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Giacomo Furia is a Actor and Scriptwriter Italien born on 28 december 1924 at Naples (Italie)

Giacomo Furia

Giacomo Furia
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Nationality Italie
Birth 28 december 1924 at Naples (Italie)
Death 5 june 2015 (at 90 years)

Giacomo Furia (2 January 1925 – 5 June 2015) was an Italian film, television and stage actor. He appeared in more than 130 films between 1948 and 1998.

Usually with

(22 films)
Mario Mattoli
Mario Mattoli
(16 films)
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Filmography of Giacomo Furia (107 films)

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The Honorable with His Lover under the Bed
Directed by Mariano Laurenti
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Transport films, Erotic films, Rail transport films, Political films
Actors Lino Banfi, Janet Ågren, Alvaro Vitali, Marisa Merlini, Leo Gullotta, Giacomo Furia
Roles Zio Efisio
Rating59% 2.993652.993652.993652.993652.99365
Anna Vinci, une séduisante professeur d’éducation sexuelle se retrouve au chômage. Lorsqu’elle apprend que son amant politicien est en fait marié, Anna décide de faire chanter ce dernier afin qu’il lui trouve un nouvel emploi…
Il lupo e l'agnello, 1h35
Directed by Francesco Massaro
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Michel Serrault, Tomás Milián, Ombretta Colli, Giacomo Furia, Simona Marchini, Patrizia Webley
Roles Inspector
Rating56% 2.8297752.8297752.8297752.8297752.829775
Leo is a victim of constant complaints by his family, with his wife, Ivana, his two daughters, Ursula and Suni and her stepmother, Fanny, treating him like the dog house. A criminal nicknamed "Cuckoo", following a bloody robbery, finds refuge in Leon's house, and under the threat of a gun he will be able to cease reprimands and vexations against Leon.
The Payoff
The Payoff (1978)
, 1h50
Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Crime
Themes Mafia films, Gangster films
Actors Nino Manfredi, Ugo Tognazzi, Paolo Stoppa, Marisa Laurito, Marisa Merlini, Salvatore Borgese
Roles Antonio
Rating71% 3.586573.586573.586573.586573.58657
The film, a comedy and crime, offers a portrait of the society of Naples 70s in the hands of the "Mafia". Especially, with Ugo Tognazzi, the director wishes to highlight how justice is powerless because of the corruption of its amministranti by the "Camorra".
The Schoolmate
Directed by Mariano Laurenti
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about education, Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Lilli Carati, Gianfranco D'Angelo, Alvaro Vitali, Lino Banfi, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Gigi Ballista
Roles Commissario Acavallo
Rating46% 2.320542.320542.320542.320542.32054
Des lycéennes veulent saboter la rentrée d'une nouvelle élève riche en lui présentant le Casanova de l'établissement, mais les choses ne se passent pas comme prévu.
Death Rage
Death Rage (1976)
, 1h32
Directed by Antonio Margheriti
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Yul Brynner, Barbara Bouchet, Martin Balsam, Massimo Ranieri, Giacomo Furia, Giancarlo Sbragia
Roles Brigadiere Cannavale
Rating52% 2.610392.610392.610392.610392.61039
A chance for revenge brings a hit man out of retirement in this crime drama directed by genre specialist Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony M. Dawson). Sal Leonardi is a well-connected American Mafioso who, while vacationing in Naples, visits a racetrack and is persuaded by good natured tout Angelo (Massimo Raniei) to put his money on a long shot. While Angelo sometimes works around the odds at the track by putting front-running horses off their stride with a pellet gun, in this case Angelo's horse wins without outside interference and pays off big. But after Sal collects his winnings, he's spotted by Gennare Gallo (Giancarlo Sbragia), a local mob boss who holds a grudge against Sal's partners; guns are drawn, Sal and his bodyguards are killed, while Angelo, who is also a police informant, is stripped of his winnings. Back in New York, Leonardi's partners are eager to even the score against Gallo, and they approach Peter Marciani (Yul Brynner), a former hired killer who retired after the traumatic murder of his brother. Peter is persuaded to assassinate Gallo when he learns that the Italian mobster was behind the murder of his brother; Peter flies to Naples and finds an ally in Angelo, but he soon learns that there's more to this story than he's been led to believe.
A Common Sense of Modesty, 2h6
Directed by Alberto Sordi
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about pornography
Actors Claudia Cardinale, Alberto Sordi, Florinda Bolkan, Cochi Ponzoni, Philippe Noiret, Silvia Dionisio
Roles Lattanzi
Rating60% 3.0440453.0440453.0440453.0440453.044045
The film is divided into four episodes. In the first Giacinto and his wife decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary by watching a movie at the cinema. However, the period in which they live is dotted by the deployment of a large number of pornographic films and the two, being simpletons, run into a projection at red lights. In the second episode a boy to become a famous journalist and writer, must have a sexual relationship with his director and morbid. In the third episode a woman, Armida, is struggling with the pornographic magazines, with the risk of compromising his family relationship. In the last episode the crude and vulgar producer Giuseppe Costanzo is releasing his latest movie-themed sex. But the girl who must interpret the "deflowered" by the young actor suddenly decides to run away leaving the production to violence. Joseph did not do more and is enraged to death. Of all the attempts to reconcile the relationship with the actress, but everything is useless. Then a friend advised him to take an alternate ending for the film and equally seductive emorivamente that will involve the entire audience during the first cinema. And in fact it is so in the audience and even the simpletons Hyacinth and his wife are satisfied, although tested for life from the violence of those visual content.
