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Samantha Mathis is a Actor American born on 12 may 1970 at New York City (USA)

Samantha Mathis

Samantha Mathis
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Nationality USA
Birth 12 may 1970 (54 years) at New York City (USA)

Samantha Mathis (born May 12, 1970) is an American actress. The daughter of actress Bibi Besch, Mathis made her film debut in Pump Up the Volume (1990), and later co-starred or appeared in such films as Little Women (1994), The American President (1995), Broken Arrow (1996), American Psycho (2000), The Punisher (2004), and Atlas Shrugged: Part II (2012).


Mathis was the last girlfriend of actor River Phoenix. Mathis was with Phoenix the night he died as a result of a drug overdose while attending The Viper Room in Los Angeles, California. In the autopsy report the Los Angeles Police detailed that Mathis refused several times to give more details surrounding the death of Phoenix and had told deputies at the time of Phoenix's death that she had no knowledge of his drug use.

Best films

Broken Arrow (1996)
Eiga Tamagotchi

Usually with

Kevin Asch
Kevin Asch
(1 films)
Thomas Newman
Thomas Newman
(3 films)
George Gallo
George Gallo
(1 films)
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The Exorcism
Directed by Joshua John Miller
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantastic, Horror
Themes Films about films
Actors Russell Crowe, Ryan Simpkins, Sam Worthington, Samantha Mathis, David Hyde Pierce, Adrian Pasdar
Roles Jennifer Simon
Rating41% 2.0698952.0698952.0698952.0698952.069895
Un acteur récemment sevré tourne dans un film d'horreur. Il plonge de plus en plus dans une psychose. Sa fille se demande s’il est retombé dans ses addictions passées ou si son père est possédé...
Boarding School, 1h51
Directed by Boaz Yakin
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related film, Cross-dressing in film
Actors Will Patton, Samantha Mathis, Sterling Jerins, Tammy Blanchard, David Aaron Baker, Robert John Burke
Roles Isabel
Rating58% 2.91472.91472.91472.91472.9147
Jacob, douze ans, souffre de terreurs nocturnes et de troubles du comportement. Suite au décès de sa grand-mère qu'il n'a jamais connue, il devient fasciné par sa présence et son passé tragique. Après l'avoir aperçu en train de danser dans une robe de la défunte, sa mère et son beau-père l'envoient donc dans un mystérieux internat perdu au milieu de la forêt, dirigé par le Dr Sherman. Le jeune homme y rencontre ses camarades marqués par des symptômes ou des pathologies diverses : l'autiste Elwood, le brûlé vif Phil, la sociopathe Christine, les jumeaux Lenny et Calvin ou encore Fréderic, souffrant de la maladie de Gilles de La Tourette. Leur éducation est basée sur l'étude de la Bible mais rapidement, Jacob découvre que l'internat cache de lourds secrets lorsque Fréderic est retrouvé mort dans la salle d'eau. Alors qu'il tente de s'évader, il est aussitôt ramené dans le bâtiment où il découvre que le Dr Sherman, secondé par sa femme, est chargé de faire disparaître des enfants pour le compte de leurs propres parents.
American Pastoral, 1h48
Directed by Fisher Stevens, Ewan McGregor
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about religion, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Mandy Patinkin, Dakota Fanning, Dan Hedaya, Jennifer Connelly, Ewan McGregor, Rupert Evans
Roles Penny Hamlin
Rating61% 3.05113.05113.05113.05113.0511
En 1996, lors de la 45e réunion de la promotion 1951 du lycée Weequahic à Newark, dans le New Jersey, l'écrivain Nathan Zuckerman rencontre l'un de ses anciens amis, Jerry Levov. Les deux hommes parlent du frère aîné de Jerry, Seymour Levov dit Le Suédois, ancien athlète de son lycée (promotion 1944), récemment décédé des suites d'une longue maladie et que Zuckerman admirait.
Affluenza (2014)
, 1h24
Directed by Kevin Asch
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Gregg Sulkin, Nicola Peltz, Ben Rosenfield, Grant Gustin, Steve Guttenberg, Samantha Mathis
Roles Bunny Miller
Rating48% 2.4124552.4124552.4124552.4124552.412455
In 2008, Fisher Miller (Ben Rosenfield),a young photography student has a meeting with a wealthy businessman Mr. Carson (Roger Rees) to help him get into art school only to be told his work reflects the decline of a generation rather than its future hope, Carson laments this as he declares his generation are going out of business in a "fire sale".
Atlas Shrugged: Part II, 1h51
Directed by John Putch
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Social science fiction
Themes Films based on science fiction novels, Political films, Dystopian films
Actors Samantha Mathis, Jason Beghe, Esai Morales, Patrick Fabian, Kim Rhodes, Richard T. Jones
Roles Dagny Taggart
Rating53% 2.6509652.6509652.6509652.6509652.650965
Dagny Taggart pilots an airplane in pursuit of another plane. Dagny asks herself, "Who is John Galt?" before apparently crashing into a mountainside.
Unanswered Prayers, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Eric Close, Samantha Mathis, Mädchen Amick, Jennifer Aspen, Tony Oller, Patty Duke
Roles Lorrie Beck
Rating58% 2.902262.902262.902262.902262.90226
Ben et Lorrie se connaissent depuis le lycée. Depuis, ils sont mariés et heureux. Leur quotidien bascule quand Ava, l'ancienne petite amie de Ben, revient en ville après avoir perdu sa mère. Elle s'en veut d'avoir brisé le cœur de Ben des années auparavant et tient à s'excuser. Mais depuis quelques jours, Ava et Ben finissent par passer de plus en plus de temps ensemble...
