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Blood and Chocolate is a american film of genre Drama directed by Katja von Garnier released in USA on 26 january 2007 with Agnes Bruckner

Blood and Chocolate (2007)

Blood and Chocolate
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Released in USA 26 january 2007
Length 1h38
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Fantastic,    Fantasy,    Horror,    Romance
Rating55% 2.7509252.7509252.7509252.7509252.750925

Blood & Chocolate is a 2007 fantasy-horror film directed by Katja von Garnier. Written by Ehren Kruger and Christopher Landon, their screenplay is very loosely based on Annette Curtis Klause's 1997 young adult novel of the same name.

An international co-production between the United States, Germany, Romania, and the United Kingdom, Blood & Chocolate was both a commercial and critical failure.


Vivian (Agnes Bruckner) is a nineteen-year-old werewolf born in Bucharest, Romania to American parents who then moved back to America. When Vivian was nine years old, her parents and two siblings were killed by two hunters who then proceeded to burn down their house. She then moved back to Bucharest to live with her aunt Astrid (Katja Riemann), who was the mate of the pack's leader, Gabriel (Olivier Martinez) at that time. To Astrid's distress, Gabriel left her after seven years in accordance with pack law to choose a new mate. The culmination of another seven years is only a few months away and Gabriel wants the reluctant Vivian as his.


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