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I Not Stupid Too is a Singapourien film of genre Drama with Huang Yiliang

I Not Stupid Too (2006)

I Not Stupid Too
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Length 2h4
Genres Drama,    Comedy-drama
Rating68% 3.446433.446433.446433.446433.44643

I Not Stupid Too (Chinese: 小孩不笨2; pinyin: Xiǎohái Bù Bèn Èr; literally: "Children are not stupid 2") is a 2006 Singaporean satirical comedy film and the sequel to the 2002 film, I Not Stupid. It portrays the lives, struggles and adventures of three Singaporean youths — 15-year-old Tom, his 8-year-old brother Jerry and their 15-year-old friend Chengcai — who have a strained relationship with their parents. The film explores the issue of poor parent-child communication.

The director and screenwriter, Jack Neo, was inspired to make the film by a book about appreciation education. The movie was produced by MediaCorp Raintree Pictures on a budget of S$1.5 million. It stars Jack Neo, Xiang Yun, Huang Yiliang, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang and Ashley Leong. Filming took place at several Singaporean schools in June 2005.

I Not Stupid Too was released in cinemas on 26 January 2006, and earned over S$4 million in total. The film became the second-highest grossing Singaporean film in history, with only Money No Enough grossing more. At the 2006 Hong Kong Film Awards, it was nominated for Best Asian Film, but lost to Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. Critical reception was also generally positive, although some criticized the movie as overly preachy. A serialised version of the film was aired later that year.


The plot revolves around the lives of Tom Yeo (杨学谦 Yáng Xuéqiān; Shawn Lee), his younger brother Jerry (杨学强, Yáng Xuéqiáng; Ashley Leong) and their friend Lim Chengcai (林成才 Lín Chéngcái; Joshua Ang). 15-year-old Tom is technologically inclined and a talented blogger, while 8-year-old Jerry enjoys the performing arts and has the lead role in his school concert. Mr. and Mrs. Yeo's (Jack Neo and Xiang Yun) busy schedules give them little time to spend with their children, leading to a strained relationship. With his mother absent, Chengcai was raised by his ex-convict father (Huang Yiliang), whose fighting skills he inherited.


Huang Yiliang
Xiang Yun

(Tom and Jerry's Mother)
Shawn Lee
Joshua Ang

(Cheng Cai)
Jimmy Nah
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