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Joanne Kelly is a Actor Canadienne born on 22 december 1978

Joanne Kelly

Joanne Kelly
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Nationality Canada
Birth 22 december 1978 (45 years)

Joanne M. Kelly (born December 22, 1978 in Bay d'Espoir) is a Canadian actress, known for her appearances in films such as Going the Distance and in the TV series Warehouse 13, in which she played Secret Service agent Myka Bering.


Joanne Kelly est une actrice active au cinéma et dans les séries TV. Née dans la Baie d'Espoir au Canada, elle a grandi au Labrador, dans la Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador avant de poursuivre des études à l'Université Acadia en Nouvelle-Écosse.

De 2009 à 2014, elle a un rôle régulier dans la série Warehouse 13.

Usually with

Zack Ward
Zack Ward
(1 films)
Stephen Dunn
Stephen Dunn
(1 films)
Brad Mirman
Brad Mirman
(1 films)
Jay Brazeau
Jay Brazeau
(1 films)
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Filmography of Joanne Kelly (9 films)

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Closet Monster, 1h30
Directed by Stephen Dunn
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Fantasy
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Connor Jessup, Joanne Kelly, Aaron Abrams, Isabella Rossellini, Mary Walsh, Aliocha Schneider
Roles Brin Madly
Rating70% 3.500033.500033.500033.500033.50003
The film stars Connor Jessup as Oscar Madly, a creative and sexually confused teenager who retreats into a fantasy world to deal with his sense of isolation. The film's cast also includes Joanne Kelly and Aaron Abrams as Oscar's parents, and Isabella Rossellini as the voice of his talking pet hamster.
Don't Blink, 1h32
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors Mena Suvari, Brian Austin Green, Joanne Kelly, Robert Picardo, Zack Ward
Roles Claire
Rating48% 2.402892.402892.402892.402892.40289
A group of ten friends – Jack, his girlfriend Tracy, and her brother Lucas; Alex, his friend Sam, and Sam's girlfriend Charlotte; Claire and Amelia, friends of Tracy; Jack's ex-girlfriend Ella and her new boyfriend, Noah – arrive at an isolated resort far from civilization. Each of the cars is near-empty from the long drive, and nobody has cell service. When they attempt to refill their cars, they find the gasoline tanks locked. Nobody is at the resort, though they find half-eaten food, unpacked luggage, and an idling car. They can not find the keys for the pumps or any landline phones. Jack urges them to remain calm and organizes several parties to search the area for the missing people.
Jack Hunter et le Trésor perdu d'Ugarit, 4h42
Origin USA
Actors Ivan Sergei, Joanne Kelly, Susan Ward
Roles Nadia Ramadan
Rating48% 2.403982.403982.403982.403982.40398
Après avoir exhumé une tablette Ugarit en Syrie, l’archéologue Shaffer, passionné de civilisation égyptienne, est assassiné et sa découverte, dérobée. Son jeune ami Jack Hunter, chasseur de trésor, part sur les traces de l’antiquité disparue. Il fait équipe avec Nadia, historienne, lorsqu’il croise son pire ennemi, Albert Littmann, également à la recherche de l’artefact, doté d’un pouvoir immense…
Playing House, 1h34
Origin Canada
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Colin Ferguson, Joanne Kelly, Lucas Bryant, Michael Murphy, Nina Dobrev, Rosemary Dunsmore
Roles Frannie Mackenzie
Rating60% 3.0014153.0014153.0014153.0014153.001415
Frannie and Calvin, a couple in their late twenties in Manhattan, had been dating for a few months when Frannie discovers she is pregnant. Calvin leaves on a tour with his band before Frannie finds the courage to tell him about the pregnancy. Frannie goes home to visit her parents just outside Toronto where her mother convinces her to tell Calvin, though the cell phone signal is weak and distorted and she believes he hung up on her. On her way back to New York a border guard refuses Frannie entrance to the USA as her visa has expired. When she says she has her apartment and job in New York she receives no sympathy. She then confesses to being with child hoping to gain some understanding from the female border guard. The border guard then bars her from entry to the USA for 12 months. Frannie is forced to do her work as a magazine editor from her parent's home. Calvin shows up a little while later at Frannie's parents' home. Calvin and Frannie soon realise they have no idea how to cook, keep house, or raise a child and their relationship deteriorates. Michael Tate, a famous writer, offers to help Frannie get her visa reinstated because of the difficulties of having Frannie work remotely as his editor. Frannie moves back to Manhattan and begins to develop a relationship with Michael. In the end Frannie realises that the glamour and romance Michael has to offer is not what she wants and she seeks out Calvin who has returned to New York and his experimental jazz band that incorporates 'found instruments'.
