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Charles Napier is a Actor and Associate Producer American born on 12 april 1936 at Kentucky (USA)

Charles Napier

Charles Napier
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Nationality USA
Birth 12 april 1936 at Kentucky (USA)
Death 5 october 2011 (at 75 years) at Bakersfield (USA)

Charles Lewis Napier (April 12, 1936 – October 5, 2011) was a prolific American actor, who after his film debut mainly worked in supporting roles. Napier's strong voice, steely gaze and distinctive broad jutting chin made him immediately convincing as the cop or military officer he often played.

After leaving his tiny Kentucky town to serve in the army, he graduated college and worked as a sports coach and art teacher before settling on acting as a career. Following some lean years during which he was supported by parts in Russ Meyer's films, Napier established himself in character roles and worked steadily for the next 35 years. He was described as one of the most recognizable faces that people could not put a name to (partly due to his wide grinning persona in TV advertisements). Acclaimed director Jonathan Demme considered Napier to be "vastly underrated".


Habitué à jouer des rôles négatifs dans de petits films, Charles Napier n'a jamais réellement eu droit à la reconnaissance d'un public qui connaît pourtant bien sa mâchoire proéminente. Policier corrompu chez Russ Meyer (dans Supervixens, par exemple), officier ennemi de Rambo, musicien de Country Music dans The Blues Brothers, militaire dur-à-cuire dans toutes sortes de films et de séries. Il fait partie des acteurs fétiches de Jonathan Demme, qui l'a employé pas moins de dix fois.

Il est par ailleurs la voix (le grognement) du monstre dans la série L'Incroyable Hulk. Il est aussi l'invité vedette d'un des épisodes de la série Les 4400 en 2004, ainsi que dans Les Simpson, et il apparaît aussi en tant que shérif dans un épisode de Monk.