Sweet Teen
Sweet Teen (1976)
, 1h32
Directed by Alfonso Brescia
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Films about sexuality, Transport films, Erotic films
Actors Daniela Giordano, Tuccio Musumeci, Sonia Viviani, Dagmar Lassander, Giacomo Furia, Franca Scagnetti
Roles Il notaio
Rating61% 3.083323.083323.083323.083323.08332
Vito Gnaula (Tuccio Musumeci) and Grazia Serritella (Daniela Giordano) are a Sicilian couple who marry after a series of turbulent events but Grazia is not willing to consummate their marriage, showing her father's sudden death as an excuse. Vito starts making sexual advances to his late father-in-law's secretary Katia (Dagmar Lassander) but he has to avoid any scandal for he may lose the rights to his rich father-in-law's inheritance. However, the arrival of Grazia's teenage niece Serenella (Sonia Viviani) moves things well beyond Vito's control.
Night Police Station, 1h35
Directed by Guido Leoni
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Rosanna Schiaffino, Gastone Moschin, George Ardisson, Emma Danieli, Giacomo Furia, Gisela Hahn
Roles Il brigadiere Santini
Rating60% 3.0452253.0452253.0452253.0452253.045225
Le film raconte la première nuit passée par le commissaire Emiliano Borghini dans son commissariat.
Perverted Adolescence, 1h44
Directed by José Benazeraf
Origin France
Genres Drama, Erotic, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Femi Benussi, Giacomo Furia, Malisa Longo, Dagmar Lassander
Rating49% 2.4713052.4713052.4713052.4713052.471305
Femme mûre, Mirella Buzzatti enseigne les mathématiques à Rome. A la suite de divergences sur fond de contexte socio-politique, elle est mutée à Pérouse où elle sympathise rapidement avec une autre enseignante, Elisa. Dans sa classe de terminale, Mirella est troublée par un jeune éphèbe aux cheveux blonds bouclés, Alain. Celui-ci, bien que sortant avec Georgina, une copine de classe, semble plus préoccupé par ses engagements politiques. Attirée par ce garçon inaccessible, elle organise une soirée où elle invite une partie de ses élèves. Alors qu'ils fument des joints, boivent ou dansent en écoutant de la musique classique, Mirella surprend Georgina en train de masturber Alain avachi sur un sofa. Choquée et frustrée, elle prétexte une subite fatigue pour renvoyer tout le monde. Mais cette scène a réveillé en elle des pulsions sexuelles incontrôlables car Alain est devenu l'objet de ses fantasmes, une obsession à laquelle elle ne peut se soustraire mais elle découvre également qu'Elisa est également amoureuse de lui. Alors qu'elle réussit à coucher avec lui, ce dernier ne supporte plus sa jalousie maladive et sa possessivité. En guise de représailles, il organise une mise en scène cruelle et humiliante où il la livre à trois de ses copains pervers.
Special Killers, 1h37
Origin Italie
Genres Crime
Actors Frederick Stafford, Femi Benussi, Claude Jade, Michel Constantin, Alberto de Mendoza, Simón Andreu
Roles Bartender
Rating58% 2.9072352.9072352.9072352.9072352.907235
An attractive brunette, Simone Mattei (Patty Shepard), makes love with a lover. The tough guy penetrates her and starts at the same time to strangle her. He keeps on strangling the beauty until she is dead. An hour later, Sandro Mattei, a private investigator, finds his dead wife Simone. He comments the murder with "poor little bitch", but beside the victim he also discovers a photo showing a man on a motorcycle and a woman with glasses in the background. Now he wants to find the murderer. His girlfriend Tiffany (Claude Jade), who works as a photographer, makes a "Blow-up" from the photograph. Tiffany recognizes as the woman with glasses a certain Laura Damiani (Femi Benussi). Sandro and Tiffany are looking for her and they found her as stripper in a night club in Rome. While Tiffany has an unrequited crush on him, Sandro start to fall in love with Laura, mistress of an unscrupulous lawyer (Alberto de Mendoza). And Laura is mixed up in blackmail, crimes and shady business.
Without Warning, 1h38
Directed by Bruno Gantillon
Origin France
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Maurice Ronet, Bruno Cremer, Mario Adorf, Anny Duperey, Georges Staquet, Marina Malfatti
Roles Le commissaire
Rating61% 3.085473.085473.085473.085473.08547
Raoul Maury, un inspecteur de police mis à l’écart par sa hiérarchie pour avoir voulu jadis continuer une enquête dérangeante à l'égard de certains politiciens influents, a sombré dans l’alcoolisme. Isabelle, son épouse désabusée, tente en vain de le ramener à la raison. Ses collègues qui surveillent l’ex-sergent Donetti appartenant au gang du commandant Capra, un gang composé d’anciens mercenaires tombés dans l’illégalité, aperçoivent ce suspect qui aborde justement Maury. En réalité, Donetti a cru reconnaître en Maury le lieutenant Kieffer, leur ancien compagnon d’armes, et Maury, homme désormais déchu et isolé, serait donc un renfort inespéré pour Capra dont l’équipe vient d’être décimée par les forces de l’ordre. Les chefs de Maury, de leur côté, y voient l’occasion d’infiltrer ce gang par son intermédiaire. De plus, Maury aurait ainsi la chance de reprendre du galon. Le plan est d’éliminer proprement Capra avant qu’il ne parle car il est détenteur de secrets politiques trop compromettants pour le pouvoir en place. Cependant, Capra qui ne connaît pas directement Kieffer qu’il sait normalement réfugié au Venezuela, est d’abord déterminé à éprouver cette dernière recrue.