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Ruth Buzzi is a Actor American born on 24 july 1936 at Westerly (USA)

Ruth Buzzi

Ruth Buzzi
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Birth name Ruth Ann Buzzi
Nationality USA
Birth 24 july 1936 (87 years) at Westerly (USA)

Ruth Ann Buzzi (born July 24, 1936) is an American comedian and actress of theatre, film, and television. She is especially known for her performances on the comedy-variety show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In from 1968 to 1973, for which she won a Golden Globe Award and received five Emmy nominations.


Buzzi lives with her husband (Kent Perkins) on a 600-acre cattle and horse ranch in Southlake, Texas. Her hobby is oil painting.

Buzzi has never offered her oil paintings for sale to the public, but has donated original oil paintings to charity, where they have sold for more than $6,000.

She supports numerous children's charities including Make a Wish Foundation, the Special Olympics, The Thalians, St. Jude's Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and is a children's art summer camp sponsor through Dallas Museum of Biblical Art.

Buzzi is active in fundraising for the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch in Medina, Texas and other animal causes.

Buzzi and her husband are avid automobile collectors, with some of their cars having been on loan to and/on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California including a 1957 Chevrolet convertible that was exhibited as part of the display honoring the cars of Steve McQueen.

Previously, the Petersen Automotive Museum displayed Buzzi's 1961 Rolls-Royce convertible in an exhibit called "Million Dollar Cars". The museum has also featured a 1965 Chrysler Imperial convertible previously owned by Katharine Hepburn. The Hepburn car was donated to the museum by Kent and Ruth Buzzi Perkins in 2001 and remains there for special exhibition. Buzzi and her husband won first place in their category with their 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II drophead coupe at the Concours d'Elegance national championship in Amelia Island, Florida. That same vehicle won first place in the Los Angeles Rolls Royce Owners Club's "most elegant car" competition. Buzzi and her husband currently collect post-war English vehicles including Rolls-Royce and Jaguar, but their collection also holds several American muscle cars. Some of her vehicles have been in television commercials, featured in parades, and her blue Bentley convertible was featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine with Jessica Simpson behind the wheel.

She is a charter member of the Pasadena Playhouse Alumni Association.

Buzzi was mentioned in the House of Pain song, "I'm A Swing It" as well as in a single from the Tucson, Arizona post-hardcore outfit The Bled titled "Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back". She is also mentioned in the Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn song "You're the Reason Our Kids are so Ugly".
She gets her flu shots at the Walgreens in White Settlement, Texas.

