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Chico Díaz is a Actor Brésilien born on 16 february 1959

Chico Díaz

Chico Díaz
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Birth name Francisco Díaz Rocha
Nationality Bresil
Birth 16 february 1959 (64 years)

Francisco "Chico" Díaz Rocha (born February 16, 1959) is a Mexican-born Brazilian actor.

Francisco Díaz Rocha was born in Mexico City. He is the son of Juan Díaz Bordenave, a Paraguayan journalist and pedagogue, and Maria Cândida, a Brazilian translator. He was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where their parents decided to live in 1968.

He was married to actress Cecília Santana, with whom he has a son called Antônio. He is currently married to actress Sílvia Buarque, with whom he has a daughter called Irene.

Usually with

Joffre Soares
Joffre Soares
(4 films)
Jonas Bloch
Jonas Bloch
(4 films)
Amos Gitaï
Amos Gitaï
(1 films)
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Filmography of Chico Díaz (17 films)

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Going to Brazil, 1h34
Directed by Patrick Mille
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Actors Vanessa Guide, Alison Wheeler, Margot Bancilhon, Philippine Stindel, Patrick Mille, Joseph Malerba
Roles Augusto
Rating49% 2.4976952.4976952.4976952.4976952.497695
Deux sœurs, Agathe et Lily, et leur amie d'enfance, Chloé, vivent à Paris et sont invitées au mariage de Katia, qu'elles n'ont pas vue depuis plusieurs années. Le mariage se déroulant à Rio de Janeiro, les trois copines s'envolent dans une ville de fête, de plaisir et d'excès en tout genre. Durant une fête, Lily tue accidentellement un homme, alors qu'il tentait de la violer durant une soirée. Les trois jeunes femmes apprennent ensuite qu'il s'agit du mari de Katia, Tinho.
The Ardor
The Ardor (2014)
, 1h50
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Western
Actors Alice Braga, Gael García Bernal, Chico Díaz
Roles João
Rating51% 2.5555552.5555552.5555552.5555552.555555
A mysterious, lone Amazon shaman named Kaí, rescued the daughter of a tobacco farmer who was killed by a band of deforesters and exact revenge from them.
Jonathas' Forest
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Actors Chico Díaz
Roles Zé dos Patos
Rating57% 2.868432.868432.868432.868432.86843
Jonathas lives with his parents and his brother, Juliano, at a small farm in the rural areas of Amazonas. The brothers meet Milly, a visitor from Ukraine, and the indigenous Kedassere. The group decides to spend the weekend in a camping. Even against paternal wishes, seduced by Milly and through the woods, Jonathas takes on the most transformative of his journeys.
The Story of Me, 1h50
Genres Drama
Actors Maria de Medeiros, Chico Díaz
Roles Camelô
Rating73% 3.6775453.6775453.6775453.6775453.677545
Roberto, an imaginative 6-year-old and the youngest of ten brothers in an impoverished family, is consigned by his mother to a newly founded government institution. The goal of educating poor youngsters to university level is not matched by the facilities, and the unhappy Roberto repeatedly tries to escape and is brought back. A French social-work researcher, Margherit, makes the boy, who is now aged 13 and on the way to a life of crime, a subject of study. After many tribulations, she gets closer to him and shows how love and care can make a difference. She teaches him to read and introduces works of Jules Verne which refire his imagination and launch him on a successful career of teaching and public oratory.
Dreaming of Fish, 1h51
Actors Chico Díaz
Roles João
Rating63% 3.1857653.1857653.1857653.1857653.185765
In a village on the northeastern coast of Brazil, Jusce, 17, scrapes a living by diving 30 meters, with rudimentary equipment, for lobster. His "prize" at the end of a long day of risky work is sitting close to Ana, who lives with her mother and young daughter, as she savors the drama of urban sophisticates on her favorite soap opera.
The Forest
