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Lindsay Wagner is a Actor American born on 22 june 1949 at Los Angeles (USA)

Lindsay Wagner

Lindsay Wagner
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Birth name Lindsay Jean Wagner
Nationality USA
Birth 22 june 1949 (75 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Lindsay Jean Wagner (born June 22, 1949) is an American actress. She is best known for her portrayal of Jaime Sommers in the 1970s television series The Bionic Woman (for which she won an Emmy Award), though she has maintained a lengthy career in a variety of other film and television productions since.


Prior to being married, Wagner lived with Captain Daniel M. Yoder (USAF), until he went to Vietnam. She has been married four times. From 1971 to 1973, she was married to music publisher Allan Rider. From 1976 to 1979, she was married to actor Michael Brandon. In 1981, she married stuntman Henry Kingi, whom she met on the set of The Bionic Woman. Wagner had two sons with Kingi; Dorian (b. 1982) and Alex (b. 1986), but the couple divorced in 1984. Wagner then married TV producer Lawrence Mortorff in 1990, but they too divorced a couple of years later.

Dallas star Linda Gray was once married to Wagner's uncle, Ed Thrasher. Wagner and Gray also played romantic rivals in the television movie The Two Worlds of Jenny Logan (1979). Interestingly, actress Martha Scott who played Wagner's adoptive mother in The Bionic Woman also played Gray's mother on Dallas.

Wagner very nearly died in the American Airlines Flight 191 plane crash (there were no survivors). She and her mother were about to board, but she started feeling uneasy and decided not to.

Best films

The Paper Chase (1973)

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Debbie Evans
(3 films)
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Todd Field
(2 films)
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Glenn Shadix
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Rob Estes
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Filmography of Lindsay Wagner (27 films)

