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Things Behind the Sun is a american film of genre Drama directed by Allison Anders released in USA on 12 october 2001 with Kim Dickens

Things Behind the Sun (2001)

Things Behind the Sun
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Released in USA 12 october 2001
Length 2h
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating67% 3.3967653.3967653.3967653.3967653.396765

Things Behind the Sun is a 2001 film starring Kim Dickens and Gabriel Mann and directed by Allison Anders. Its title is taken from a song by Nick Drake.


Owen, a young reporter for a Los Angeles-based music magazine, goes back to his Florida hometown to interview Sherry, a local rock singer. Sherry and her band are becoming increasingly popular, largely because of a song she wrote about being sexually assaulted as a girl; this song has become a hit on college radio. Owen's reasons for returning to his hometown are more than professional, however: he and Sherry were close friends in childhood. Through flashbacks, the movie recalls Owen's memory of a critical moment in that past.


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