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Helen Ma is a Actor Hongkongais born on 28 october 1947

Helen Ma

Helen Ma
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Birth name Ma Hoi-Lun, 馬海倫
Nationality Hong kong
Birth 28 october 1947 (76 years)

Helen Ma (馬海倫, born October 28, 1947) is a Chinese actress.


Un de ses rôles les plus marquants est celui de l’héroïne sourd-muette du film Deaf mute heroine qui illustre la vogue des héroïnes martiales au début des années 1970, dans la lignée des films de King Hu.

Usually with

Run Run Shaw
Run Run Shaw
(6 films)
Wu Ma
Wu Ma
(5 films)
King Hu
King Hu
(1 films)
Runme Shaw
Runme Shaw
(4 films)
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Filmography of Helen Ma (18 films)

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The Trouble-Makers, 1h24
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy
Actors Terence Yin, Emotion Cheung, Sam Lee, Maggie Q, Lam Suet, Helen Ma
Rating51% 2.5711152.5711152.5711152.5711152.571115
Maggie plays Clary who rents a room in a Chinese flat. Terence Yin from "Lara Croft Tomb Raider" plays the romantic lead who is transferred into this Chinese town. The landlord, the cop & Clary set up a scam to scare Yin out of the house by making him believe it is haunted so they can rent it again. Yin moves to his Aunt's house who also sets up a scam of accusing him of taking advantage his cousin so she can have an excuse to boot him out of the house. With nowhere to go, he returns to his flat to discover the first scam. Yin's buddies set up retro-scam and pretend to take advantage of Q. She then scams the scammers, which results in Yin taking care of a catatonic Clary. After the plot bounces back & forth a few times, the frame freezes just as Yin leans in for the big kiss.
Royal Tramp 2, 1h37
Directed by Gordon Chan, Ching Siu-tung, Wong Jing
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Kung fu, Action
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films, Wuxia films
Actors Stephen Chow, Sharla Cheung, Natalis Chan, Sandra Ng, Michelle Reis, Chingmy Yau
Roles One-Armed Divine Nun
Rating69% 3.496243.496243.496243.496243.49624
Celle qui avait pris la place de l'impératrice ayant été démasquée par Stephen Chow, la belle Lin Ching-hsia la remplace et continue les intrigues autour du palais impérial. Pendant ce temps, Chow prend plus de pouvoirs au sein de la cour et acquiert des techniques d'arts martiaux invincibles qui l'aideront à sauver une seconde fois son ami l'empereur des griffes de la secte satanique qui lui veut sa perte.
Love in a Fallen City, 1h35
Directed by Ann Hui
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, War, Romance
Actors Chow Yun-fat, Cora Miao, Lisa Chiao Chiao, Chin Tsi-ang, Elaine Jin, Helen Ma
Roles Mrs. Hsu
Rating61% 3.095853.095853.095853.095853.09585
The film is set in 1940s Shanghai and Hong Kong. Bai Liu-Su (Cora Miao) is an introverted divorcée who has her fair share of misery after breaking up with her good-for-nothing husband. Her large, extended family feels she has shamed them through divorce. Her situation at home has become unbearable. A charming Malayan businessman based in Hong Kong, Fan Liu-yuan (Chow Yun-Fat), who is always surrounded by women, happens to visit Shanghai and becomes interested in Bai after chancing on her through mutual friends. Fan sees in Bai what many others don't and tries his best to make her fall in love again. A middle-aged couple tries to match make the two. Bai takes a gamble and decides to visit Hong Kong with the Japanese invasion of China looming, willing to risk all just to get out of her awkward family situation, even though she fell for Fan, future was uncertain. It is only through surviving war-torn Hong Kong as civilians that the two realize that they truly love each other.
Shanghai Blues, 1h43
Directed by Tsui Hark
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Political films
Actors Sylvia Chang, Sally Yeh, Rachel Lee, Loletta Lee, Shing Fui On, Manfred Wong
Roles Chow Siu-sin
Rating71% 3.581023.581023.581023.581023.58102
Dung Gwok-man and Aak-suk are both clowns of a night club, after the breaking out of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Gwok-man is inspired by patriotism thought, and prepared for joining the army. The Japanese battleplanes are bombing Shanghai, Gwok-man meet with a young girl named Aak-syu and they agree that they would meet at Suzhou Bridge after the war. Ten years pass, and Gwok-man returns to Shanghai to look for Aak-syu, but only meets several vagrant veterans.
The Fate of Lee Khan, 1h45