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The Thanksgiving House, 1h22
Directed by Kevin Connor
Origin USA
Genres Romance
Actors Emily Rose, Cerina Vincent, Justin Bruening, Julia Jones, Lindsay Wagner, Jack Scalia
Roles Abigail Mather
Rating62% 3.145973.145973.145973.145973.14597
Une jeune avocate de Boston, hérite de la maison de sa tante à Plymouth. Apprenant que la demeure a abrité le premier Thanksgiving des immigrants du Mayflower, elle craint que la maison ne devienne un lieu de pèlerinage.
Billy: The Early Years, 1h38
Directed by Robby Benson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Films about religion
Actors Armie Hammer, Kristoffer Polaha, Lindsay Wagner, Martin Landau, Jennifer O'Neill, Donald Farmer
Roles Morrow Graham
Rating64% 3.241773.241773.241773.241773.24177
The story begins with a reporter (Jennifer O'Neill) interviewing Charles Templeton on his deathbed. Told in the eyes of Charles Templeton, the film proceeds in showing Billy Graham’s life as a teenager during the great depression living at the family dairy farm in Charlotte, North Carolina. During this time, Graham is seen becoming a Christian at a tent revival meeting. Later, Graham is seen going to Bob Jones College, which is now Bob Jones University, but Graham goes to Florida Bible Institute after being identified as a failure by Bob Jones, Sr. Following his time at Florida Bible Institute, Billy Graham goes to Wheaton College where he falls in love with his Wheaton classmate Ruth Bell to whom he ultimately gets married. In the 1940s, Charles Templeton, becomes a really close acquaintance of Billy Graham; however, Charles Templeton, who is a young, gifted preacher, leaves his faith when he is challenged by scientific skepticism, leading Graham and Templeton to part. Billy continues to evangelize in his crusades and believe that the word of God is infallible. The film finishes with Graham inviting his listeners to accept Christ as their personal savior in his Los Angeles crusade of 1949.
Thicker Than Water, 1h27
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Melissa Gilbert, Lindsay Wagner, Ryan Carnes, Robert Mailhouse, Grainger Hines, Nan Martin
Roles Jessie Mae Jarrett
Rating62% 3.1449253.1449253.1449253.1449253.144925
After the death of her father, Natalie Travers (Melissa Gilbert) discovers he was married to a rodeo star before he married Natalie's mother. Upset that her father kept part of his life a secret from her and bewildered over how a prominent judge could fall for a cowgirl, she sets out to find Maggie Mae Jarrett. But Natalie meets Maggie's daughter Jessie Mae Jarrett (Lindsay Wagner) who is struggling to keep the wild horses on her land alive and safe.
Their Second Chance, 1h30
Directed by Mel Damski
Origin USA
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Perry King, Chris Owens, Nicholas Lea, Merrilyn Gann
Roles Barbara Colvin
Rating62% 3.138823.138823.138823.138823.13882
Barbara Colvin est grand-mère pour la première fois. Cet événement la replonge dans le drame de sa vie: trente ans auparavant, elle a été obligée d'abandonner sa première fille et ne l'a jamais revu. Poussée par sa soeur, elle entreprend des démarches pour retrouver cette enfant qui lui a tant manqué. Ce qu'elle ignore, c'est que sa fille, nommée Laurie, a entamé des recherches pour la retrouver afin de comprendre les raisons de son adoption...
Voyage of Terror
Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Michael Ironside, Martin Sheen, Brian Dennehy, Horst Buchholz, William B. Davis
Roles Dr. Stephanie Tauber
Rating42% 2.127592.127592.127592.127592.12759
A disease specialist (Lindsay Wagner) is on a cruise ship with her daughter when a virus breaks out on board. While she communicates with Washington, the Chief Engineer (Michael Ironside) plans a mutiny.
Frog and Wombat
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Ronny Cox, Ross Malinger, Jean Carol
Roles Sydney Parker
Rating51% 2.5755052.5755052.5755052.5755052.575505
Allison et Jane sont deux amies espiègle à qui rien n'échappe. Avec leurs vélos et leurs talkie-walkie, elles quadrillent leur quartier à l'affût du moindre ragot. Quand le nouveau principal du collège s'installe dans leur rue, c'est l'effervescence. Un soir, elle voit la nouvelle directrice de son école traîner un énorme sac jusqu'au coffre de sa voiture et le soulever avec difficulté. Contiendrait-il le corps de sa nièce qui a mystérieusement disparu? Intimement convaincue de la culpabilité de la nouvelle venue, Allison se lance dans une longue et délicate enquête, afin de tirer cette mystérieuse affaire au clair. Véritable petite détective, Allison est à la recherche du moindre indice qui pourrait la mettre sur la voie. Mais cette soudaine obsession n'est pas sans contrarier Jane, la meilleure amie d'Allison, qui ne voit pas d'un très bon oeil cette dangereuse obstination.
Sins of Silence, 2h
Directed by Sam Pillsbury
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Holly Marie Combs, Lindsay Wagner, Cynthia Sikes, Laura Bertram, Victor Argo, Sean McCann
Roles Molly McKinley
Rating61% 3.0962153.0962153.0962153.0962153.096215
