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Emily Lloyd is a Actor British born on 29 september 1970 at London (United-kingdom)

Emily Lloyd

Emily Lloyd
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Birth name Emily Lloyd-Pack
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 29 september 1970 (49 years) at London (United-kingdom)

Emily Lloyd-Pack, known as Emily Lloyd (born 29 September 1970), is an English actress, perhaps best known for her breakthrough performance at the age of sixteen in the 1987 David Leland film Wish You Were Here.


Emily Lloyd is in a relationship with former Flying Medallions vocalist Christian Jupp. She revealed that she became pregnant just a month after the death of her father. In October 2014, Lloyd became the mother of a girl.

Best films

A River Runs Through It (1992)

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Riverworld (2003)
, 1h26
Directed by Kari Skogland
Origin Australie
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure
Actors Brad Johnson, Emily Lloyd, Jeremy Birchall, Cameron Daddo, Kevin Smith, Jonathan Cake
Roles Alice Lidell Hargreaves
Rating52% 2.6027352.6027352.6027352.6027352.602735
In the year 2009, a meteor shower above Earth claims the life of American astronaut Jeff Hale (Brad Johnson). He awakens inside a jade-green bubble beneath the surface of a body of water filled with them. A mysterious cloaked figure pierces his bubble with a staff pressing it against his forehead, forcefully filling his mind with images to come. Dazed and in pain, he soon finds himself crawling nude onto a beach littered with metal canisters containing unisex clothing. Soon dozens of people from different lands and historical eras emerge from the water, also nude, and distribute the canisters. All understand each other's language, except a lone Neanderthal man, who lacks the capacity for speech.
The Honeytrap, 1h26
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Emily Lloyd, Valerie Edmond, Anthony Green, Stuart McQuarrie, Natalie Walter, Clive Rowe
Roles Catherine
Rating68% 3.408793.408793.408793.408793.40879
A woman is forced to confront her dark side when she investigates her husband's suspected infidelity.
Boogie Boy
Boogie Boy (1998)
, 1h44
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Marc Dacascos, Emily Lloyd, Traci Lords, John Hawkes, Jaimz Woolvett, Frederic Forrest
Roles Hester
Rating53% 2.660322.660322.660322.660322.66032
Jesse Page vient de sortir de prison après deux ans d’incarcération, pour homicide involontaire. Il est bien décidé à prendre un nouveau départ, et rejoint avec Larry, son ancien compagnon de cellule, un groupe de bikers. Une nouvelle vie commence… Mais lors d’un deal de drogue, tout dégénère et Jesse abat deux des trafiquants, en essayant de protéger son ami. Ils prennent alors la fuite et se réfugient dans la désert… Mais des hommes sont à leur poursuite.
Woundings (1998)

Genres Drama
Actors Julie Cox, Sammi Davis, Emily Lloyd, Guy Pearce, Charlie Creed-Miles, Ray Winstone
Roles Kim Patterson
Rating42% 2.137772.137772.137772.137772.13777
Dans un futur proche, la Grande-Bretagne est plongée dans une guerre civile meurtrière. Par décision du gouvernement, des femmes sont engagées pour apporter de l'aide aux soldats.
Welcome to Sarajevo, 1h43
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Films about writers, Films about journalists, Political films
Actors Stephen Dillane, Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei, Goran Višnjić, Emily Lloyd, Kerry Fox
Roles Annie McGee
Rating67% 3.398333.398333.398333.398333.39833
In 1992, ITN reporter Michael Henderson (Stephen Dillane) travels to Sarajevo, the besieged capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He meets American star journalist Jimmy Flynn (Woody Harrelson) on the chase for the most exciting stories and pictures. Henderson and Flynn have friendly arguments and differences in the intervals between reporting. They stay at the Holiday Inn, which was the primary hotel for the press in Sarajevo during the siege. After a previous translator proves corrupt and inept, ITN hires Risto (Goran Višnjić) to be Henderson's translator. Their work permits them blunt and unobstructed views of the suffering of the people of Sarajevo. The situation changes when Henderson makes a report from an orphanage located on the front lines (Ljubica Ivezic Orphanage) in which two hundred children live in desperate conditions. After increasingly brutal attacks fail to make the lead story in the UK, Henderson makes the orphanage his lead story to try to bring full attention to the war.
When Saturday Comes, 1h38
Directed by Maria Giese
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Sean Bean, Emily Lloyd, Pete Postlethwaite, Craig Kelly, Jimmy McKenna, Melanie Hill
Roles Annie Doherty
Rating60% 3.000383.000383.000383.000383.00038
A factory worker who gets scouted, firstly by the well-known non-league side Hallam F.C. and then later by Sheffield United Football Club. It was filmed at various locations around South Yorkshire including Rotherham, Sandygate Road and Bramall Lane.
Dead Girl
Dead Girl (1996)

