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Parasite (2019)
, 2h11
Directed by Martin Scorsese, Bong Joon-ho, Uwe Boll
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy
Actors Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik, Jang Hye-jin, Park So-dam

Toute la famille de Ki-taek est au chômage. Un jour, leur fils réussit à se faire recommander pour donner des cours particuliers d’anglais chez les Park, une famille richissime dont le mode de vie est en tous points opposé au leur. C’est le début d’un engrenage incontrôlable.
Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds, 2h19
Directed by Kim Yong-hwa
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Actors Ha Jeong-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Lee Jung-jae, Kim Dong-wook

Après la mort d'une personne, un ange escorte le défunt dans l'au-delà où il doit être jugé sept fois durant 49 jours pour prouver qu'il a mené une vie humaine innocente et avoir le droit de se réincarner. Les anges ont l’interdiction absolue de se mêler des affaires humaines.
Extreme Job, 1h51
Directed by Lee Byeong-heon
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
Actors Ryoo Seung-ryong, Lee Ha-nui, Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Ji-young

Une brigade anti-drogue composée de cinq policiers tente de démanteler une organisation criminelle et ses membres se mettent en couverture pour cela. Ils commencent à travailler comme employés d'un restaurant de poulet, mais celui-ci devient soudainement très populaire grâce à la recette d’un des membres de l’équipe, et en raison de ce succès inattendu de l'établissement, les policiers se retrouvent dans une situation improbable.
Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, 2h21
Directed by Kim Yong-hwa
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action
Actors Ha Jeong-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Dong-wook

Les anges de la mort Gang Rim (Ha Jeong-woo), Haewonmak (Ju Ji-hoon ) et Dukchun (Kim Hyang-gi) sont sur le point de prendre part au procès de Soo-Hong (Kim Dong-wook ). Ils rencontrent le Dieu de la Maison (Ma Dong-seok) qui se souvient de leur passé qui remonte à il y a plus de mille ans. En voyageant entre ce monde, le monde à venir et le passé, les anges de la mort tentent de trouver leur relation secrète.
The Admiral: Roaring Currents, 2h8
Directed by Kim Han-min
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Choi Min-sik, Ryoo Seung-ryong, Jin Goo, Lee Jeong-hyeon, Kwon Yul, Jo Jin-woong

The film revolves around the titular Battle of Myeongnyang circa 1597, regarded as one of legendary Joseon admiral Yi Sun-sin's most remarkable naval victories, in which he led the only 12 ships remaining in his command to a heroic victory against an invading Japanese fleet numbering 330 vessels.
Ode To My Father, 2h6
Directed by Yoon Je-kyoon
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama
Actors Hwang Jeong-min, Kim Yoon-jin, Oh Dal-soo, Jung Jin-young, Jang Young-nam, Ra Mi-ran

During the Hungnam Evacuation of 1950 in the Korean War, when thousands of refugees in what would become North Korea were transported south by U.S. Navy boats, a child, Deok-soo, loses track of his sister, Mak-soon. Because of this, Deok-soo's father stays behind to search for her, telling his son to take the boy's mother and two younger siblings to the port city of Busan, where Deok-soo's aunt runs an imported goods store. Before leaving Deok-soo and the rest of his family, the father makes his Deok-soo promise to be the head of the household in his place.
The Host
The Host (2006)
, 1h59
Directed by Bong Joon-ho
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Giant monster films, Disaster films
Actors Song Kang-ho, Park Hae-il, Bae Doona, Byun Hee-bong, Go Ah-seong, Scott Wilson

In late 2000, an American military pathologist commands a reluctant Korean assistant to violate protocol by dumping over 200 bottles of formaldehyde down a drain leading into the Han River. Over the next few years, there are sightings of a strange amphibious creature in the waterway, and the fish in the Han River are dying off because of water pollution. A suicidal businessman, just before jumping off a bridge into the river, sees something dark moving under the surface of the water.
Veteran (2015)
, 2h4
Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Ah-in, Oh Dal-soo, Yoo Hae-jin, Jin Kyung, Yoo In-young

Detective Seo Do-cheol is tough and merciless when it comes to crime. After busting an attempt at illegal car exporting, Seo thanks a truck driver that helps Seo and his team in the operation, and gives the truck driver some money and a business card to contact him when faced with trouble.
Train to Busan, 1h58
Directed by Yeon Sang-ho
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Transport films, Rail transport films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Catastrophe épidémiologique, Disaster films, Film se déroulant dans un train
Actors Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi, Choi Woo-shik, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Su-an, Ahn So-hee

Un chauffeur de camion est arrêté sur une petite route par des hommes portant des tenues de protection contre les risques biologiques. Ils désinfectent son véhicule avant de le laisser passer. Peu après, il percute une chevrette qui, bien que morte, se relève.
Snowpiercer, 2h6
Directed by Bong Joon-ho
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Themes Environmental films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Transport films, Rail transport films, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films, Film se déroulant dans un train
Actors Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Song Kang-ho, Alison Pill, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton

