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John Doe is a Actor American born on 25 february 1954

John Doe

John Doe
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Birth name John Nommensen Duchac
Nationality USA
Birth 25 february 1954 (70 years)

John Doe (born John Nommensen Duchac; February 25, 1954) is an American singer, songwriter, actor, poet, guitarist and bass player. Doe co-founded the much-praised LA punk band X, of which he is still an active member. His musical performances and compositions span the rock, country and folk music genres. As an actor, he has dozens of television appearances and several movies to his credit, including the role of Jeff Parker in the television series Roswell.

In addition to X, Doe performs with the country-folk-punk band The Knitters and has released records as a solo artist. In the early 1980s, he performed on two albums by The Flesh Eaters.


Doe was born in Decatur, Illinois. He was married to fellow X member Exene Cervenka between 1980 and 1985. He remarried in 1987, later revealing to Adam Carolla in a podcast in September 2011 that he currently resides in Fairfax, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area) with his wife Gigi Blair and three daughters.

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Electric Slide, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Biography, Action, Crime
Actors Jim Sturgess, Chloë Sevigny, Susan Park, Patricia Arquette, Isabel Lucas, Christophe Lambert
Roles Detective Bill Holiday
Rating46% 2.317492.317492.317492.317492.31749
Dans les années 1980 à Los Angeles, Eddie Dodson (Sturgess), un voleur de banques, fraye avec le tout-Hollywood...
Electric Slide, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Jim Sturgess, Isabel Lucas, Chloë Sevigny, Patricia Arquette, Christophe Lambert, Vinessa Shaw
Roles Detective Bill Holiday
Rating46% 2.317492.317492.317492.317492.31749
Eddie Dodson borrows money from the bank to finance a stylish furniture shop that doubles as a nightclub. When he is unable to pay back the loans, he turns to loan shark Roy Fortune. After his upper-class girlfriend, Charlotte, dumps him, Dodson steals an expensive vase from his friend Tina and pawns it for a starting pistol. While at a nightclub, he meets Pauline, and, after she insists he give her ride, they begin dating after bonding over their love of trendy Los Angeles punk music. Dodson confides in her that he plans to rob a bank.
Ring of Fire, 1h29
Directed by Allison Anders
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography
Actors Matt Ross, Jewel, Frances Conroy, John Doe
Roles A.P. Carter
Rating58% 2.9499752.9499752.9499752.9499752.949975
Née dans une famille musicienne, la jeune June Carter se démarque vite de ses sœurs et son talent de chanteuse folk la fait peu à peu connaître à travers les Etats-Unis. Sa rencontre avec le chanteur Johnny Cash est un virage dans sa vie. Tous deux célèbres, divorcés avec enfants, deviennent un couple à la ville comme à la scène. Mais l’amour immense de ce couple de légende survivra-t-il aux addictions de Johnny ? June Carter, femme intelligente, forte, aimante et sage arrivera-t-elle à continuer de construire leur histoire malgré les penchants destructeurs de Johnny ?
Man Maid
Man Maid (2009)
, 1h31
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Sara Rue, Jane Lynch, Steve Hytner, John Doe, Bryce Johnson, Justina Machado
Rating44% 2.247822.247822.247822.247822.24782
Vincent (Phillip Vaden) is a maid at New Hotel Redmond in Redmond, Oregon. His father (Raphael Sbarge), who had left Vincent's mother for another woman when Vincent was a child, was also a maid. Vincent believes it is his destiny to follow in his father's footsteps, even though his chosen career leads to considerable ridicule.
Ten Inch Hero, 1h42
Directed by David McKay
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Elisabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall, Sean Patrick Flanery, Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, Alice Krige
Roles Trucker
Rating72% 3.6480053.6480053.6480053.6480053.648005
Des amis ouvrent une sandwicherie à Santa Cruz en Californie.
The Specials, 1h22
Directed by Craig Mazin
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Themes Superhero films
Actors Thomas Haden Church, Rob Lowe, Jamie Kennedy, Judy Greer, James Gunn, Sean Gunn
Roles Eight
Rating56% 2.8497552.8497552.8497552.8497552.849755
The superhero team the Specials has never achieved great popularity or prestige, partially because unlike other super teams it is not corporation-friendly and has been unable to secure merchandising deals. Without the corporate or private financial resources of more well-established teams, the Specials often get underrated villains, small disasters, and the occasional alien invasion to repel — all of which are deemed too low-priority for other superhero teams. Even the members with formidable powers have shortcomings that prevented a transition for the team as a whole. Because team-members such as the Strobe, Ms. Indestructible, The Weevil, Deadly Girl, Power Chick, Amok, Alien Orphan, and Eight all possess various social dysfunctions, they've never quite broken through the superhero glass ceiling.
Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, 1h15
Directed by John Roecker
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Horror, Musical, Animation
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Comedy horror films
Actors Billie Joe Armstrong, Warren Fitzgerald, Travis Barker, Kelly Osbourne, Henry Rollins, Theo Kogan
Roles Tex (voice)
Rating48% 2.410332.410332.410332.410332.41033
The film starts out with a futuristic Nomad from the year 3069 who accidentally discovers the book "Helter Skelter" while searching for food in a desert on the former site of Los Angeles. He mistakes the book as the Bible, and reads it as if Charles Hanson (most of the character names are derived from real people involved with the Manson murders, with their names altered by changing a letter into an 'H') is the messiah. As he reads, we flash back to 1969 where Susan Hatkins meets Charlie during a bad LSD trip. Charlie then renames her Hadie and she is accepted into his family where they plan things to change the world, and make music. After finding out that the snobby, nature hating actress Sharon Hate is supposed to be filming a movie in the desert where they are living, Charlie and the family plot to kill her. Charlie claims to get messages through songs, such as I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, which tell him to kill Sharon Hate.
Lucky 13
Lucky 13 (2005)
, 1h35
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Brad Hunt, Jenna Fischer, Harland Williams, Lauren Graham, Sasha Alexander, Debra Jo Rupp
Roles Mr. Baker
Rating45% 2.2595052.2595052.2595052.2595052.259505
This film is about Zach Baker (Hunt) and his quest to go back through his past experiences with women so he will have the perfect date with his lifelong friend, Abbey (Graham). Abbey would be the thirteenth women he has gone out with and he hopes she will be "Lucky 13". The story revolves around Zach asking each woman what he did wrong in their relationship, so as to not make the same mistakes with Abbey. A recurring gag involves Zach throwing objects, representing his past affairs, into a lake. During the course of the film, Zach makes changes to his appearance and demeanor, trying to emulate the advice he gets from his past girlfriends—most of which is contradictory. After much soul-searching, Zach decides to ask Abbey to marry him—a proposal that she turns down in order to move to New York City and pursue her dream of being an artist. Zach eventually comes to realize that his life in the Mid-West is not so bad and he gains a new appreciation for his family and friends.
Torque (2004)
, 1h24
Directed by Joseph Kahn
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Sports films, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Motocyclette, Road movies, Chase films, Gangster films
Actors Martin Henderson, Ice Cube, Monet Mazur, Jaime Pressly, Will Yun Lee, Jay Hernández
Roles Sheriff Barnes
Rating41% 2.060952.060952.060952.060952.06095
The film begins with two cars racing in the middle of the desert. Biker Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) pulls up on his motorcycle and tries to pass them. He finally does so and stops at a diner which his old girlfriend Shane (Monet Mazur) owns. There are pictures all over the wall of Ford and Shane back when they were together. Ford takes one of the pictures. He then goes back outside and the two punks who didn't let him pass show up. The three get into a fight but Ford beats up both of them.
Wuthering Heights, 1h30
Directed by Suri Krishnamma
Genres Drama
Actors Erika Christensen, Katherine Heigl, Mike Vogel, Christopher Masterson, Johnny Whitworth, Seth Adkins
Roles Earnshaw
Rating41% 2.067352.067352.067352.067352.06735
C'est une tentative de transposition à l'époque contemporaine du roman d'Emily Brontë : Les Hauts de Hurlevent. Les landes sauvages du roman initial sont abandonnées au profit de la côte californienne (même si le tournage s'est fait en fait à Porto Rico). L'héroïne s'appelle Cate, appartenant à une famille aisée ayant son manoir sur cette côte, et son frère aîné, Hindley, est renommé en Hendrix. L'âme sœur de Cate est Heath, d'origine plus modeste, qui rêve de devenir une rock star, mais, s'il attire l'attention de Cate, il déchaîne aussi la jalousie de son frère Hendrix. Cate est également attirée par Edward et Isabel Linton, des adolescents riches et choyés.
The Good Girl, 1h30
Directed by Miguel Arteta
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about suicide, Children's films
Actors Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, John C. Reilly, Tim Blake Nelson, Mike White, Zooey Deschanel
Roles Mr. Worther
Rating63% 3.198693.198693.198693.198693.19869
Justine Last (Jennifer Aniston) is a depressed and unmotivated thirty-year-old woman living in a small town in Texas with her husband Phil (John C. Reilly), a house painter who spends most of his free time smoking marijuana with his best friend, Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson). Justine works at Retail Rodeo, the local big-box store, along with Cheryl (Zooey Deschanel), a cynical, plain-spoken teenager, Gwen (Deborah Rush), a ditzy older woman who manages the cosmetics counter, and Corny (Mike White), a highly religious security guard.