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Creation is a British film of genre Drama directed by Jon Amiel released in USA on 5 november 2009 with Paul Bettany

Creation (2009)

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Released in USA 5 november 2009
Length 1h48
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Biography,    Historical
Rating66% 3.348353.348353.348353.348353.34835

Creation is a 2009 British biographical drama film about Charles Darwin's relationship with his wife Emma and his memory of their eldest daughter Annie, as he struggles to write On the Origin of Species. The film, directed by Jon Amiel and starring real life couple Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as Charles and Emma Darwin, is a partly biographical, partly fictionalised account, based on Randal Keynes's Darwin biography Annie's Box.


British naturalist Charles Darwin is a young father who lives a quiet life in an idyllic village. He is a brilliant and deeply emotional man, devoted to his wife and children. Darwin is especially fond of his eldest daughter Annie, a precocious and inquisitive ten-year-old. He teaches her much about nature and science, including his theory of evolution, and tells her stories of his travels. Her favourite story, despite the sad ending, is about the young orangutan Jenny, who is brought from Borneo to the London Zoo, where she finally died of pneumonia in the arms of her keeper. Darwin is furious when he learns that the family clergyman has made Annie kneel on rock salt as punishment for contradicting him about dinosaurs, as their existence and extinction contradicts the church's position that life is unchanging and that the Earth is very young.


Paul Bettany

(Charles Darwin)
Jennifer Connelly

(Emma Darwin)
Jeremy Northam

(John Brodie-Innes)
Toby Jones

(Thomas Henry Huxley)
Benedict Cumberbatch

(Joseph Dalton Hooker)
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