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Jake Busey is a Actor and Producer American born on 15 june 1971 at Los Angeles (USA)

Jake Busey

Jake Busey
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Birth name William Jacob Busey
Nationality USA
Birth 15 june 1971 (52 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

William Jacob "Jake" Busey (born June 15, 1971) is an American actor, musician and film producer. He is sometimes credited as "Jacob Busey" or "William Busey". He is the son of actor Gary Busey.


Busey resides in Los Angeles, California.

Best films

Starship Troopers (1997)

Usually with

Tim Abell
Tim Abell
(2 films)
Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo
(4 films)
Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore
(4 films)
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Filmography of Jake Busey (44 films)

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The Predator, 1h47
Directed by Shane Black
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry, Films about disabilities, Films about autism, Children's films, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Sterling K. Brown, Thomas Jane, Jacob Tremblay
Roles Keyes
Rating53% 2.654982.654982.654982.654982.65498
Quinn McKenna, membre d'un commando de Rangers américains, est témoin du crash d'un vaisseau spatial lors d'une mission de sauvetage d’otages. Il est le seul survivant. Il découvre le casque et l'arme d'un Predator. Poursuivi, il décide de les envoyer par la poste à son domicile, où vit son épouse et son fils autiste, Rory. Ce dernier parvient à utiliser le masque et l'arme du Predator. Il active par ailleurs une balise qui permet à d'autres Predators de le localiser. De son côté, Quinn a été arrêté par de mystérieux mercenaires, aux ordres de Will Traeger pour le Projet Stargazer. Ce dernier fait par ailleurs appel au docteure Casey Bracket, une exo-biologiste. Elle est accueillie dans un immense complexe dans lequel est conservé un Predator. Quant à Quinn, il se retrouve dans un bus avec d'anciens soldats ayant commis de graves délits et dont la plupart souffrent de troubles psychologiques : "Nebraska" Williams, Baxley, Coyle, Lynch et Nettles.
Reaper (2014)
, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror, Crime
Actors Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones, Jake Busey, Shayla Beesley, Christopher Judge, Justin Henry
Roles Bill
Rating44% 2.206652.206652.206652.206652.20665
A young, attractive, and cunning hitchhiker (Beesley) stumbles into a mysterious town where a dangerous, supernatural killer is on the loose. Consequently, she is forced to team up with a group of intimidating drifters and criminals (Trejo, Jones, Busey, Jurdi) in order to survive and defeat the "Reaper".
Wicked Blood, 1h32
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Abigail Breslin, Alexa Vega, Sean Bean, James Purefoy, Jake Busey, Lew Temple
Roles Bobby Stinson
Rating54% 2.703912.703912.703912.703912.70391
Hannah Lee Baker (Abigail Breslin) is a bright teen girl trapped in the dark Southern underworld of violence and guns, meth labs and vicious biker gangs, and whose only refuge is chess. She lives with Amber (Alexa Vega), her older sister; and her uncle Donny (Lew Temple), an addict. All of them live in fear of their "Uncle" Frank Stinson (Sean Bean), who runs the illegal family business with an iron fist, aided by his psychotic younger brother Bobby (Jake Busey). Things change for the worse when Amber falls in love with Wild Bill Owens (James Purefoy), a meth trafficker who finds himself at war with Frank. Hannah realizes the only way to save her family is by cleverly scheming to pit one pawn against another in a cunning chess game.
Don't Pass Me By, 1h36
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Keith David, Michael Madsen, Sean Ali Stone, C. Thomas Howell, Jeremy London, Jake Busey
Roles Fred Norwick
Rating52% 2.634312.634312.634312.634312.63431
A stirring story about regret, love, and second chances, woven together in a vignette style. The story follows five very different people who sit at a crisis point in their lives—their desires clouded by fear, duty, tragedy, and regret. As each story unfolds, the characters struggle to find the courage to live for themselves, to reclaim the relationships they have lost along the way, and to make time for the things that really matter.
Paranormal Movie, 1h28
Directed by Kevin P. Farley
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Kevin P. Farley, Nicky Whelan, Carly Craig, Eric Roberts, William Katt, Tom Sizemore
Roles Stepdad
Rating23% 1.1938451.1938451.1938451.1938451.193845
A man, long haunted by the paranormal, captures on camera the horror and hilarity he and his beautiful girlfriend encounter after moving into a new home.
Sparks (2013)
, 1h30
Directed by Chris Folino
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Ashley Bell, Chase Williamson, William Katt, Clancy Brown, Clint Howard, Jake Busey
Roles Sledge
Rating47% 2.353522.353522.353522.353522.35352
Ian Sparks (Chase Williamson) discovers the dark side of heroism, while going after the nation's most notorious super criminal he manages to leave his life and reputation in ruins along the way. The tragic loss of his parents as a young boy leaves him scarred in unimaginable ways, but it helps shape his desire to become a "super". He manages to team up with fellow “super” Lady Heavenly (Ashley Bell), but the arrival of a vicious serial killer, Matanza (William Katt), who unleashes a bloody rampage on the city, destroys Sparks and Heavenly’s partnership and relationship.
Crazy Eyes
Crazy Eyes (2012)
, 1h38
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Lukas Haas, Madeline Zima, Jake Busey, Tania Raymonde, Ray Wise, Valerie Mahaffey
Roles Dan Drake
Rating40% 2.028972.028972.028972.028972.02897
Zack (Haas) is a young, divorced father who starts to develop romantic feelings towards his friend Rebecca (Zima), whom he refers to as "Crazy Eyes". He spends a lot of time at a bar run by his best friend Dan Drake (Busey) and hanging out with Autumn (Raymonde). As he pursues a sexual relationship with Rebecca, Zack grows increasingly aware of the importance of his son's role in his life amidst the failing health of his own father.
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la Fiesta!, 1h29
Directed by Lev. L. Spiro
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Odette Annable, Marcus Coloma, Logan Grove, Erin Cahill, Logan Grove, Zachary Gordon
Roles Oscar (voice)
Rating46% 2.311442.311442.311442.311442.31144
After their wedding Rachel and Sam decide to start their own life. The Langham Hotel is willing to let anybody who can take the place of the landscaper and chef live in the hotel. Sam and Rachel bring Chloe and Papi to the hotel where Chloe and Papi meet Oscar and Jenny, the hotel's Doggy Day School teachers. Papi is less than thrilled when he discovers he will no longer be teaching the pups. Mr Hollis, the manager notices Chloe and asks if she can make appearances as the hotel has gained a major threat, Montague, the new hotel to rival the Langham. Because of this Sam and Rachel get the jobs. Rosa is also not much happier at the thought of Doggy Day School.
Nazis at the Center of the Earth, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Horror
Themes Hitler, Zombie films, Political films, Dystopian films, Alternate history films
Actors Dominique Swain, Jake Busey, Trevor Kuhn
Roles Adrian Reistad
Rating31% 1.5585451.5585451.5585451.5585451.558545
A group of researchers in Antarctica are abducted by a platoon of gas-masked soldiers wearing swastika arm bands and dragged into a hidden environment in the center of the Earth. There, they discover that Dr. Josef Mengele and a group of surviving Nazi soldiers are plotting an invasion of Earth to create a Fourth Reich.
Cross (2011)

