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Rudolf Klein-Rogge is a Actor and Dialogue Allemand born on 24 november 1885 at Cologne (German)

Rudolf Klein-Rogge

Rudolf Klein-Rogge
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Nationality German
Birth 24 november 1885 at Cologne (German)
Death 29 may 1955 (at 69 years) at Wetzelsdorf (Austria)

Friedrich Rudolf Klein-Rogge (24 November 1885 – 29 May 1955) was a German film actor. Klein-Rogge is known for playing sinister figures in films in the 1920s and 1930s as well as being a main-stay in director Fritz Lang's Weimar-era films. He is probably best known in popular culture, particularly to English-speaking audiences, for playing the archetypal mad scientist role of C.A. Rotwang in Lang's Metropolis.


Klein-Rogge was born in Cologne, Germany. He began taking acting lessons while studying art history in Berlin and Bonn. Klein-Rogge made his acting debut at in 1909, playing Cassius in Julius Caesar in Halberstadt. Klein-Rogge went on to play in theaters located in Düsseldorf, Kiel and Aachen. In Aachen, Klein-Rogge met actress and screenwriter Thea von Harbou. The two married in 1914. In 1915, Klein-Rogge joined Nuremberg's Städtische Bühnen theatre as both an actor and director.

In 1919, Klein-Rogge began acting in films. He appeared in an uncredited role as the criminal in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. During this time, von Harbou was having an affair with director Fritz Lang and eventually left Klein-Rogge to marry Lang. Despite the split, Klein-Rogge made several films that were written by von Harbou and directed by Lang, including Destiny, Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Die Nibelungen, Metropolis and Spies. Klein-Rogge's intense look lead him to similar roles such as a tyrant in Fritz Wendhausen's Der steinerne Reiter, a pirate in Arthur Robison's Pietro der Korsar, and the Czar in Alexandre Volkoff's Casanova. Klein-Rogge's last film with Lang was The Testament of Dr. Mabuse in 1933.

Klein-Rogge played the lead roles in two films directed by von Harbou: Elisabeth und der Narr and Hanneles Himmelfahrt. Klein-Rogge remarried twice, first to Margarete Neff, and lastly with the Swedish actress Mary Johnson in 1932, to whom he remained married until his death in 1955.

Usually with

Fritz Lang
Fritz Lang
(8 films)
Thea von Harbou
Thea von Harbou
(13 films)
Paul Rehkopf
Paul Rehkopf
(10 films)
Theodor Loos
Theodor Loos
(10 films)
Georg John
Georg John
(9 films)
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Filmography of Rudolf Klein-Rogge (39 films)

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Das Herz der Königin, 1h52
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Politique, Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Zarah Leander, Hans Mierendorff, Willy Birgel, Maria Koppenhöfer, Lotte Koch, Axel von Ambesser
Roles Ruthven, General of the Scottish Palace Guard
Rating63% 3.1799653.1799653.1799653.1799653.179965
The film starts with Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, held prisoner in Fotheringhay Castle, awaiting the final judgement in her case, which is expected within a few hours. Soon she finds out that the Royal Court has sentenced her, with the assent of Queen Elizabeth I, to be executed on the scaffold on the following day. She breaks down and remembers the events leading to her now imminent death. The bulk of the film consists of this flashback.
Robert Koch, 1h53
Directed by Hans Steinhoff
Origin German
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Medical-themed films, Politique, Films about viral outbreaks, Political films
Actors Emil Jannings, Werner Krauss, Hilde Körber, Raimund Schelcher, Bernhard Theodor Henry Minetti, Theodor Loos
Roles Rechnungsrat
Rating64% 3.2197753.2197753.2197753.2197753.219775
Un jeune médecin de campagne, le Dr Robert Koch, est désespéré de voir une épidémie de tuberculose emporter la vie de nombreux enfants dans son secteur. Déjà un enfant sur quatre est atteint par cette maladie insidieuse, et les parents doivent veiller sur ces enfants agonisants. Depuis des années, Koch recherche fébrilement l'agent infectieux de la tuberculose.
The Sovereign, 1h43
Directed by Veit Harlan
Genres Drama
Actors Emil Jannings, Hilde Körber, Käthe Haack, Marianne Hoppe, Herbert Hübner, Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Roles Direktor Bodlfing
Rating57% 2.867712.867712.867712.867712.86771
Matthias Clausen (Emil Jannings) is the head of Clausen Works, an old and prosperous munitions firm. He falls in love with a secretary in the office (Marianne Hoppe), and his children conspire against him in order to protect their inheritance. Clausen disowns them and bestows the firm on the state, confident that one of his workers capable of carrying on his work will arise.
The Emperor of California, 1h37
Directed by Luis Trenker
Origin German
Genres Drama, Western
Actors Luis Trenker, Bernhard Theodor Henry Minetti, Marcella Albani, Paul Verhoeven (réalisateur allemand), Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Hans Zesch-Ballot
Roles Banquier
Rating64% 3.23853.23853.23853.23853.2385
Le film raconte l'histoire de la vie de John Sutter, le propriétaire de Sutter's Mill, le célèbre endroit où l'on découvrit l'or qui provoqua la ruée vers l'or en Californie.
The Court Concert, 1h25
Directed by Douglas Sirk
Origin German
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Operetta films
Actors Marta Eggerth, Johannes Heesters, Kurt Meisel, Otto Tressler, Herbert Hübner, Alfred Abel
Roles Oberst Flumms
Rating53% 2.6782752.6782752.6782752.6782752.678275
Dans une petite principauté d’Europe centrale, au milieu du XIX siècle, la jolie chanteuse Christine Holm est invitée à chanter au concert de cour du prince. Le charme de Christine séduit le lieutenant Walter d'Arnegg, fils du ministre d'État de son Altesse. Mais leur liaison fait scandale et Christine doit partir. Elle en est d'autant plus désolée qu'elle pensait découvrir l'identité de son père dont elle ne sait rien, dans ce petit État où sa mère, chanteuse elle aussi, était venue chanter bien des années auparavant. Apprenant l'annulation de son concert, le prince la fait rappeler et demande à la connaître. Charmé à son tour, le prince promet de l'aider dans ses recherches sur son père. Le seul indice dont dispose Christine est une chanson que chantait sa mère à l'homme qu'elle aimait. Le prince reconnaît la chanson et se souvient de son aventure amoureuse avec une belle chanteuse, 25 ans auparavant : Christine est sa fille, elle chantera le soir au concert de cour, et épousera le lieutenant Walter.
Der alte und der junge König, 1h40
Directed by Hans Steinhoff
Genres Biography, Historical
Themes Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Emil Jannings, Leopoldine Konstantin, Claus Clausen, Carola Höhn, Paul Henckels, Walter Janssen
Roles Leopold Dessauer
Rating65% 3.264633.264633.264633.264633.26463
The film opens at Potsdam in the time of "The Soldier's King" Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia, with the Royal Family sitting at the breakfast table. It turns out that Crown Prince Friedrich, informally called "Fritz", had lost so much money at the gaming tables that he had to sign debentures. Members of the grenadier regiment had seen the crown prince appearing late in a wretched state, which greatly angers his father. The King would like to prepare his son for the future role as a ruler, and regards his preoccupation with music and literature with big displeasure.