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The Athlete is a Éthiopien film of genre Drama with Dag Malmberg

The Athlete (2009)


The Athlete
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Length 1h33
Genres Drama,    Historical
Rating65% 3.2800753.2800753.2800753.2800753.280075

The Athlete (Amharic: እትሌቱ, Atletu) is a 2009 Ethiopian drama film directed by Davey Frankel and Rasselas Lakew. The film was selected as the Ethiopian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist. It was the first Ethiopian film to be submitted in the category for Best Foreign Language Film.

A mixture of fiction and stock footage, The Athlete is a portrait of the legendary marathoner from Ethiopia, Abebe Bikila. In 1960, he participated in the Rome Olympic Games as a complete unknown. However, the son of a shepherd ran barefoot and won the gold medal. Four years later, he repeated his feat at the Tokyo Olympic Games, becoming the first man to win the Olympic marathon twice in a row. A few years later, he suffered a car accident and lost the use of his legs. He died four years later.

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Atletu est le portrait, mêlant fiction et images d’archives, d’une légende du marathon : l’Éthiopien Abebe Bikila. En 1960, lorsqu’il arrive aux Jeux olympiques de Rome, il est parfaitement inconnu. Pourtant, ce fils de berger, pieds nus, remporte la médaille d’or au marathon. Quatre ans plus tard, il réitère son exploit aux Jeux de Tokyo, devenant ainsi le premier champion olympique à être deux fois vainqueur du marathon. Mais quelques années plus tard, victime d’un accident de voiture, il perd l’usage de ses jambes. Il meurt quatre ans après.


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