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The River is a american film of genre Drama directed by Mark Rydell released in USA on 1 december 1984 with Sissy Spacek

The River (1984)

The River
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Released in USA 1 december 1984
Length 1h59
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating62% 3.1490253.1490253.1490253.1490253.149025

The River is a 1984 film, directed by Mark Rydell, which tells the story of a struggling farm family in the Tennessee valley trying to keep its farm from going in the face of bank foreclosures, floods, and other hard times. The father faces the dilemma of having to work as a strikebreaker in a steel mill to keep his family farm from foreclosure. The film was based on the true story of farmers who unknowingly took the jobs as strikebreakers at a steel mill after their crops had been destroyed by rain. It stars Mel Gibson, Sissy Spacek, Scott Glenn and Billy Green Bush.

The film was written by Robert Dillon and Julian Barry. It was directed by Mark Rydell.


Mae et Tom Garvey - jeune couple d'agriculteurs - sont confrontés, comme nombre de leurs collègues, aux difficultés de survie des fermes familiales indépendantes. C'est l'affrontement avec les autorités locales qui voudraient racheter les terres, par l'intermédiaire de Joe Wade (ancien ami de Mae) ; de plus, les fermiers subissent des inondations catastrophiques. Pour gagner un peu d'argent, Tom accepte un travail au loin, en usine...


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