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Luster is a american film of genre Drama directed by Everett Lewis released in USA on 17 march 2002 with Pamela Gidley

Luster (2002)

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Released in USA 17 march 2002
Length 1h34
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy
Rating54% 2.705632.705632.705632.705632.70563

Luster is a 2002 drama film written and directed by Everett Lewis. The film is about a weekend in the lives of a group of friends in the Los Angeles queer punk scene. Lewis sought to "infuse queerness" into the film as much as he could, so he cast a number of non-heterosexual actors and used music by a number of queer punk bands. Critical response to Luster was deeply divided.


Friday Jackson wakes up in the aftermath of an orgy and heads to his job at his friend Sam's alternative record store. At the store he gets a call from Sonny Spike. On his way out the door, Jackson runs into customer Derek, who professes his love at first sight.


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