Good Day for It
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Robert Patrick, Hal Holbrook, Samantha Mathis, Mika Sue Boorem, Lance Henriksen, Christian Kane
Roles Sarah Bryant
Rating55% 2.754442.754442.754442.754442.75444
Un homme forcé de quitter sa femme et sa fille il y a des années, est de retour pour régler ses comptes et réunir sa famille. C’est une question d’honneur...
Lebanon, Pa., 1h40
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Josh Hopkins, Samantha Mathis, Mary Beth Hurt
Roles Vicki
Rating61% 3.097763.097763.097763.097763.09776
Buried (2010)
, 1h35
Directed by Rodrigo Cortés
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes L'action se déroule en une journée, Political films
Actors Ryan Reynolds, José Luis García Pérez, Stephen Tobolowsky, Samantha Mathis, Erik Palladino, Kali Rocha
Roles Linda Conroy (voice)
Rating69% 3.496783.496783.496783.496783.49678
On October 23, 2006, Paul Conroy, an American civilian truck driver working in Iraq, wakes up and finds himself buried alive in a wooden coffin, bound and gagged, with only a Zippo lighter and a BlackBerry phone at hand. Although he initially has no idea how he got there, he starts to piece together what has happened to him. He remembers that his and several other trucks were ambushed by terrorists, who killed his colleagues; he was hit by a rock and passed out. He receives a call from his kidnapper, Jabir, demanding that he pay a ransom of $5 million by 9PM or he will be left in the coffin to die.
The Spy Next Door, 1h31
Directed by Brian Levant
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Spy
Themes Spy films
Actors Jackie Chan, Amber Valletta, Billy Ray Cyrus, Magnús Scheving, Will Shadley, Madeline Carroll
Roles Carolina
Rating54% 2.7066352.7066352.7066352.7066352.706635
Bob Ho (Jackie Chan) is a CIA undercover agent who decides to retire after moving next to the beautiful Gillian (Amber Valletta) who has three children from previous relationships. Bob and Gillian then start dating but Bob feels he should tell Gillian about his job. Gillian then goes to visit her father in the hospital and leaves Bob to take care of her kids (Madeline Carroll, Will Shadley and Alina Foley). Bob takes the children shopping for clothes for Halloween. The problems start when one of the youngsters accidentally downloads a file for a top-secret formula on his computer. They are then threatened by a Russian terrorist and Bob's archenemy Anton Poldark (Magnús Scheving). This forces Bob to combine the roles of spy and prospective stepfather in the biggest challenge that he has faced in his career.
The New Daughter, 1h48
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Actors Kevin Costner, Ivana Baquero, Samantha Mathis, Gattlin Griffith, Noah Taylor, Gattlin Griffith
Roles Cassandra
Rating52% 2.6499652.6499652.6499652.6499652.649965
John James (Kevin Costner), a recently divorced novelist, moves into an old house in the country with his teenage daughter, Louisa (Ivana Baquero), and young son, Sam (Gattlin Griffith). John and Louisa's relationship is strained; She accuses him of never loving her mother and ruining everything.
Mitch Albom's For One More Day
Directed by Lloyd Kramer
Genres Drama
Actors Michael Imperioli, Ellen Burstyn, Scott Cohen, Alice Drummond, Samantha Mathis, Emily Wickersham
Roles Young Pauline "Posey" Benetto
Rating56% 2.8032752.8032752.8032752.8032752.803275
The film is the story of a broken-down former baseball player, Charley Benetto (Imperioli), who is now divorced and estranged from his own daughter, on the verge of a suicide who gets to spend one more day with his estranged departed mother (Burstyn), whom he had blamed for leaving his father. Throughout the course of the movie, she takes him to various points in his life and he learns what actually was going on to get a truer picture of his life.
A Stranger's Heart, 1h35
Directed by Andy Wolk
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Samantha Mathis, Peter Dobson, Thomas Kopache, Gina Hecht, June Squibb, Kevin Kilner
Roles Callie Morgan
Rating56% 2.8060052.8060052.8060052.8060052.806005
Callie Morgan (Samantha Mathis), a workaholic magazine editor who prides herself on having no emotional attachments in her life, changes practically overnight when she undergoes a life-saving heart transplant operation. Not only does Callie find herself strangely drawn to a young girl who happens to be the heart donor’s orphaned daughter, but she also finds unlikely romance with another patient who also recently received a new heart. She soon discovers that the man, named Jasper Cates (Peter Dobson), received the heart from her donor's husband.
Touched (2006)
, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Jenna Elfman, Randall Batinkoff, Samantha Mathis, Bruce Davison, Diane Venora, Sam Anderson
Roles Jeannie Bates
Rating59% 2.955792.955792.955792.955792.95579
Scott mène une vie heureuse avec son fils jusqu'au jour où un terrible accident de voiture coûte la vie à ce dernier et plonge le père dans un long coma. Deux ans plus tard, Scott se réveille. Angela, une infirmière qui a veillé sur lui durant ces deux années lui annonce que son fils est mort. Bouleversé, il se rend compte qu'il n'a plus le sens du toucher et qu'il ne ressent plus rien... Mais Angela reste à ses côtés afin de l'aider dans cette terrible épreuve.