Solar Attack, 1h31
Origin Canada
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action
Themes Disaster films
Actors Marc Dacascos, Joanne Kelly, Kevin Jubinville, Louis Gossett Jr., Stephen McHattie, Sugith Varughese
Roles Joanna Parks
Rating40% 2.034272.034272.034272.034272.03427
While a solar probe operated by the fictional Solar and Near Earth Laboratory (SNEL) is obtaining data, a large CME or solar flare destroys the probe. A manned spaceplane, Galileo, is caught in the CME and destroyed; the tragedy is blamed on bad Russian equipment. CMEs knock satellites out of orbit, turning them into deadly meteors, and a CME hits New Zealand, destroying it and turning it into a huge mass of molten rock.
Selling Innocence, 1h28
Directed by Pierre Gang
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors Sarah Lind, Mimi Rogers, JR Bourne, Mike Lobel, Tamara Hope, Joanne Kelly
Roles Simone
Rating54% 2.7062752.7062752.7062752.7062752.706275
Mia Sampson (Sarah Lind), an unpopular girl, is approached at the mall one day to become a model. Even though she thinks modeling is shallow, she thinks it will be a better way to earn money than working for a sushi restaurant and goes to the agency. She poses for photographs which are to be displayed on an Internet website for "members only," supposedly so she can be scouted for other modeling jobs. As Mia's membership begins to go up, she begins feeling uncomfortable and also receives disturbing messages from a subscriber known as Gabriel. However, she continues to take shots and even participates in live video chats with the gentlemen of the site. Too late, Mia realizes that she is working for a pornography site and goes to a group called webwatch to uncover the operation. However, since the agency isn't doing anything illegal, the police can't do anything.
Going the Distance, 1h33
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Transport films, Road movies
Actors Christopher Jacot, Joanne Kelly, Shawn Roberts, Mayko Nguyen, Ryan Belleville, Katheryn Winnick
Roles Sasha
Rating55% 2.7507552.7507552.7507552.7507552.750755
Nick (Jacot), whose life seemed to be going perfectly, realizes he may lose his girlfriend to a famous music producer (Priestley). He sets out on a roadtrip from the west coast to go to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, along with two buddies (Tyler and Dime), for the road trip of their lives.
Crime Spree, 1h39
Directed by Brad Mirman
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Comedy thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Heist films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors Gérard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Johnny Hallyday, Renaud, Saïd Taghmaoui, Stéphane Freiss
Roles Sophie Nicols
Rating63% 3.1935553.1935553.1935553.1935553.193555
Daniel Foray (Gérard Depardieu) is the leader of an unusual group of burglars in Paris. When Daniel is instructed by his boss to go to Chicago to pull off an easy home robbery it seems simple enough. However, when the group arrives in Chicago, the mission quickly turns into a fiasco.
The Bay of Love and Sorrows, 1h34
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors Peter Outerbridge, Jonathan Scarfe, Joanne Kelly, Christopher Jacot, Elaine Cassidy, Zachary Bennett
Roles Madonna Eveline Brassaurd
Rating57% 2.859012.859012.859012.859012.85901
Set in rural New Brunswick in 1974, the novel's protagonist is Michael Skid, the privileged son of the town judge. After a falling out with his friend Tom Donnerel, Michael befriends Madonna and Silver Brassaurd, a brother and sister who draw him into the orbit of Everette Hutch, a charismatic and violent man who ultimately leads the three youths to commit murder.