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Michael York is a Actor and Executive Producer British born on 27 march 1942 at Fulmer (United-kingdom)

Michael York

Michael York
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Birth name Michael York-Johnson
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 27 march 1942 (82 years) at Fulmer (United-kingdom)
Awards Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Michael York, OBE (born Michael Hugh Johnson; 27 March 1942) is an English actor.


York was born in Fulmer, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, the son of Florence Edith May (née Chown), a musician; and Joseph Gwynne Johnson, a Llandovery-born Welsh ex-Royal Artillery British Army officer and executive with Marks & Spencer department stores. York has an older sister, Penelope Anne (born 1940) and younger twin sisters, Caroline and Bridget (born 1947); Bridget died a few hours after birth, according to his autobiography. He was brought up in Burgess Hill, Sussex.

During his teenage years, York was educated at Bromley Grammar School for Boys, Hurstpierpoint College and University College, Oxford. He began his career in a 1956 production of The Yellow Jacket. In 1959 he made his West End début with a small part in a production of Hamlet. York was a member of National Youth Theatre

He met photographer Patricia McCallum in 1967 when she was assigned to photograph him, and they married on 27 March 1968, York's 26th birthday. His stepson is Star Wars producer Rick McCallum. York was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1977.

In 2013, York announced he was suffering from the rare disease amyloidosis. Doctors initially thought he had bone cancer. In 2012, he had undergone a stem transplant, which can alleviate symptoms.

Best films

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
Cabaret (1972)
Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
Touch and Go (1971)
For Those I Loved (1983)