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Russ Meyer
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Jonathan Demme
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Gary Goetzman
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Tak Fujimoto
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Kenneth Utt
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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, 1h29
Directed by Neal Brennan
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Jeremy Piven, Ving Rhames, James Brolin, David Koechner, Kathryn Hahn, Ed Helms
Roles Dick Lewiston
Rating56% 2.8487552.8487552.8487552.8487552.848755
Ben Selleck's car dealership, in Temecula, California, is failing and he is forced to hire a mercenary, Don Ready. They have 211 cars to sell over the 4th of July weekend. Don's team of Babs, Jibby, and Brent promise Ben that they will make the dealership a profit after the weekend.
Life Blood
Life Blood (2009)
, 1h25
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Sophie Monk, Anya Lahiri, Scout Taylor-Compton, Electra and Elise Avellan, Patrick Renna, Charles Napier
Roles Sherrif Tillman
Rating39% 1.969691.969691.969691.969691.96969
On New Year's Eve 1968, a lesbian couple, named Brooke and Rhea, encounter the Creator of the Universe while driving on the Pearblossom Highway as they leave a party, when Brooke killed a rapist. The women are laid to rest for 40 years and awake New Year's Day 2009... as vampires. The film follows them as they are meant to lead a life of greater purpose.
One-Eyed Monster, 1h24
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Horror
Actors Amber Benson, Charles Napier, Bart Fletcher, Veronica Hart, Carmen Hart, Ron Jeremy
Roles Mohtz
Rating41% 2.0595652.0595652.0595652.0595652.059565
On a snow-covered mountain, a bus, truck, and a few cars arrive at a remote camp area to film a porno film. The group is made up of professional porn actors Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart, novice porn stars Rock, Angel, Wanda, and Lance, as well as the director and producer Jim, cameraman Jonah, gaffer-electrician and sound guy T.J., and makeup and script girl Laura.
Your Name Here, 1h46
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Transport films, Road movies
Actors Bill Pullman, Taryn Manning, Harold Perrineau, Jr., Traci Lords, M. Emmet Walsh, Ivana Miličević
Roles Chuck
Rating44% 2.248862.248862.248862.248862.24886
During the summer of 1974, science-fiction writer William J. Frick (Bill Pullman) is having a meltdown. Despite having numerous popular titles to his credit, Frick is penniless. His ex-wives and ex-girlfriends are hounding him, and the IRS has sent Agent Duke (Dave Sheridan) to investigate his property and holdings. Bikers are mixing meth in his garage and having drug parties in his home. His final masterpiece, an account of his collision with God in an East L.A. taco stand, is nearly complete and actress Nikki Principal (Taryn Manning) encourage his writing, telling him that it has the power to change the world. However, after an inadvertent dose of a powdery white mescaline substance, Frick wakes up to discover himself lost in a series of alternate realities.
Annapolis (2006)
, 1h48
Directed by Justin Lin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors James Franco, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Jim Parrack, Roger Fan, Donnie Wahlberg
Roles Supt. Carter
Rating58% 2.910732.910732.910732.910732.91073
Un jeune homme aspire à intégrer la prestigieuse école navale d'Annapolis malgré de mauvaises notes, et il atteint son but en soudoyant un membre du Congrès ...
Lords of Dogtown, 1h47
Directed by Catherine Hardwicke
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Action
Themes Films about sexuality, Sports films, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, Surfing films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Skateboard
Actors Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch, John Robinson, Victor Rasuk, Michael Angarano, Nikki Reed
Roles Nudie
Rating70% 3.5498253.5498253.5498253.5498253.549825
Set in the Dogtown area of Venice Beach in the early 1970s, surfers Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, and Jay Adams enjoy the life of skating and surfing the pier with board designer Skip Engblom and the other locals. One day, Skip is given polyurethane wheels for the skateboards in his shop, Zephyr Surf Shop. Teenager Sid, a friend of the boys who works in the same shop, invites Tony, Jay, Stacy and the other locals to test the new wheels. They are all amazed as the polyurethane wheels allow the skateboards to make the same carves on flat ground as surf boards on the waves. After witnessing what Todd Levy from the Eastern Shore of Maryland could now do with the wheels, Skip decides to add to his already famous surf team, a skate team, the Z-Boys. The team proves to be a success; winning many contests, Stacy, Jay, and Tony gain popularity from locals across Venice.
The Kid & I, 1h33
Directed by Penelope Spheeris
Genres Comedy
Themes Buddy films
Actors Eric Gores, Linda Hamilton, Henry Winkler, Richard Edson, Brenda Strong, Arielle Kebbel
Roles Eyepatch-wearing Two Spies boss
Rating52% 2.6057852.6057852.6057852.6057852.605785
Former actor Bill Williams (Tom Arnold) is about to commit suicide over his ruined career. He throws out all his stuff and gives his clothes to a poor alcoholic. The man drinks Bill's vodka and takes half of his pills messing up his suicide plan and takes off. Bill drinks his alcohol and then takes the pills not knowing he won't die. He then lies down in the bathtub and closes his eyes. Three days later a demented film agent named Johnny Bernstein (Henry Winkler) shows up at the apartment with a business offer for him. He says a billionaire, Davis Roman (Joe Mantegna) will hire Bill to write and co-star in a movie exactly like True Lies so that his son, Aaron Roman (Eric Gores), whose favorite film is True Lies, can live out his dream of being an actor and star of an action movie. Not knowing much about the boy or the billionaire, Bill agrees to do the project since he would make thousands by the end of the movie.
Fielder's Choice, 1h25
Directed by Kevin Connor
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors George Segal, Chad Lowe, Marin Hinkle, Bodhi Elfman, Ellen Greene, Dena Dietrich
Roles Taco Bob
Rating55% 2.761142.761142.761142.761142.76114