Directed by Adam Coleman Howard
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Anne Parillaud, Adam Coleman Howard, Val Kilmer, Emily Lloyd, Amanda Plummer, Seymour Cassel
Roles Mother
Rating54% 2.718782.718782.718782.718782.71878
Ari Rose, an unsuccessful actor, falls for a beautiful woman named Helen-Catherine but strangles her when she rejects him. Ari then takes the dead woman home, has sex with her corpse, and comes to believe that she is still alive and in love with him. He's soon taking her out in public without anyone seeming to notice her condition.
One Hundred and One Nights, 1h41
Directed by Agnès Varda
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Historical, Romance
Actors Michel Piccoli, Marcello Mastroianni, Henri Garcin, Julie Gayet, Mathieu Demy, Anouk Aimée
Roles Une actrice muette à Hollywood
Rating61% 3.0991653.0991653.0991653.0991653.099165
Film student Camille Miralis (Julie Gayet) is hired by Simon Cinéma, a centenarian cinephile, who lives in a castle and is losing his memory. Over a period of three months she is paid to tell him stories from various films to help him remember his past.
Under the Hula Moon, 1h34
Directed by Jeff Celentano
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Stephen Baldwin, R. Lee Ermey, Emily Lloyd, Billy Campbell, Chris Penn, Musetta Vander
Roles Betty Wall
Rating48% 2.4289952.4289952.4289952.4289952.428995
Buzz and Betty Wall are a young couple living in a trailer in the desert outside Cactus Gulch in Arizona. Their biggest dream is to move to Hawaii and therefore they decorated their trailer house in Hawaiian themes complete with pink plastic flamingoes and palms. While Betty is trying to get pregnant, Buzz has ambitions to bring a new sunscreen lotion on the market. Financing is difficult and Betty asked him to get a real job. Meanwhile Turkey, the psychotic half-brother of Buzz, escapes from jail. He comes to the trailer, bonds Buzz, kidnaps Betty, steals $10,000 and flees in the direction of the Mexican border. Luckily Buzz is found and freed by Maya, his ex-girlfriend, who now works as a TV reporter. With Turkey's trail they take up the chase to rescue Betty.
A River Runs Through It, 2h3
Directed by Robert Redford
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about animals, Films about families, Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt, Brenda Blethyn, Emily Lloyd, Edie McClurg
Roles Jessie Burns
Rating71% 3.599273.599273.599273.599273.59927
A River Runs Through It is the true story about two boys, Norman (Craig Sheffer) and Paul (Brad Pitt), growing up in 1920s Missoula, Montana with their father, a Presbyterian minister. Much of the film is about the two boys returning home after becoming troubled adults. A common theme in the film is the men's love of fly fishing for trout in the Blackfoot River and how it impacted their lives. The film is told from Norman's point of view.
Scorchers (1991)
, 1h21
Directed by David Beaird
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Faye Dunaway, Denholm Elliott, James Earl Jones, Emily Lloyd, Jennifer Tilly, Luke Perry
Roles Splendid
Rating60% 3.002783.002783.002783.002783.00278
Scorchers takes place in cajun Louisiana on the wedding night of a young woman named Splendid (played by Emily Lloyd). Splendid is scared to death of what will happen in the bedroom with her new husband, Dolan (James Wilder) and her father, Jumper (Leland Crooke), finds himself having to coax his daughter to submit to the groom.
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl, 1h43
Directed by Bernard Rose
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Themes Political films, Gangster films
Actors Kiefer Sutherland, Emily Lloyd, Liz Fraser, Harry Fowler, Keith Allen, Patsy Kensit
Roles Betty Jones
Rating50% 2.51242.51242.51242.51242.5124
In the film, Karl Hulten (Kiefer Sutherland) is an American GI who is stalking the black market of London after stealing an army truck and going AWOL. There he meets up with Betty Jones (Emily Lloyd), a stripper with a deluded fantasy world view formed by watching a steady stream of Hollywood film noir and gangster pictures. Seeing Karl, who claims he is Chicago Joe doing advance work in London for encroaching Chicago gangsters, Betty takes the opportunity to set her fantasies to life as she connives Karl into a spree of petty crimes. With luck on their side, the spree keeps escalating, until Betty urges Karl to commit the ultimate crime—murder.
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl, 1h37
Directed by Bernard Rose
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Crime, Romance
Actors Emily Lloyd, Kiefer Sutherland, Patsy Kensit, Keith Allen, Liz Fraser, John Junkin
Roles Betty Jones
Rating50% 2.51242.51242.51242.51242.5124
Londres 1944. Georgina Grayson et Ricky Allen n’auraient jamais du se rencontrer dans ce bar. Elle, jeune fille de 18 ans rêve de devenir une star ; lui, américain sans histoire effectue son service militaire. Mais Georgina est persuadée que Ricky est un dangereux gangster comme James Cagney ou Humphrey Bogart ces héros qui tapissent les murs de sa chambre de bonne. Ricky, lui, est fasciné par celle qui ne peut être qu'une future star. Alors, pour lui plaire, il va se conformer à l’idée qu’elle a de lui, et accomplir plusieurs méfaits uniquement pour briller aux yeux de la belle. De petits vols au meurtre, le pas est vite franchi. Leur arrestation dévoile la réalité : Georgina, s’appelle Betty Jones, elle est danseuse dans un cabaret minable ; Ricky, s’appelle Karl Hulton, il est déserteur de l’armée américaine.