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The Hollow is a american film of genre Horror directed by Kyle Newman released in USA on 24 october 2004 with Kevin Zegers

The Hollow (2004)

The Hollow
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Released in USA 24 october 2004
Length 1h23
Directed by
Genres Horror
Rating45% 2.2586452.2586452.2586452.2586452.258645

The Hollow is a 2004 teen horror film, starring Kevin Zegers, Kaley Cuoco, Nick Carter and Stacy Keach. The film premiered on the ABC Family Channel, on October 24, 2004.


The Hollow tells the story of Ian Cranston, a high school teen who has just found out he is the descendant of Ichabod Crane. With the help of his girlfriend Karen, a local bully named Brody, and the old cemetery caretaker Claus Van Ripper, Ian now must stop the newly resurrected Headless Horseman.


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