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Ah Boys To Men 2 is a Singapourien film of genre Drama with Luke Lee

Ah Boys To Men 2 (2013)

Ah Boys To Men 2
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Length 1h53
Genres Drama,    War,    Comedy
Rating62% 3.1012553.1012553.1012553.1012553.101255

Ah Boys to Men 2 (simplified Chinese: 新兵正传II; traditional Chinese: 新兵正傳II; pinyin: xīnbīng zhèngzhuàn II; literally: "Recruits' True Biography") is a 2013 Singaporean comedy film produced and directed by Jack Neo, written by Neo, Lim Teck and Leonard Lai. It is the second of two cinematic parts. It was released on February 1, 2013. It is the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time, and has grossed over four times of its S$3 million budget. A spin-off to the Ah Boys to Men movie franchise titled Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen was announced by Jack Neo to be scheduled for production in August 2014 based on the story of a group of navy boys. Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen is scheduled to open in cinemas on February 19, 2015.


Ken is quick to adopt a change in personality by becoming an "on-the-ball" recruit, even more so than "Wayang King" Aloysius. Differing viewpoints sour the friendship between Ken and Lobang. Meanwhile, Ken's father has become partially paralyzed because of his stroke but is determined to make a recovery. After booking out, Aloysius seeks advice from his parents as he feels excluded from the group; his father (Chen Tianwen) tells him the best solution is not to do anything. Back at Tekong, Recruit IP Man learns about "Real Bullet" Zhen Zidan (Benjamin Mok), an "Ah Beng" who stole his girlfriend Mayoki (Sherraine Low). IP Man hits back by criticizing Mayoki for her inferior qualities. "Real Bullet" in turn uploads a video of him and Mayoki engaging in an initimate act. Crestfallen, IP Man seeks help from his bunk mates; Lobang plots a scheme to ambush "Real Bullet" and Mayoki at a car-park by throwing heaps of human excretion mixed with chilli and wasabi at them while they are in the car. However, a gang soon chases after them after "Real Bullet" calls for back-up, but at last the recruits manage to shake the gang off; they celebrate at a restaurant at White Sands later that evening. However, at the restaurant, they are ambushed by more gang members, who have managed to track them down. Ken runs back to save his mates, per the principle "Leave no man behind", unlike Aloyisus, who is quick to flee. Because Ken saved his life, Lobang vows to stop smoking in return.


Luke Lee

(3SG Jed Heng)
Chen Tian Wen

(Mr. Jin / Aloysius's Father)
Wilson Ng

(3WO KW Sng / Company Sergeant Major of Ninja Company)
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