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Doc West is a film of genre Action directed by Terence Hill released in USA on 7 september 2010 with Terence Hill

Doc West (2009)

Doc West
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Released in USA 7 september 2010
Length 1h40
Directed by ,    
Genres Action,    Western
Rating59% 2.953292.953292.953292.953292.95329

Doc West is a 2009 Italian Western film starring Terence Hill and Paul Sorvino. It was originally an Italian TV miniseries before it was re-edited.


Minnesota "Doc" West (Terence Hill) is sending money (each bill marked with an "E") to a


Terence Hill

(Doc West)
Paul Sorvino

(Roy Basehart)
Clare Carey

(Denise Stark)
Micah Alberti

(Burt Baker)
Gisella Marengo

(Dana Mitchell)
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