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Lower Learning is a american film of genre Comedy released in USA on 10 october 2008 with Jason Biggs

Lower Learning (2008)

Lower Learning
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Released in USA 10 october 2008
Length 1h37
Genres Comedy
Rating40% 2.0074352.0074352.0074352.0074352.007435

Lower Learning is a 2008 American comedy film starring Jason Biggs, Eva Longoria, Rob Corddry, Ryan Newman, Monica Potter, and Andy Pessoa. It was directed by Mark Lafferty and written by Lafferty and Shahin Chandrasoma. The music was composed by Ryan Shore.


Geraldine Ferraro Elementary, one of the worst schools in the state, is in danger of being closed. The school suffers from low test results, drunken teachers, and a corrupt Principal. The Vice Principal, Tom Willoman (Jason Biggs), decides to try to save the school. When he finds out that the school inspector is a childhood friend, he recruits her to help him save the school by rallying the teachers and students against the principal.


Jason Biggs

(Tom Willoman)
Eva Longoria

(Rebecca Seabrook (as Eva Longoria Parker))
Rob Corddry

(Harper Billings)
Monica Potter

(Laura Buchwald)
Will Sasso

(Jesse Buchwald)
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