The Forest (2002)
, 1h45
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Diogo Morgado, Maitê Proença, Karra Elejalde, Chico Díaz, Ruy de Carvalho
Roles Firmino
Rating56% 2.8105752.8105752.8105752.8105752.810575
Alberto (played by Diogo Morgado) is a young Portuguese monarchist who in 1912 is exiled to Brazil. There, he is contracted by Velasco (Karra Elejalde), a Spanish overseer, to work in the heart of the forest. Alberto discovers a strange and wild world, in which the Indians, the fever and the madness of the men are daily dangers.
Mango Yellow, 1h40
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Matheus Nachtergaele, Jonas Bloch, Dira Paes, Chico Díaz, Leona Cavalli
Roles Wellington Cannibal
Rating65% 3.2983653.2983653.2983653.2983653.298365
The film opens with Lígia, a barmaid who is fed up with her grueling routine and who is forced to routinely turn down the sexual propositions of the bar's customers. One of the men who hits on Lígia is Isaac, a necrophiliac who enjoys sodomizing corpses and drinking their blood. He lives at the Texas Hotel, where Dunga, a gay man, works as a handyman. Dunga is attracted to Wellington, a butcher who delivers meat to the hotel. Wellington, however, is married to Kika, a woman who is proud to be an evangelical Christian. However, Wellington cheats on his wife with a woman named Dayse. Dayse tires of being Wellington's mistress and tells Dunga about the relationship.
Perfumed Ball, 1h33
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos, Chico Díaz, Joffre Soares
Roles Zé de Zito
Rating72% 3.631643.631643.631643.631643.63164
Rio's Love Song, 1h44
Directed by Carlos Diegues
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Actors Fernanda Montenegro, Fernando Torres, Chico Díaz, David Neves, Débora Bloch, Pedro Cardoso
Roles (segment "Samba do Grande Amor")
Rating63% 3.191163.191163.191163.191163.19116
The Third Bank of the River, 1h38
Directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama, Fantasy
Actors Ilya São Paulo, Maria Ribeiro, Joffre Soares, Chico Díaz
Roles Rogério
Rating56% 2.819242.819242.819242.819242.81924
Un homme d'âge mûr quitte famille et amis pour vivre isolé au milieu d'une rivière dans le centre du Brésil. Lorsque sa petite fille Nhinhinha nait, il s'avère qu'elle dispose de pouvoirs magiques.
Fable of the Beautiful Pigeon-Fancier, 1h18
Directed by Ruy Guerra
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Ney Latorraca, Cláudia Ohana, Maria Antonieta de Farias Portocarrero, Dina Sfat, Chico Díaz, Elisa Lucinda
Roles Marido de Fulvia
Rating66% 3.3024353.3024353.3024353.3024353.302435
Orestes, riche propriétaire d'une entreprise produisant de la cachaça, tombe amoureux de Fulvia. Ils communiquent avec des pigeons pour éviter d'être découvert par le mari de celle-ci.
Where the River Runs Black, 1h40
Directed by Christopher Cain
Origin USA
Genres Adventure
Themes Films about religion, Indiens d'Amazonie
Actors Charles Durning, Peter Horton, Dana Delany, Ajay Naidu, Cástulo Guerra, Conchata Ferrell
Roles Raimundo
Rating63% 3.1959953.1959953.1959953.1959953.195995
Father Mahoney (Peter Horton) is a missionary priest in the Amazon. He falls in love with a beautiful and mysterious Indian woman (Divana Brandão) and together they have a son. Mahoney is killed by an anaconda, leaving the Indian woman to raise their child alone. The mother herself is killed by a band of hunters led by Orlando Santos (Cástulo Guerra), and the child, now aged six, is left to fend for himself in the jungle. He lives an idyllic existence, swimming with the river dolphins.
Avaete, Seed of Revenge, 1h50
Origin Bresil
Genres Drama
Actors Hugo Carvana, Renata Sorrah, Jonas Bloch, Chico Díaz, Marcos Palmeira
Roles Louco do Juqueri
Rating62% 3.116073.116073.116073.116073.11607
Au coeur de la forêt amazonienne, Machado, un entrepreneur brésilien, fait détruire un village d'Indiens avaeté pour s'approprier leurs terres. Tous les habitants sont massacrés, à l'exception d'un garçon âgé de 8 ans, Ava.