Directed by Sammo Hung, King Hu
Origin Taiwan
Genres Drama, Martial arts, Action, Adventure, Martial arts
Themes Spy films, Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Roy Chiao, Li Li-Hua, Xu Feng, Tien Feng, Angela Mao, Helen Ma
Roles Yeh Li-Hsiang
Rating71% 3.5843053.5843053.5843053.5843053.584305
In the film, Wendy is a resistance fighter of the Chinese underground who wants to stop Lee Khan from attaining an important map. All of the resistance fighters want to restore Han rule. The villains are Lee Khan and his female partner Wan’er, who want to prevent the resistance fighters achieving vicotry.
The Secret of the Dirk
Origin Hong kong
Genres Action, Adventure
Actors Chang Yi, Ching Li, Shu Pei-pei, Helen Ma, Wang Hsieh, David Chiang
Roles Xiao Lan
Rating65% 3.2776853.2776853.2776853.2776853.277685
Le clan du Tigre Noir, un groupe de jeunes hommes conduits à vivre dans l'illégalité par les conditions sociales auxquelles ils ont été soumis, est à la recherche d'un trésor lui-même convoité par des personnes s'en prétendant les propriétaires légitimes, tandis que divers redresseurs de torts autoproclamés se prévalent de ce statut pour se mêler d'affaires ne les concernant pas directement.
Heads for Sale, 1h21
Genres Action
Actors Helen Ma, Lisa Chiao Chiao
Roles Bao Jinhua
Rating63% 3.1750053.1750053.1750053.1750053.175005
Hua Bi-lian, l'héritière d'une famille martiale de réputation douteuse, une jeune personne irascible peinant à trouver un époux, fugue de rage après qu'un jeune homme (Luo Hong-xun) qu'elle convoitait ait à son tour rejeté ses avances. Au gré de ses pérégrinations, elle se mêle d'affaires ne la concernant pas et entre ainsi en conflit avec un groupe de jeunes hommes travaillant dans le domaine des arts martiaux, ce qui va la conduire à se livrer à la vente éponyme de têtes humaines à la criée.
The Silver Fox, 1h30
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Action, Adventure
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films, Wuxia films
Actors Chang Yi, Lily Ho, Tien Feng, Helen Ma
Roles Xiao Mei
Rating61% 3.095683.095683.095683.095683.09568
Lily Ho joue le rôle de Silver Fox, une redoutée spécialiste de l'épée qui, lorsqu'elle était enfant, a vu son père se faire blesser d'une façon insensée et sa mère se faire violer. 18 ans plus tard, c'est l'heure de la revanche.
Hong Kong Rhapsody, 2h2
Directed by Umetsugu Inoue
Origin Hong kong
Genres Musical
Themes Musical films
Actors Peter Chen Ho, Chen Hung-lieh, Paul Wei Ping-Ao, Helen Ma, Lily Ho
Roles Wong Chen Chen
Rating67% 3.3884753.3884753.3884753.3884753.388475
When the Clouds Roll by, 1h36
Directed by Doe Ching
Genres Drama
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry
Actors Ching Li, Ouyang Sha-fei, Helen Ma, Tsang Choh-lam
Roles Ms Li
Rating64% 3.2257153.2257153.2257153.2257153.225715
Xiong Su-su, une jeune héritière atteinte de troubles mentaux à la suite de la mort accidentelle de son fiancé, ci-devant pilote de ligne, est prise en charge par une équipe de jeunes professionnels de la santé.
King Cat
King Cat (1967)
, 1h23
Origin Hong kong
Genres Action, Adventure
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Wuxia films
Actors Chang Yi, Paul Wei Ping-Ao, Helen Ma, Lo Lieh, Wu Ma
Roles Empress Pang
Rating63% 3.1670153.1670153.1670153.1670153.167015
During the Song dynasty, after the upright prefect Bao Zheng executed Pang Yu for embezzlement, the grand tutor Pang Ji sent assassins to avenge his son's death. A chivalrous man, Zhan Zhao the "Southern Hero", saved Bao and was conferred the title "King Cat" by the emperor. This title invoked the jealousy and anger of Bai Yutang the "Brocade-Coated Rat" — as rats were considered cat food — who went to the capital Kaifeng (also known as Bianjing) to challenge Zhan. He was later joined by his 3 elder sworn brothers — Han Zhang the "Earth-Piercing Rat", Xu Qing the "Mountain-Boring Rat" and Jiang Ping the "River-Overturning Rat", and together they stole a treasure from the imperial palace, knowing that Bao would send Zhan to retrieve it.
Angel with the Iron Fists
Directed by Lo Wei
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Spy films
Actors Lily Ho, Lo Wei, Ku Feng, Wu Ma, Fan Mei-sheng, Helen Ma
Roles un mannequin de maillots de bains
Rating62% 3.1345553.1345553.1345553.1345553.134555
L'agent 009, une jeune femme équipée d'une panoplie de gadgets jamesbondiens et atteinte d'une obssession pour la cosmétologie capillaire, est chargé de contrecarrer les sombres desseins d'une dangereuse organisation secrète impitoyablement dirigée par la ténébreuse madame Jin, les "anges noirs".