Usually with

Mike Myers
Mike Myers
(4 films)
Lech Majewski
Lech Majewski
(1 films)
Joss Ackland
Joss Ackland
(5 films)
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Wolves (2014)
, 1h30
Directed by David Hayter
Origin Canada
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Wolves in film, Werewolves in film, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Jason Momoa, Michael York, Lucas Till, Richard Tyson, Andrew Divoff, Stephen McHattie
Rating53% 2.650372.650372.650372.650372.65037
The film is narrated by Cayden, an average teenaged boy approaching the end of high school. During a football game, a rival player headbutts Cayden, causing the latter to become enraged and attack the player with superhuman strength. Cayden later hurts his girlfriend when the passion of making out causes him to unwillingly transform into a werewolf. Cayden wakes up covered in blood, surrounded by the dismembered bodies of his parents and flees.
The Mill and the Cross, 1h36
Directed by Lech Majewski
Origin Pologne
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Peinture
Actors Rutger Hauer, Michael York, Charlotte Rampling
Roles Nicolaes Jonghelinck
Rating68% 3.443573.443573.443573.443573.44357
The film focuses on a dozen of the 500 characters depicted in Bruegel's painting. It consists of a series of vignettes depicting everyday peasant life, interspersed with monologues from some of the principal characters, including Bruegel explaining the structure and symbolism of his painting. The theme of Christ's suffering is set against religious persecution in Flanders in 1564.
Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, 48minutes
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Historical, Crime, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about cats, Sherlock Holmes films, Buddy films, Children's films
Actors Malcolm McDowell, Michael York, John Rhys-Davies, Grey DeLisle, Billy West, Jeff Bergman
Roles Sherlock Holmes (voice)
Rating64% 3.2452653.2452653.2452653.2452653.245265
In London, an unseen criminal begins masterminding his "perfect plot on paper" which starts with a robbery taking place and three cats stealing a pink diamond. Three constables spot them and give chase, but the cats escape to the rooftops and glide off into the night, giving the stolen diamond to a mysterious horseman. The next day Dr. Watson rushes to 221B in Baker Street and informs his colleague Sherlock Holmes of the robbery. Holmes calls Jerry Mouse to bring him a copy of the Times. Jerry heads out to buy it, bumping into Tom Cat on the way, who has something for Holmes. Jerry sends a pile of bricks on Tom and Tom gives chase. Jerry returns to Holmes' flat and hands him the paper or what was left of it after the chase. Reading a letter Tom had given to them, for the night, Holmes and Watson decide to go to the Bruce Nigel Theatre and see a lady named Red. Holmes is told that she is being blackmailed and Holmes suggests the perpetrator might be - Professor Moriarty. Holmes deduces that the Star of Punjab, a diamond that is sensitive to the light of a solar eclipse which was to happen the following day, is to be stolen by the mastermind of the blackmail.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, 2h23
Directed by Michael Bay
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, War, Action, Adventure
Themes Films set in Africa, Jeu, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Films about toys, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Robot films, Disaster films
Actors Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Ramón Rodríguez
Roles Prime #1 (voice)
Rating60% 3.001723.001723.001723.001723.00172
In 17,000 B.C., the Seven Primes traveled the galaxy to create Energon with star-absorbing machines called Sun Harvesters. The Primes followed a rule in which to never destroy planets with life, but one of them, later called The Fallen, deceives the others by building an army and sets up a Harvester on Earth. After defeating ancient humans, the Primes defeat and imprison the Fallen before he can harvest the Earth's sun with the Matrix of Leadership. The rest of the Primes sacrifice themselves to hide the Matrix.
Flatland: The Film, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Animation
Themes Political films
Actors Chris Carter, Martin Sheen, Joe Estevez, Kristen Bell, Michael York, Tony Hale
Roles Sphere
Rating67% 3.388713.388713.388713.388713.38871
In a two-dimensional world called Flatland populated by living squares, triangles, circles and other two-dimensional shapes, it is three days until the celebration of the year 3000. A Square, attorney at law, struggles to instruct his granddaughter, A Hexagon, in the art of sight recognition. The lesson is interrupted by A Square's brother B, a clerk to President Circle, warning A to stay home during a meeting at the Senate of the Great Southern Republic of Flatland.
Flatland: The Movie, 34minutes
Origin USA
Genres Documentary
Themes Political films
Actors Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Martin Sheen, Michael York, Joe Estevez
Rating67% 3.394813.394813.394813.394813.39481
Flatland: The Movie begins with the 2-dimensional Arthur Square awaking from a dream of strange, glowing symbols. He lives with his wife, Arlene Square, and his curious granddaughter Hex, a hexagon. He rushes Hex to school and along the way they discuss the laws of inheritance: how each new generation of Flatlanders, beginning with triangles, gains a new side until the shapes become indistinguishable from circles. They also discuss how a citizen's shape affects their job, with triangles performing menial labor and circles ruling Flatland in the priest class. They witness a cruel incident where a Circle Priest arrests a slightly irregular octagon child, prompting Hex to yet again wonder about what happened to her pentagonal parents. Arthur tells her that he will tell her someday, and rushes her off to school.
Chris & Don: A Love Story, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Documentary, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Documentaire sur l'homosexualité, Documentaire sur une personnalité, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors John Boorman, Leslie Caron, Liza Minnelli, Michael York, Gloria Stuart, Christopher Murray
Roles Narrator
Rating77% 3.879993.879993.879993.879993.87999
Chris & Don tells the story of a romance that began on the beaches of Santa Monica in the 1950s, when Christopher Isherwood at age 48 met Don Bachardy who then was eighteen years old. Isherwood, an established author with works such as The Berlin Stories, which helped inspire much of Cabaret, helped Bachardy discover and develop his affinity for drawing and painting as he became a renowned portrait painter during the second half of the 20th century to the present. The documentary includes insight from friends, including Liza Minnelli and John Boorman, who tell of the countless struggles the two faced as one of the first openly gay couples in Hollywood. Despite the age difference, the couple endured until Isherwood succumbed to prostate cancer in 1986.
Crusader (2005)

Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Andrew McCarthy, Michael York, Richard Tyson, Bo Derek, Marina Gatell, Abel Folk
Roles McGovern
Rating44% 2.226122.226122.226122.226122.22612
Suivez l'ascension de Hank, jeune journaliste arriviste, dans le monde impitoyable de la télévision : mensonges, chantages, intimidation… Quand tout le monde a quelque chose à cacher, même la vérité a un prix…
Icon (2005)
, 2h46
Directed by Charles Martin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Themes Spy films
Actors Patrick Swayze, Patrick Bergin, Michael York, Ben Cross, Jeff Fahey, Joss Ackland
Roles Sir Nigel Irvine
Rating57% 2.8537752.8537752.8537752.8537752.853775
During the 1999 Russian Presidential elections, the two leading candidates are Igor Komarov (Patrick Bergin), a former Colonel of the KGB, and a retired General Nikolai Nikolayev (Joss Ackland). An investigation by the FSB ensues when a car bomb explodes outside one of Komarov’s pharmaceutical companies, and a virus is stolen from inside. Heading the investigation FSB agents Sonia Astrova (Annika Peterson) and her colleague Andrei Kasanov (Niko Nicotera). They come up against difficulty by the director of the FSB, Anatoly Grishin (Ben Cross).
Moscow Heat, 1h40
Directed by Jeff Celentano
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Michael York, Richard Tyson, Andrew Divoff, Alexander Nevsky, Joanna Pacuła, Adrian Paul
Roles Roger Chambers
Rating25% 1.260851.260851.260851.260851.26085
Un diplomate à la retraite et d'un détective NYPD en quête de justice, poursuivre un meurtrier psychotique à Moscou. Lorsque le détective est blessé et Diplomat est arrêté, ils sont affectés à être expulsé par un capitaine de police russe, qui devient un complice peu probable dans leur revanche sur un nucléaire courtier international sur le marché noir des armes.
La Femme Musketeer, 2h43
Directed by Steve Boyum
Origin Croatie
Genres Swashbuckler, Adventure
Actors Gérard Depardieu, Michael York, Kristina Krepela, Nastassja Kinski, Clemency Burton-Hill, Susie Amy
Roles D'Artagnan
Rating62% 3.1190553.1190553.1190553.1190553.119055
The legend of Jacques D'Artagnan (Michael York) gets a gender-bending update in this swashbuckling adventure. Though legendary swordsman Jacques D'Artagnan's best days may be well behind him, he has schooled his daughter Valentine (Susie Amy) well in the way of the sword. Now it's time for Valentine to strike out on her own. With her father's sword and a letter of introduction to Commander Finot (Roy Dotrice), the eager young novice sets out to seek her fortune in Paris. Though a woman has never before been appointed the rank of swordsman, Valentine is determined to prove her worth by taking on a deadly mission to rescue the bride-to-be of King Louis XIV from a band of fearsome kidnappers, teaming with the three sons of the legendary Three Musketeers who rode with her father.
Austin Powers in Goldmember, 1h31
Directed by Jay Roach
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Films about films, Spy films, Seafaring films, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Time travel films, Comedy science fiction films, Musical films, Robot films
Actors Mike Myers, Beyoncé, Michael Caine, Seth Green, Michael York, Robert Wagner
Roles Basil Exposition
Rating61% 3.0986353.0986353.0986353.0986353.098635
In 2002, in a new lair behind the famous Hollywood sign, Dr. Evil outlines his newest plan to his minions: he will go back in time to 1975 and bring back Johan van der Smut, aka "Goldmember", who developed a cold fusion unit for a tractor beam which Dr. Evil names Preparation H, not to be confused with the well known product of the same name - Preparations A through G had failed earlier. He intends to use the tractor beam to pull a meteor into the Earth to strike the polar ice caps and cause global flooding. However, moments after revealing this plan Austin Powers and the British Secret Service attack and arrest Dr. Evil. Austin is knighted for his services, but is disappointed when his father, the famous super-spy Nigel Powers, fails to attend the event. At a party to celebrate his knighthood he sings a song with the band Ming Tea; later he meets two Japanese twins named Fook Mi and Fook Yu and is about to have a threesome with them when Basil Exposition informs Austin that his father has been kidnapped, the only clue being that the crew of his yacht have had their genitalia painted gold.
Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year, 1h5
Origin USA
Genres Animation
Themes Films about animals, Christmas films, Mise en scène d'un ours, Musical films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, Nouvel an
Actors Jim Cummings, John Fiedler, Ken Sansom, Kath Soucie, Peter Cullen, Michael Gough
Roles Narrator (voice)
Rating66% 3.3058953.3058953.3058953.3058953.305895
Winnie et ses amis fêtent Noël et la nouvelle année. Mais Coco Lapin ne veut plus organiser la fête qui était prévu parce que ces camarades sont vraiment insupportables ! Ils décident alors tous de prendre des bonnes résolutions et de faire attention à leurs manies... mais du coup, l'atmosphère n'est plus la même dans la forêt des rêves bleus...