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The Last Relic is a Estonien film of genre Action directed by Grigori Kromanov released in USA on 12 november 1969 with Priit Pärn

The Last Relic (1971)

The Last Relic
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Released in USA 12 november 1969
Length 1h20
Directed by
Genres Action,    Adventure,    Historical,    Romance
Rating77% 3.887023.887023.887023.887023.88702

Viimne reliikvia (Estonian for The last relic) is a 1969 Estonian film adaptation of Vürst Gabriel ehk Pirita kloostri viimsed päevad (Estonian for Prince Gabriel or The last days of Pirita monastery), a historical novel by Eduard Bornhöhe. The film became extremely popular, and some critics consider it the only Estonian cult movie.


La Dernière Relique (Viimne reliikvia) est un film estonien de l'ère soviétique réalisé par Grigori Kromanov et sorti en 1969. Le film est adapté du roman Vürst Gabriel ehk Pirita kloostri viimsed päevad d'Eduard Bornhöhe (1893). Il est produit par les studios Tallinnfilm.


Priit Pärn
Ingrīda Andriņa

(Agnes von Mönnikhusen)
Rolan Bykov

(Brother Johannes)
Elza Radziņa

Peeter Jakobi

Jüri Järvet

(Brother Johannes (voice) (uncredited))
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