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Ines Fančović is a Actor born on 5 october 1925

Ines Fančović

Ines Fančović
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Birth name Ines Nikolić
Birth 5 october 1925
Death 21 august 2011 (at 85 years)

Ines Fančović (née Nikolić; 5 October 1925 – 21 August 2011) was a Bosnian actress of film, television and theater. She is best known for her role as Mare in the television series Velo misto and as Mara in Memoari porodice Milić.


She married Velo misto writer Miljenko Smoje and together they had a daughter, Nataša. Fančović was widowed in 1995.

Fančović moved to the Bosnian capital city Sarajevo in 1960 and remained there until her death. She was in the city throughout the entire Bosnian War and survived the Siege of Sarajevo.

She died at the age of 85 in August 2011 and was buried in the Bare cemetery in Sarajevo.

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The Perfect Circle, 1h50
Directed by Ademir Kenović
Origin Bosnie
Genres Drama, War
Themes Political films
Actors Mustafa Nadarević, Josip Pejaković, Jasna Diklić, Dragan Marinković, Ines Fančović, Zaim Muzaferija
Roles Baka
Rating80% 4.0392254.0392254.0392254.0392254.039225
A Bosnian poet (Hamza) lived with his family in Sarajevo during the hard times in the horrific siege of the city. The war in Bosnia was raging all around them. After sending his wife (Gospoda) and daughter (Miranda) to Croatia, he found at home two orphans Adis and Kerim, who escaped a massacre in their own village. They escaped from their village and came to Sarajevo in search of their aunt, which lived in the neighborhood called Bistrik. Hamza decided to help the boys by shielding them from the horrors of war. Together they fight for survival in this horrible war and the ongoing complete siege of the city. After a long search, Hamza discovers that the aunt of Adis and Kerim was a refugee in Germany. Upon learning this Hamza tries to save the kids by sending them out of the war zone. But the only way out was through the Sarajevo International Airport, which is a very dangerous passage occupied and monitored by Chetniks and their death squads as well as snipers.
Welcome to Sarajevo, 1h43
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Films about writers, Films about journalists, Political films
Actors Stephen Dillane, Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei, Goran Višnjić, Emily Lloyd, Kerry Fox
Rating67% 3.397943.397943.397943.397943.39794
In 1992, ITN reporter Michael Henderson (Stephen Dillane) travels to Sarajevo, the besieged capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He meets American star journalist Jimmy Flynn (Woody Harrelson) on the chase for the most exciting stories and pictures. Henderson and Flynn have friendly arguments and differences in the intervals between reporting. They stay at the Holiday Inn, which was the primary hotel for the press in Sarajevo during the siege. After a previous translator proves corrupt and inept, ITN hires Risto (Goran Višnjić) to be Henderson's translator. Their work permits them blunt and unobstructed views of the suffering of the people of Sarajevo. The situation changes when Henderson makes a report from an orphanage located on the front lines (Ljubica Ivezic Orphanage) in which two hundred children live in desperate conditions. After increasingly brutal attacks fail to make the lead story in the UK, Henderson makes the orphanage his lead story to try to bring full attention to the war.
Kuduz (1989)
, 1h45
Directed by Ademir Kenović
Genres Drama
Actors Branko Đurić, Mustafa Nadarević, Snežana Bogdanović, Boro Stjepanović, Zaim Muzaferija, Ines Fančović
Rating80% 4.0252854.0252854.0252854.0252854.025285
A petty criminal is released from prison and marries his girlfriend. He manages to live a life free from crime, poor but happy, until his new wife commits adultery, which leads him to murder her and her lover. He then escapes into the mountains and evades justice for years.