In 2014, an attempt to counteract global warming through climate engineering results in an ice age that extinguishes all life except the inhabitants of the Snowpiercer, a massive train powered by a perpetual motion engine that travels a globe-spanning track, created by the transportation magnate Wilford. By 2031, elites inhabit the extravagant front cars and the "scum" inhabit the tail in squalid and brutal conditions. Under watch by Wilford's guards, they are brought only gelatinous protein bars to eat and kept in their place in the social order by Minister Mason, while sometimes small children are taken away.
The Thieves, 2h10
Directed by Choi Dong-hoon
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Action, Crime
Themes Heist films
Actors Jang Hyuk, Lee Jung-jae, Soo Ae, Kim Yoon-seok, Kim Hye-soo, Simon Yam

Posing as mother and daughter, two professional thieves — middle-aged Chewing Gum (Kim Hae-sook) and young cat burglar Yenicall (Jun Ji-hyun) — rob the wealthy owner of Leesung Gallery (Shin Ha-kyun) of a rare artifact he bought from notorious Chinese fence Wei Hong (Ki Gook-seo). The theft is organized by team leader Popie (Lee Jung-jae), helped by his associate Zampano (Kim Soo-hyun). The next day they are visited by a police detective (Ju Jin-mo) who is hot on Popie's trail. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Chinese veteran thief Chen (Simon Yam), along with Jonny (Derek Tsang) and Korean-Chinese Andrew (Oh Dal-su), are robbing a jewelry shop. Afterwards, they are joined by Julie (Angelica Lee), the daughter of a professional safecracker.
A Taxi Driver, 2h17
Directed by Jang Hoon
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Action, Historical
Themes Transport films, Films about the labor movement, Films about automobiles
Actors Song Kang-ho, Thomas Kretschmann, Yoo Hae-jin, Ryu Jun-yeol, Ko Chang-seok, Jung Jin-young

En 1980, un journaliste allemand travaille au Japon pour une chaîne de télévision allemande. Au mois de mai de la même année a lieu, en Corée du Sud, le soulèvement de Gwangju. Ce mouvement, principalement étudiant et syndical, s’oppose à la dictature de Chun Doo-hwan, mise en place après l’assassinat de Park Chung-hee. Il décide alors de se rendre dans le pays. Il prend un taxi de Séoul à Gwangju et filme tout ce qu’il voit. Son retour jusqu'à Séoul sera éminemment compliqué puisqu'il leur faut échapper à la surveillance aérienne. De retour au Japon, il envoie son film en Allemagne.
Masquerade (2012)
, 2h11
Directed by Choo Chang-min
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Lee Byung-hun, Ryoo Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, Kim In-kwon, Jang Gwang, Lee El

The confusing and conspiratorial 15th ruler of Korea's [Joseon Dynasty] King Gwang-hae (Lee Byung-hun) orders his secretary of defense, Heo Gyun (Ryu Seung-ryong), to find him a double in order to avoid the constant threat of assassination. Heo Gyun finds Ha-sun, a lowly acrobat and bawdy joker who looks remarkably like the king, and just as feared, Gwang-hae is poisoned. Heo Gyun proposes Ha-sun fill the role as the king until Gwang-hae recovers fully and grooms Ha-sun to look and act every bit the king. While assuming the role of the king at his first official appearance, Ha-sun begins to ponder the intricacies of the problems debated in his court. Being fundamentally more humanitarian than Gwang-hae, Ha-sun’s affection and appreciation of even the most minor servants slowly changes morale in the palace for the better. Over time he finds his voice and takes control of governing the country with real insight and fair judgments. Even Heo Gyun is moved by Ha-sun’s genuine concern for the people, and realizes he is an infinitely better ruler than Gwang-hae. However, his chief opposition, Park Chung-seo (Kim Myung-gon), notices the sudden shift in the king’s behavior and starts to ask questions. The queen (Han Hyo-joo) is also conflicted between the real king and the fake king’s secret.
Dragon Wars, 1h26
Directed by Shim Hyung-rae
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Films about dragons, Giant monster films
Actors Jason Behr, Craig Robinson, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Chris Mulkey, Aimee Garcia

The story follows the adventures of Ethan Kendrick, charged in his childhood by Jack to protect the Yuh Yi Joo, an individual born able to change an Imoogi into a Celestial Dragon. To this end, Jack gives Ethan a medallion formerly belonging to Haram and reveals that the Yuh Yi Joo is Sarah, whom Ethan will find in Los Angeles.
Tidal Wave
Tidal Wave (2009)
, 2h
Directed by Yoon Je-kyoon
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Adventure
Themes La fin du monde, Disaster films, Films about earthquakes
Actors Sol Kyung-gu, Ha Ji-won, Lee Min-Ki, Kang Ye-won, Park Joong-hoon, Uhm Jung-hwa

Located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Haeundae district of Busan, South Korea draws one million visitors to its beaches every year. Several years ago, Man-sik, a Haeundae local, lost Yeon-hee's father due to his mistake in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake while deep-sea fishing together at the Indian Ocean. Because of this, for years, Man-sik wasn't able to become involved with Yeon-hee, who runs an unlicensed seafood restaurant, despite her attempts to start a relationship (Yeon-hee doesn't know that her father was killed due to Man-sik's mistake.).