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The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, 1h17
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Musical
Themes Musical films, Children's films
Actors Kevin Clash, Mandy Patinkin, Jerry Nelson, Vanessa Williams, Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly, Ruth Buzzi
Roles Ruthie
Rating58% 2.904582.904582.904582.904582.90458
Elmo is playing with his blanket in his house. After he bumps his blanket on a juice cup and after drying off his blanket at the laundromat, Elmo sees Zoe feeling depressed because her father cannot take her to the zoo, so he decides to make Zoe happy again by imitating certain zoo animals (a lion, a monkey, and a pig). When Zoe sees his blanket, Elmo refuses to share, resulting in a tug-of-war that rips Elmo's blanket. Elmo is furious and declares that Zoe is no longer his friend. Suddenly, Telly Monster inadvertently takes away the blanket while rollerskating out of control. They go around Finders Keepers and knock over a tray of drinks Ruthie is carrying. Telly hits Cookie Monster at the revolving door of Furry Arms hotel. The blanket accidentally lands in the hands of Oscar the Grouch, who drops it in his trash can after sneezing on it. Elmo drops into the bottom of Oscar's trash can, where he finds the blanket nailed to a door. But they are both teleported to Grouchland USA, a world filled with Grouches where a greedy man named Huxley (Mandy Patinkin) steals anything he can grab including Elmo's blanket. Elmo is determined to find his blanket and begins a journey through Grouchland. He asks a kind girl named Grizzy to help in his quest, but she later abandons him when Elmo discovers that Huxley's house is on the top of the faraway Mount Pickanose.
Troublemakers, 1h41
Directed by Terence Hill
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Romance, Western
Themes Buddy films
Actors Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Jonathan Tucker, Ruth Buzzi, Frank Braña, Ron Carey
Roles Mother
Rating60% 3.0022553.0022553.0022553.0022553.002255
Travis, a gunslinger receives a letter from his mother Maw, asking him to bring his brother Moses and his family to a Christmas reunion and to give them an unknown treasure she claims to have inherited it from his father. Moses is a bounty hunter, who is angry at Maw, for letting his stolen horses loose, forcing Travis to set up a plan. Travis saves an outlaw named Sam Stone from being hanged and teams up with his brother to catch him. When the brothers stay at Moses' family's house, Travis gives them plans to get to Maw's. When they head off the next morning, Moses' family heads on their way to Maw's.
Up Your Alley
Directed by Bob Logan
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy
Actors Linda Blair, Bob Zany, Ruth Buzzi, Jack Hanrahan, Vic Dunlop
Roles Marilyn
Rating52% 2.6251852.6251852.6251852.6251852.625185
While pursuing a story on homelessness, an undercover reporter (Blair) finds romance with a transient (Langston).
My Mom's a Werewolf, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Susan Blakely, John Saxon, Tina Caspary, Diana Barrows, John Schuck, Ruth Buzzi
Roles Madame Gypsy
Rating45% 2.262482.262482.262482.262482.26248
Leslie Shaber est le prototype de la femme au foyer : une maison en banlieue, un mari alcoolique, des enfants qui grandissent sans elle. Elle attend l'évènement qui pourrait rompre la monotonie de sa vie. Alors qu'elle fait quelques emplettes dans une animalerie, elle accepte l'invitation de Harry Tropen. Elle ignore que le personnage, terriblement attirant ; est un loup-garou. Manipulée par le redoutable séducteur ; influencée par une diseuse de bonne aventure, elle va connaître la plus radicale des transformations, rejetant tout ce qui faisait sa vie jusque là. Ses enfants décident de la ramener dans le droit chemin.
Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, 1h18
Origin USA
Genres Musical, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Jeu, Films about music and musicians, Films about dogs, Musical films, Films about toys, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Greg Berg, Ruth Buzzi, Betty Jean Ward, Nancy Cartwright, Tony Longo, Cathy Cavadini
Roles Nose Marie
Rating47% 2.362772.362772.362772.362772.36277
Whopper is taking his niece and nephew to the museum. Along the way, he tells them the origin of Puppy Power, the ability of humankind to understand the Pound Puppies and Purries. In the Dark Ages (specifically 958 AD), a young boy named Arthur and his dog Digalot came across a stone which contained both the mythical sword Excalibur and the magical Bone of Scone. While Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, Arthur’s dog Digalot pulled the Bone of Scone from the same stone, and soon afterward Arthur discovered that the dog could talk. Sir McNasty, who had witnessed the withdrawal of Excalibur and the Bone and Arthur's coronation as King of England, planned to conquer the world by retrieving the Bone. However, it was kept hidden by the giant guardian, Big Paw.
Surf II: The End of the Trilogy, 1h31
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Comic science fiction
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Sports films, Erotic films, Surfing films, Comedy science fiction films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Comedy horror films, Disaster films
Actors Eddie Deezen, Eric Stoltz, Linda Kerridge, Morgan Paull, Jeffrey Rogers, Ruth Buzzi
Roles Chuck's Mom
Rating54% 2.7038852.7038852.7038852.7038852.703885
Long ago in "The Good Old Days", surfers ruled. It was bitchin'! That was before the threat of chemical pollution, nuclear waste and the horror of Buzzz Cola.
