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Banana Joe is a film of genre Comedy directed by Steno with Bud Spencer

Banana Joe (1982)

Banana Joe
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Length 1h32
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Action,    Adventure
Rating63% 3.1582753.1582753.1582753.1582753.158275

Banana Joe is a 1982 Italian-German action-comedy film starring Bud Spencer.


Bud Spencer plays Banana Joe, a brawny yet friendly man who lives in a small rainforest village called Amantido with a huge number of his own children and regularly delivers bananas to a South American river port (hence his name). One day, the henchmen of a local gangster boss named Torsillo come ashore in Amantido to initiate the construction a banana processing plant. Of course, Joe (in typical direct-approach manner) evicts the goons, who promptly return to their boss.


Bud Spencer

(Banana Joe)
Gianfranco Barra

Enzo Garinei

(Ing. Moreno)
Gunther Philipp

Giovanni Cianfriglia

(Torcillo's Schläger)
Gisela Hahn

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