Genres Fantasy, Action
Actors Brian Austin Green, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Sizemore, Rachel Miner, Vinnie Jones, William Zabka
Roles Backfire
Rating30% 1.520821.520821.520821.520821.52082
Quand de belles jeunes femmes commencent à disparaître mystérieusement des rues de Los Angeles, Callan (alias Cross) et sa bande d'experts en armement entrent en action pour nettoyer la ville de ses criminels. À l'aide d'une crois celtique qui lui donne un puissant pouvoir, Callan va devoir faire face à un démoniaque Viking immortel qui compte détruire l'humanité.
Cross (2011)

Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Actors Brian Austin Green, Jake Busey, Lori Heuring, Tom Sizemore, William Zabka, Rachel Miner
Roles Backfire
Rating30% 1.520821.520821.520821.520821.52082
Given incredible power by an ancient Celtic Cross, Callan (Brian Austin Green) along with the help of weapon experts Riot (Tim Abell), Backfire (Jake Busey), War (Patrick Durham), Lucia (Lori Heuring) and Shark (Jonathan Sachar) battle an unstoppable evil empire led by Erlik (Michael Clarke Duncan) in the city of Los Angeles. When an ancient Viking called Gunnar, (Vinnie Jones) comes to town in search of blood, Callan must stop him before he destroys the world. Erlik (Michael Clarke Duncan) and his men Saw (Billy Zabka), London gangster English (Gianni Capaldi) and Slag (Branden Cook) aided by the evil Doctor (Robert Carradine) aim to defeat Callan by helping Gunnar. Detective Nitti (Tom Sizemore) plans to find Callan and his team before they do his job for him.
The Killing Jar, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Michael Madsen, Harold Perrineau, Jr., Amber Benson, Danny Trejo, Jake Busey, Kevin Gage
Roles Greene
Rating57% 2.8962352.8962352.8962352.8962352.896235
Several people are gathered at a diner—Noreen, a friendly and talkative waitress; Lonnie, a dim-witted cop; Jimmy, the short-tempered owner; Billy and Starr, a young couple on their way to elope; John, a meek salesman on his way to New York City; and Hank, a quiet regular. A radio is playing, and the group hears of an entire family murdered gruesomely in a neighboring county. Noreen, shocked, becomes increasingly agitated and nervous after an aggressive man in a black leather jacket enters. Noreen covertly asks Lonnie to investigate the newcomer, but Lonnie brushes aside her concerns. After Noreen spills the man's coffee, Hank urges Lonnie to do something.