Lindsay Wagner stars in this TV movie as Molly McKinley, a former nun now employed (and grossly underfunded) as a rape counselor. A teenager named Sophie (Holly Marie Combs) seeks out Molly's help after she is raped by the scion of a wealthy family. Refusing to release a confidential file that would reveal Molly's past promiscuity — and thus seriously compromise her case against her assailant — Molly is sent to jail. The problem now becomes two-pronged: If Molly wants to be released, she must hand over information that may allow the rapist to go free; and if Sophie doesn't speak up, Molly's future career will be destroyed.
A Mother's Instinct, 1h28
Directed by Sam Pillsbury
Origin USA
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Debrah Farentino, John Terry, Lynne Thigpen, Alana Austin, Lee Norris
Rating57% 2.8662352.8662352.8662352.8662352.866235
A former divorcé learns that her new husband's past includes an abandoned wife. After he disappears with his two sons, the two wives team up to find him.
Fighting for My Daughter, 1h27
Directed by Peter Levin
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Piper Laurie, Chad Lowe, Kirk Baltz, Paul Lieber, Deirdre O'Connell
Roles Kate Kerner
Rating56% 2.808842.808842.808842.808842.80884
Jessie vit avec sa mère Kate et son petit frère Danny. Sa grand-mère maternelle reproche sa fille d'être trop proche avec sa petite-fille. Cette dernière qui n'a que seize ans accompagne ses amies à une fête où elle rencontre un jeune homme. Cet homme est loin que Jessie n'imagine : il va l'entraîne dans un monde de la prostitution…
Once in a Lifetime, 1h31
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Barry Bostwick, Duncan Regehr, Amy Aquino, Rex Smith, Fran Bennett
Roles Daphne Fields
Rating60% 3.0461353.0461353.0461353.0461353.046135
Daphne Fields is a world famous novelist from New York City who one night is hit by a car. She falls into a coma and her memory flashes back to eight years earlier, when she was happily married to Jeffrey and had a loving daughter, Aimee. Her perfect life had subsequently fallen into pieces when she suddenly loses her husband and daughter in a fire. Nine months later, she gives birth to a son, Andrew, who turns out to be deaf. Daphne decides to learn sign language and is tutored by Dr. Matthew Dane, an educator for the deaf. Inspired by her loss, she starts writing a novel called Autumn Years.
Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7, 1h27
Directed by Larry Shaw
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure
Themes Transport films, Aviation films
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Robert Loggia, Jennifer Lopez, David Clennon, Farrah Forke, Paula Marshall
Roles Elizabeth Hahn
Rating50% 2.507632.507632.507632.507632.50763
A couple of student nurses decide to join some doctors to work in a medical station in the rain-forest a few hours flying-time from the Mexican town Catemaco. As they fly from Catemaco towards the clinic (which actually consists of just a few huts and almost no equipment) one of their three planes goes down because of engine malfunction. It crashes somewhere in the middle of the jungle causing bad injuries to the passengers. The following day describes the attempts by the passengers to save their own lives in spite of the few poor chances they seem to have. There is almost no medicine available, the supplies they brought with them were all on the plane going down and were stolen by native drug-dealers when they arrived at the site of the crash first. In the afternoon they decide to take the injured to a nearby village with a runway long enough that the Learjet of the Californian Air Rescue team could take them to a clinic in the U.S. Not only is the journey there very complicated (one of the injured could pass away any minute) but it may also be futile: due to recent anti-drug operations no plane is allowed to fly after dark, so the Air Rescue Team is not able to get clearance for their mission. Dr. Daniel Perrin sets off to Catamaco to persuade the authorities into giving their permission for the flight while the rest is trying to get to the runway by dawn.
Ricochet (1991)
, 1h45
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films about music and musicians, Hip hop films, Gangster films
Actors Denzel Washington, John Lithgow, Ice-T, Kevin Pollak, Lindsay Wagner, Rielle Hunter
Roles D.A. Priscilla Brimleigh
Rating61% 3.0991853.0991853.0991853.0991853.099185
Fils d'une famille défavorisée, Nick Styles s'est engagé dans la police. Une brillante arrestation, celle du criminel Earl Talbot Blake, lui vaut les honneurs de la presse. Styles gravit alors les échelons et devient procureur.
Nightmare at Bittercreek, 1h40
Directed by Tim Burstall
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Lindsay Wagner, Tom Skerritt, Constance McCashin, Joanna Cassidy, Janne Mortil, Andrew Kavadas
Roles Nita Daniels
Rating50% 2.524852.524852.524852.524852.52485
Quatre femmes jouent à un jeu terrifiant du chat et de la souris lorsqu'elles découvrent une cachette néo-nazie en faisant un voyage à travers les montagnes de la Sierra.