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The Movie from the Future
Directed by Josh Miller
Genres Science fiction
Actors Patrick Casey, Josh Miller

The Movie From the Future is a movie within a movie. The set-up is you are watching an Unsolved Mysteries type program about a video tape found in a crater with a note reading "From Future." Most of the movie consists of the contents of the tape with various experts breaking in to offer their opinions on the validity of the tape or whether it is a hoax. The contents of the tape seem to be a made-for-television feature from the future about inter-species love, futuritistic inventors, and plans to destroy the world by aliens and the robots attempting to thwart them.
Star Wars: Storm in the Glass, 2h13
Genres Science fiction, Adventure, Comic science fiction
Themes Space adventure films, Comedy science fiction films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Space opera, Films about extraterrestrial life

The operational conditions on the boundless open spaces of the Far-Northern Galaxy have rapidly become complicated. On secret planets, persons of unknown nationality (a reference to many Georgian-Armenian and Moldovan illegal immigrants in Russia) have set up manufacture of illegal alcohol on a galactic scale and are preparing an act of aggression against the peaceful planet Marabu.
Decaying Orbit, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction

When a mysterious explosion destroys a space station on the edge of the galaxy, five survivors manage to board an escape shuttle. Left adrift without communications, food or any means of leaving the system, the survivors are forced to work together to survive. But soon evidence surfaces that one of them may actually be the saboteur who caused the station's destruction. Can the dysfunctional group band together long enough to be rescued, when no one knows who they can trust?
Dreamscape (2007)
, 1h26
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction

After hearing about Dreamscape Inc., a company that provides custom fantasies directly to a subscriber's brain as he sleeps, a bored businessman (Daniel J. Fox) visits the sales offices and signs up for the service. After an outpatient procedure to implant a receiver in his head, he goes home and begins to dream about being an unstoppable secret agent whose mission is to deliver a confidential package to a contact. In his electronic fantasies, he tackles rival agents, wins the affections of "The Girl" (Sandra Darnell), and keeps one step ahead of his nemesis "The Investigator" (Mark Ellingham). But the fantasy turns sour and reality and illusion begin to blur.
Aversion (2009)
, 1h39
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Ghost films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Disaster films
Actors Josh Berresford

This original story marries three different elements into one plot. Alex Stokes (Andrew Roth) is a self-destructive, down-on-his-luck investigator who takes cases wherever he can. When a mysterious man offers him a healthy sum to follow his beautiful wife Claire (Melantha Blackthorne), Alex can't resist. Her seemingly mundane day-to-day activities take a strange turn when she tries to kill herself.
Reversion (2012)
, 11minutes
Genres Science fiction
Themes Films about computing, Cyberpunk films

The short film opens with an unidentified soldier infiltrating the facilities of a company known as 'Ethercorp'. Though the lobby is badly damaged, a still-functional computer display reveals the facility to be a medical research centre, located in the Congo. The soldier's helmet also bears Ethercorp's logo. As the soldier downloads tracking software from the computer, a reptilian creature lurks in the shadows above. Just before the creature strikes, the tracking software warns the soldier of its presence, and the creature flees under gunfire. The soldier chases the creature though several offices and medical labs, before losing it in a dark corridor.
Boogie Town, 1h41
Directed by Chris Stokes
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Musical, Romance
Themes Musical films
Actors Marques Houston, Brenda Song, Katerina Graham, Corbin Bernsen, Khleo Thomas, Joseph C. Phillips

The film is described as a "West Side Story" for the hip hop generation. It is set in a futuristic New York City, in 2015 where battle dancing is permanently banned because Chief Salisbury's son was murdered during a battle in 2009 when battle dancing was at its height. Ever since then, with help of the secret government agency SG7, Chief Salisbury has made it his own personal mission to permanently put an end to battle dancing.
Cybornetics, 1h58
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction
Actors Raw Leiba

The movie is a futuristic science fiction feature film about a group of scientists, working for the United States government, who are in a competitive race to develop a Cyborg, a biologically modified hybrid human, which possesses the latest in advanced bionic limb and sensory technology, completely controlled by a living brain. The scientists find a dying young man and transform him into the Cyborg. The Cyborg escapes the laboratory and speedily returns to the only place he has called home only to truly discover the state he was in and what he had become.
Directed by Summer Nicks
Origin Pakistan
Genres Science fiction
Themes Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Fawad Afzal Khan, Shehroz Sabzwari, Behroze Sabzwari

'Lands End' deals with different demographics of people from Pakistan's largest city Karachi who are forced to come to terms with the end of civilization.