The Being
The Being (1983)
, 1h22
Directed by Jackie Kong
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Actors Martin Landau, José Ferrer, Dorothy Malone, Ruth Buzzi, Kinky Friedman, Richard Marcus
Roles Virginia Lane
Rating44% 2.2115452.2115452.2115452.2115452.211545
People have been disappearing in the town of Pottsville, Idaho. Detective Mortimer Lutz (Bill Osco) thinks it is connected to the toxic dump site near the town, but is impeded in his investigation by the Mayor (Jose Ferrer), who is concerned about the economic impact on the town's potato industry should it turn out to be true. In reality, the toxic waste has turned a young child into a cannibalistic mutant monster, devouring anyone who comes across him. When the existence of the mutant is discovered, Lutz begins a run against time to stop it before it consumes the town's entire population.
Chu Chu and the Philly Flash, 1h32
Directed by David Lowell Rich
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Alan Arkin, Carol Burnett, Jack Warden, Danny Aiello, Danny Glover, Vincent Schiavelli
Roles Consuelo
Rating42% 2.135142.135142.135142.135142.13514
Once a big-league baseball player known as the Philly Flash, he is now broke and a drunk, reduced to a life on the street, washing car windshields for spare change or trying to sell stolen wristwatches to passersby.
The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, 1h29
Directed by Vincent McEveety
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Western
Themes Children's films
Actors Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Tim Matheson, Kenneth Mars, Jack Elam, Elyssa Davalos
Roles Old Tough Kate
Rating60% 3.0034553.0034553.0034553.0034553.003455
Amos Tucker (Conway) and Theodore Ogelvie (Knotts), a pair of bumbling holdup men now going straight, arrive in the "boom town" of Junction City to start anew. But the duo end up causing havoc while getting cheated out of their money by two bank robbers named Wes Hardin (Osmond) and Hank Starrett (Gehring). Things worsen when Amos and Theodore end up being suspected of the robbery and end up on the run from the town's feared lawman Marshal Wooly Bill Hitchcock (Mars), who developed a personal vendetta toward Amos and Theodore after they accidentally humiliated and injured the marshal on two occasions. To escape Hitchcock's vengeance, ditching their donkey Clarise as she was used by the robbers, the Amos and Theodore enlist in the US Cavalry at Fort Concho. But the duo's bunglings and a run-in with a now insane marshal, who found them by following Clarise, result in the fort being burned to the ground. The following day, the fort commander Major Gaskill (Morgan) is relieved of his position while Amos and Theodore are placed in a military jail.
The North Avenue Irregulars, 1h40
Directed by Bruce Bilson
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Children's films
Actors Edward Herrmann, Barbara Harris, Susan Clark, Karen Valentine, Michael Constantine, Cloris Leachman
Roles Dr. Rheems
Rating66% 3.3453953.3453953.3453953.3453953.345395
Reverend Michael Hill (Edward Herrmann) and his two children arrive in New Rochelle, New York as the new minister at North Avenue Presbyterian Church. The secretary/music director for the church, Anne (Susan Clark), is wary of the changes Hill intends to implement. Hill wants to get people involved, and asks Mrs. Rose Rafferty (Patsy Kelly, in her final movie role) to handle the church's sinking fund.
Skatetown U.S.A., 1h38
Directed by William A. Levey
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about music and musicians, Sports films, Musical films
Actors Scott Baio, Patrick Swayze, Flip Wilson, Maureen McCormick, Katherine Kelly Lang, Ron Palillo
Roles Elvira
Rating48% 2.414912.414912.414912.414912.41491
One evening at a Los Angeles-area roller disco called Skatetown, U.S.A., a rivalry between two skaters (Patrick Swayze and Greg Bradford) culminates in a contest, the winning prize for which is $1000 and a moped. After a game of chicken played on motorized roller skates, the two rivals become friends.
The Villain, 1h29
Directed by Hal Needham
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Western
Actors Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann-Margret, Paul Lynde, Foster Brooks, Strother Martin
Roles Damsel in Distress
Rating53% 2.6546652.6546652.6546652.6546652.654665
A beautiful woman, "Charming Jones" (Ann-Margret) is being escorted across the west by a naive, slow-witted cowboy, "Handsome Stranger" (Schwarzenegger) after claiming a large sum of money given to her by her father, Parody Jones (Martin). However, bad guy Avery Simpson (Elam), who delivered Charming the money, decides he wants it for himself. He hires an old cowboy, "Cactus Jack" (Douglas), to rob them when they leave town.
Once Upon a Brothers Grimm, 2h
Directed by Norman Campbell
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Musical
Themes Musical films, Children's films
Actors Dean Jones, Paul Sand, Arte Johnson, Teri Garr, Sorrell Booke, Ruth Buzzi
Roles Queen Astrid
Rating72% 3.635263.635263.635263.635263.63526
Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm are traveling to a king's palace to present him with their fairy tales. Their carriage driver refuses to take them into the woods because they are said to be enchanted. Not wanting to miss their audience with the king, the brothers buy the carriage from the driver and travel into the woods alone. Placed under the enchantment of the woods, the brothers begin to encounter a wide range of characters that exist in their tales, including Snow White and Sleeping Beauty among many others.