilds 2: Duel .

In 2006 Boguslaw Linda tried his hand as a director and made a film Skylights . The image is a story about two young girls whose lives are intertwined with the difficult economic situation of Polish after the fall of communism . Starring actor played himself, Joanna Toddlers and Beata Jackdaw .

Three years later, the actor proved themselves in the role of comedy in the film Blind Date, directed by Wojciech Wojcik . Linda played the role of seducer Cezary there .

5 October 2009 at the hands of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture Piotr Zuchowski picked up a Silver Medal " Gloria Artis ".

1 April 2011 was released movie three minutes by Maciej Ślesicki, where he played the role of a painter.

19 April 2012 has entered into theaters in Warsaw Art director Merlin his Mongol . It was the directorial debut of Polish actor when it comes to theater, as well as return to work in the theater, because it does not show up in it for about 15 years .

He was honored in the Walk of Fame in his hometown of Torun (where he studied and lived ), where at the Old Town unveiled the second in a series of " katarzynek " - signatures of famous Toruń .

His interests include horseback riding.

He is concerned about his privacy and rarely gives interviews or consents to articles about his private life .

Best films

Danton (1983)

Usually with

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Filmography of Bogusław Linda (25 films)

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Afterimage (2017)
, 1h38
Directed by Andrzej Wajda
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Peinture
Actors Bogusław Linda, Zofia Wichłacz, Krzysztof Pieczyński, Szymon Bobrowski, Adam Szyszkowski, Andrzej Konopka
Roles Władysław Strzemiński
Rating69% 3.4933853.4933853.4933853.4933853.493385
Wladyslaw Strzeminski est un peintre et théoricien de l'art polonais. Artiste d'avant-garde, il est peu soucieux de réalisme socialiste et se trouve en butte au harcèlement du régime stalinien.
Battle of Warsaw 1920, 1h50
Directed by Jerzy Hoffman
Origin Pologne
Genres Drama, War, Musical theatre, Historical
Actors Daniel Olbrychski, Borys Szyc, Natasza Urbańska, Marian Dziędziel, Bogusław Linda, Olga Kabo
Roles major Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski
Rating44% 2.207692.207692.207692.207692.20769
Le poète polonais Jan Krynicki (Borys Szyc), à la veille de son départ au combat avec l'armée polonaise comme uhlan (lancier), épouse l’actrice Ola Raniewska (Natasza Urbańska). Le mariage est célébré par l’abbé Ignacy Skorupka (Łukasz Garlicki).
George the Hedgehog, 1h30
Genres Comedy, Animation
Actors Borys Szyc, Maria Peszek, Michał Koterski, Jarosław Boberek, Leszek Teleszyński, Bogusław Linda
Roles Bogusław Linda (voice)
Rating44% 2.225152.225152.225152.225152.22515
The film's plot is a compilation of various stories from all of the Jeż Jerzy's comic albums except the newest (Jeż Jerzy: Musi umrzeć), which was published after the script was written.
Dead Man's Bounty, 1h34
Genres Thriller, Action, Western
Actors Bogusław Linda, Karel Roden, Val Kilmer, Katarzyna Figura
Roles The Sheriff
Rating35% 1.781511.781511.781511.781511.78151
A peaceful village suddenly turns violent when a certain stranger walks into a bar with the poster of a wanted man. He enters into a scuffle with other cowboys. He manages to escape from the clutches of the localites and then is chased by them.
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis (2001)
, 4h34
Directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Origin Pologne
Genres Drama, Historical, Peplum, Romance
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about religion
Actors Paweł Deląg, Magdalena Mielcarz, Franciszek Pieczka, Bogusław Linda, Michał Bajor, Jerzy Trela
Roles Petronius
Rating57% 2.8514952.8514952.8514952.8514952.851495
The central plot in the movie revolves around the love of a Roman patrician, Marcus Vinicius, towards a Christian girl (coming from the territory of modern-day Poland) set against the backdrop of the persecutions against Christians during the reign of Nero.
Operacja Samum, 1h30
Actors Marek Kondrat, Bogusław Linda, Olaf Lubaszenko, Jerzy Skolimowski, Gustaw Holoubek, Edward Linde-Lubaszenko
Roles Edward Broński
Rating53% 2.662572.662572.662572.662572.66257
The film takes place after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. The film opens with retired Major Józef Mayer (Marek Kondrat) in a doctor’s office in Warsaw. Mayer is a former agent of the Polish Office for State Protection (UOP), the main Polish intelligence agency. Mayer’s doctor tells him that he may die from an unspecified disease. The film then shifts to Baghdad, Iraq, where Iraqi security forces raid a CIA safehouse maintained by CIA agent Jeff Magnus (Kristof Konrad). Walton and his two other CIA agents manage to escape into hiding as they prepare to leave Iraq before a possible war. Walton is warned by a Polish-American Mossad agent named Karen Pierce (Anna Korcz) to leave Iraq immediately. Meanwhile, Pierce is having an affair with Mayer’s son Paweł (Radosław Pazura), who is a Polish engineer working in Iraq. Paweł is detained and Pierce escapes after they are stopped by Iraqi secret police. While in a military prison, Paweł is tortured for not disclosing Pierce’s location to the Iraqis. The Iraqis suspect that Paweł is a spy.