Phillip Fielder est un publicitaire confirmé et ambitieux. Mais sa vie est bouleversée lorsque sa sœur décède et qu'il devient le tuteur légal de son neveu de 8 ans, Zack, qui est autiste. (Source : M6)
Dinocroc (2004)
, 1h26
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Dinosaur films, Films about magic and magicians, La préhistoire, Animaux préhistoriques, Natural horror films, Giant monster films, Disaster films
Actors Costas Mandylor, Matthew Borlenghi, Charles Napier, Bruce Weitz, Jennifer Siebel (Newsom), Joanna Pacuła
Roles Sheriff Harper
Rating34% 1.716011.716011.716011.716011.71601
A North African dinosaur, related to the crocodile, is found which could grow up to fifty feet long. Dr. Campbell (Bruce Weitz) uses its DNA to create two hybrids of it with a modern-day crocodile at Paula Kennedy's Genetic Research Co. (Gereco) lab. One creature kills Dr. Campbell's assistant and the other creature before escaping. This information is kept from Sheriff Harper (Napier) by Kennedy, stating the dead creature killed Campbell's assistant. His daughter, county dog catcher Diane Harper, helps her ex welding artist, Tom Banning, and his 12-year-old brother Michael (Jake Thomas) find their three legged dog, Lucky, who was lost a few days earlier.
The Manchurian Candidate, 2h10
Directed by Jonathan Demme
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Spy films, Films about families, Politique, Films about sexuality, Political films
Actors Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, Kimberly Elise, Vera Farmiga
Roles General Sloan
Rating65% 3.2993353.2993353.2993353.2993353.299335
Major Bennett "Ben" Marco (Denzel Washington) is a war veteran who begins to doubt what is commonly known about his famous U.S. Army unit. During the Gulf War, Sergeant First Class Raymond Shaw (Liev Schreiber) supposedly rescued all but two members in his unit, of which Marco was the commanding officer. Shaw became a war hero and was awarded the Medal of Honor, launching his political career.
Austin Powers in Goldmember, 1h31
Directed by Jay Roach
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Films about films, Spy films, Seafaring films, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Time travel films, Comedy science fiction films, Musical films, Robot films
Actors Mike Myers, Beyoncé, Michael Caine, Seth Green, Michael York, Robert Wagner
Rating61% 3.098613.098613.098613.098613.09861
In 2002, in a new lair behind the famous Hollywood sign, Dr. Evil outlines his newest plan to his minions: he will go back in time to 1975 and bring back Johan van der Smut, aka "Goldmember", who developed a cold fusion unit for a tractor beam which Dr. Evil names Preparation H, not to be confused with the well known product of the same name - Preparations A through G had failed earlier. He intends to use the tractor beam to pull a meteor into the Earth to strike the polar ice caps and cause global flooding. However, moments after revealing this plan Austin Powers and the British Secret Service attack and arrest Dr. Evil. Austin is knighted for his services, but is disappointed when his father, the famous super-spy Nigel Powers, fails to attend the event. At a party to celebrate his knighthood he sings a song with the band Ming Tea; later he meets two Japanese twins named Fook Mi and Fook Yu and is about to have a threesome with them when Basil Exposition informs Austin that his father has been kidnapped, the only clue being that the crew of his yacht have had their genitalia painted gold.
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, 1h24
Directed by Kelly Asbury
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Adventure, Animation, Romance, Western
Themes Films about animals, Films about horses, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors James Cromwell, Matt Damon, Richard McGonagle, Charles Napier, Zahn McClarnon, Michael Horse
Roles Roy (voice)
Rating72% 3.612113.612113.612113.612113.61211
The film starts with a brief introduction in the 19th-century American West featuring a bald eagle gliding over the homeland of the mustangs, showing several western US National Parks. There is then a scene showing the birth of a dun Kiger Mustang, Spirit. Spirit soon grows into a stallion, and assumes the role of leader of the herd, whose duty it is to keep the herd safe, demonstrated when he saves two foals from a mountain lion. Spirit is a courageous leader, but has great curiosity. Spotting a strange light one night not far from his herd, the stallion is unable to control his curiosity and moves towards it. To Spirit's surprise, he finds restrained, docile horses, and two-legs (possibly wranglers) sleeping around a campfire. They wake up, and seeing him as a magnificent specimen, chase and capture him, then drag him to a US cavalry post.
Down 'n Dirty, 1h36
Directed by Fred Williamson
Genres Action
Actors Fred Williamson, Gary Busey, Tony Lo Bianco, Bubba Smith, David Carradine, Beverly Johnson
Roles Capt. Jerry Teller
Rating37% 1.8995151.8995151.8995151.8995151.899515
Vétéran irréprochable, le policier Dakota Smith vient de perdre son coéquipier et meilleur ami dans l'exercice de ses fonctions. Son enquête l'amène vite à suspecter un politicien haut placé mais les preuves pouvant l'incriminer disparaissent étrangement. Persévérant, l'agent va se retrouver entraîné dans un tourbillon mêlant chantage, corruption, falsification, kidnapping et meurtre. Dès lors, pour Dakota, une solution s'impose : un nettoyage en force...
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, 1h46
Directed by Peter Segal
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Comic science fiction
Themes Films about families, Medical-themed films, Obésité, Comedy science fiction films, Films about disabilities
Actors Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson, Larry Miller, John Ales, Richard Gant, Melinda McGraw
Roles Four Star General
Rating45% 2.2560352.2560352.2560352.2560352.256035
After finding success with a DNA restructuring formula in the first film, Sherman Klump has created another formula which enables those who take it to find the Fountain of Youth. He has also met and fallen in love with a colleague, Denise Gaines, who has developed a method to isolate genetic material and later becomes his fiancée. Together, their work has enabled Wellman College to receive a $150 million award from a pharmaceutical firm to the excitement of Dean Richmond. Despite his good fortune, Sherman has a major problem: the personality of his vanquished alter ego, Buddy Love, is still ingrained inside him and causes him to act out in the same crass manner Buddy does.