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Priscilla Dean is a Actor American born on 25 november 1896 at New York City (USA)

Priscilla Dean

Priscilla Dean
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Nationality USA
Birth 25 november 1896 at New York City (USA)
Death 27 december 1987 (at 91 years) at Leonia (USA)

Priscilla Dean (November 25, 1896 – December 27, 1987) was an American actress popular in silent film as well as in theatre, with a career spanning two decades.


Fille d'acteurs de théâtre, Priscilla Dean débute au cinéma dans deux courts métrages sortis en 1912 (dont un réalisé par D. W. Griffith). Jusqu'en 1928, elle contribue à quatre-vingt-six films muets américains (dont de nombreux courts métrages réalisés par Louis Chaudet en 1916), notamment au sein d'Universal.

Elle est surtout connue pour sa participation, entre 1918 et 1923, à neuf films de Tod Browning, dont La Vierge d'Istanbul (1920, avec Wallace Beery), Les Révoltés (1920, avec Lon Chaney), Under Two Flags (1922, avec James Kirkwood) et Les Fauves (1923, avec Matt Moore) ; dans les deux premiers cités, elle joue également aux côtés de Wheeler Oakman, un temps son mari (divorce). Mentionnons aussi un court métrage avec Laurel et Hardy en 1927, En plein méli-mélo de Fred Guiol.

Priscilla Dean se retire définitivement de l'écran après cinq films parlants, trois courts métrages en 1931, puis deux longs métrages en 1932. Le dernier est Klondike de Phil Rosen, avec Thelma Todd et Lyle Talbot.

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Tod Browning
Tod Browning
(9 films)
Wallace Beery
Wallace Beery
(5 films)
Lois Weber
Lois Weber
(2 films)
Fred Kelsey
Fred Kelsey
(2 films)
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Filmography of Priscilla Dean (31 films)

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Klondike (1932)
, 1h8
Directed by Phil Rosen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure
Actors Thelma Todd, Lyle Talbot, Henry B. Walthall, Jason Robards Sr., Priscilla Dean, Tully Marshall
Roles Miss Porter
Rating60% 3.0141353.0141353.0141353.0141353.014135
A doctor, Lyle Talbot as Dr. Robert Cromwell, is charged with murder, when a patient dies, after an experimental operation to remove a brain tumor.
Law of the Sea, 1h4
Directed by Otto Brower
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors William Farnum, Priscilla Dean, Ralph Ince, Wally Albright, Rex Bell, Sally Blane
Roles Jane (his wife)
Rating58% 2.9172852.9172852.9172852.9172852.917285
Slipping Wives, 23minutes
Directed by Fred Guiol
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Buddy films
Actors Priscilla Dean, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel, Herbert Rawlinson, Albert Conti
Roles The Neglected Wife
Rating61% 3.0977453.0977453.0977453.0977453.097745
Priscilla is married to an artist called Leon. However Leon isn't showing much interest in his wife so she hatches a plot to win back his affections. Ollie plays the butler. Stan arrives at the door to sell paint and has a fight with Ollie. Priscilla employs Stan to "Make love to her" and ensure Leon becomes jealous. Ollie has to wash and dress Stan and make him look presentable enough to fool Leon at a dinner party that night. Priscilla admits to Leon what she has done and he pulls a gun to teach the 'home-wrecker' a lesson. Leon corners Stan and admits he's just acting to make Priscilla think he's really jealous. Ollie doesn't realise this and he chases Stan out of the house with a rifle. Ollie returns looking shaken. A police officer follows him and says "You nearly blew my brains out". Leon and Priscilla hug.
White Tiger, 1h26
Directed by Wallace Beery, Tod Browning, Matt Moore
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Crime
Actors Priscilla Dean, Matt Moore, Wallace Beery, Raymond Griffith, Alfred Allen, Emmett King
Roles Sylvia Donovan
Rating62% 3.1454053.1454053.1454053.1454053.145405
Eté 1943 sur le front russe. La Seconde Guerre mondiale touche à sa fin. Les terribles combats qui s’éternisent épuisent les deux camps. Chaque fois que les troupes soviétiques prennent de l’assurance, un énorme tank allemand surnommé « Le Tigre Blanc » surgit tel un spectre dans la fumée des combats, pilonne l’ennemi sans pitié puis disparaît subitement. Le commandement russe décide alors de construire un tank spécial, le T-34, pour lutter contre « Le Tigre Blanc ». Pour le piloter, Ivan Naïdenov, qui, bien que brûlé à 90% lors d’une attaque, a miraculeusement survécu. La chasse au monstre d’acier commence.
Drifting (1923)
, 1h10
Directed by Tod Browning
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Priscilla Dean, Matt Moore, Wallace Beery, J. Farrell MacDonald, Rose Dione, William V. Mong
Roles Cassie Cook / Lucille Preston
Rating66% 3.3030153.3030153.3030153.3030153.303015
Cassie Cook had played the opium selling game until fate and a bad shuffle compelled her to team up with her biggest rival, Jules Repin, and then the horror of the whole thing weighed down upon her and she determined to quit and leave China before it was too late. She had bought a lot of new gowns on credit, believing in Repin's promise that he had a big shipment of opium coming in which would give them both plenty of money. Now those gowns had to be paid for and Cassie's chum, Molly Morton, taken out of the country before a growing taste for opium got a final hold on her. So Cassie bet on a sure thing in the races and lost. "But I'm going to get you out, Kid," she told Molly, and as a last resort she went back to the game. Up in Hang Chow, a trouble-infested village near the poppy fields, she tried to trace the shipment Repin expected. A white man was there — supposed to be opening an abandoned mine. It was her business to find out if he was a government inspector seeking the den of the dope dealers. She posed as a novelist, and he, believing in her, told her that he was there to fight the dope menace. Cassie felt like a cheat of the lowest order and she turned against her comrades, but they, by trickery, found out what she had learned from the mine superintendent. In a flash they set the little world ablaze with rebellion and the soul of Cassie Cook was cleansed in the fires of remorse as she battled for what she believed was the right cause, and out of it came a love that was clean and honorable.
Wild Honey
Wild Honey (1922)
, 1h11
Directed by Wesley Ruggles
Origin USA
Actors Priscilla Dean, Noah Beery Sr., Lloyd Whitlock, Robert Ellis, Wallace Beery, Carl Stockdale

Despite her father's debt to him, Lady Vivienne (Priscilla Dean) refuses to marry the wealthy but villainous Henry Porthen (Noah Beery). Porthen devises a plot to lure Vivienne to his country home using her weak-willed friend, Freddy (Lloyd Whitlock). In the course of events, Vivienne faints, Porthen is killed by his secretary Joan (Helen Raymond), and Freddy runs away for fear that he will be blamed.