Pan Tadeusz, 2h27
Directed by Andrzej Wajda
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Romance
Themes Histoire de France, Napoleonic Wars films
Actors Bogusław Linda, Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, Jerzy Bińczycki, Daniel Olbrychski, Grażyna Szapołowska, Andrzej Seweryn
Roles Jacek Soplica
Rating60% 3.046433.046433.046433.046433.04643
Pan Tadeusz is told in flashbacks as the author, Adam Mickiewicz, reads his work to a group of elderly exiles in Paris. The story takes place over the course of five days in 1811 and one day in 1812 in rolling landscapes of Lithuania inhabited by Poles whose homeland has been recently partitioned among Russia, the Austrian Empire and Prussia. Not far off in history looms Napoleon's invasion of Russia, the prospect of which heartens Poles yearning for liberation. But more immediately, the characters in Pan Tadeusz are feuding among themselves.
Demons of War, 1h37
Genres Drama, War
Themes Political films
Actors Bogusław Linda, Olaf Lubaszenko, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Mirosław Baka, Bartłomiej Topa, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz
Roles major Edward Keller
Rating62% 3.100913.100913.100913.100913.10091
After the Bosnian War, Bosnia and Herzegovina is occupied by the NATO-led (IFOR) Implementation Force. In February 1996, a unit of Polish IFOR troops detains and releases three foreign mercenaries in Srebrenica, before they can be executed by a Bosnian mob. The Polish unit is led by Major Edward "Edek" Keller (Boguslaw Linda). Soon later, Keller is under investigation for insubordination and for clashes with the Bosnian militia and foreign mercenaries. The investigation is led by two arriving officers - Lieutenant Czacki (Olaf Lubaszenko) and Major Czesław Kusz (Tadeusz Huk), who will replaced Keller as the commanding officer of the battalion on 1 March. The investigation comes at a sensitive time for Polish forces, as the Polish government tries to become a member of NATO. Keller maintains command of the unit, until his commission ends.
Szamanka (1996)
, 1h50
Directed by Andrzej Żuławski
Origin Pologne
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Bogusław Linda, Paweł Deląg, Paweł Burczyk, Agnieszka Wagner
Roles Michał
Rating59% 2.955262.955262.955262.955262.95526
In Warsaw, a student only known as the "Italian" (Polish: Włoszka, played by Iwona Petry) is on the search for an apartment. The Italian, who is beautiful and a free spirit, is originally from the countryside. During her search she meets anthropology professor Michał (Bogusław Linda), who is renting her an apartment that was occupied by his brother. The business is concluded by a violent sex scene between the two in the empty apartment.
Pigs 2: The Last Blood, 1h38
Genres Action
Actors Bogusław Linda, Cezary Pazura, Valery Priomykhov, Sergueï Chakourov, Jan Machulski, Jerzy Zelnik
Roles Franz Maurer
Rating67% 3.3971153.3971153.3971153.3971153.397115
Poland in 1993. Franciszek Maurer (Franz) is released from prison. He is engaged by Radosław Wolf, arms dealer, who returned from Serbia. Maurer pulls to the gang former police colleague, "Nowy". Franz does not know that the whole time "Nowy" maintains contact with the major Bień. When Maurer, Wolf and "Nowy" have to organize the transport of weapons to Sarajevo, Franz announces to the police a planned action. At the last moment the heads of gang changes plans. Maurer has to stop the train departure unloaded weapon.
Pigs (1992)
, 1h44
Genres Action
Actors Bogusław Linda, Marek Kondrat, Cezary Pazura, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Janusz Gajos, Olaf Lubaszenko
Roles Franz Maurer
Rating75% 3.7945753.7945753.7945753.7945753.794575
Poland in 1990, right after the fall of communism. Former officers of the SB (Poland's communist secret police) are undergoing re-evaluation, in the process of which the country's new democratic leadership is trying to establish whether or not they can be incorporated into the new police service. Franciszek Maurer (Franz) is one of them. He has a notorious service record and is ruthless, but devoted to service - the only thing he cares about, since he became estranged from his wife and son. Eventually he is taken over by the new police force, while one of his best friends, Olgierd Żwirski (Olo), is not. Facing unemployment, Olo joins a newly formed criminal gang, consisting mainly of ex-SB agents, which operates in international narcotics trade. Franz and Olo, who try to co-operate despite the new circumstances, soon face each other as enemies. Moreover, Franz's relationship with Angela Wenz, a young girl he has befriended, becomes more and more complicated as the story continues, especially after Angela meets Olo.